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personal lubricants, lubes, lube

Smooth Ride – It is just as important to know about lubricants as it is about sex toys. You should never use one without applying some lube because otherwise it can be rough for you and cause irritation later. Now there is not just one kind of lubricant, there are several categories and you have to really check which one will suit you the best. There are water-based lubricants and organic lubricants that are the safest. Whenever you are operating any kind of gadget you do check for its dos and don’ts and whether the product is completely safe or not. You should be just as cautious about lubricants as well.

personal lubricants, lubes, lube

Types Of Lubes – Each lube has its own advantage. Starting with Silicone, it is extremely slippery, therefore it is best to use with your dildos so you don’t have to keep applying lube on it every now and then and killing all your pleasure. But you must check if you are allergic to it at all. Both oil and silicone based lubricants last for long durations and give you the relaxation you need. If however these strong lubes do not suit your skin, you can always go for organic and water-based lubricants, they are completely harmless. So, practice safe sex even if it is with your sex toys.

personal lubricants, lubes, lube

Adding To Your Natural Lube – Not all women produce enough lubrication, and men may not drip enough precum to make their masturbation sessions as pleasurable feeling as they can be, so using a lube will add to your own, augmenting it and making it feel even better. Lubes can be messy though, and many will not remove entirely until your next shower, so you may have a sticky coating for the next many hours until you shower again, but it can make a good sex or masturbation session into a great one by really making it feel a lot better, so lubes really do increase your pleasure.

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