A Change Of Scenery

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change, location, sexual variety

Something Different – A change of scenery is what your sex life needs. This is no doubt true if you have a family or there are other people living with you. Sex is easy when it’s just you and your partner. Things get more complicated when there are other people living with you. Sex becomes something that you have to wiggle into your already crowded and busy lifestyle.

change, location, sexual variety

Change Things Up – There are times when you just need to get out and find some place else to have sex. You shouldn’t mistaken this for voyeurism or some type of sex in a public place. We’re talking about finding a place where you can have sex that’s different from where you’re at now. A different location can spice things up a bit. Having sex in someplace new can make it feel like a different experience. The change of location in itself may be enough to make for an unforgettable experience. A stale sex life is the result of many different factors. Changing where you have sex can have an impressive impact. You should always choose safe places to have sex. This is why a hotel or a motel is your best choice.

change, location, sexual variety

The Great Outdoors – The last thing you want to do is to get in trouble while having sex in public. That’s never a good thing. You’ll end up causing yourself more grief, than pleasure, in the long run. Where should you have sex? Let your imagination run wild. Maybe, you can go on a one day theme park trip. You may even think of it as a mini vacation. Why not do a little role playing as well? The possibilities are limitless if you allow yourself to be creative. Which is something you should always try to be when it comes to sex.

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