Bathing Together For Romance

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bathing, romance, relationships, bathing together

Rub A Dub Dub – Have you ever thought about taking a shower or a bath with your partner? This isn’t away to help improve their personal hygiene. Taking a bath or a shower with your partner can actually be quite exciting. You get to see them naked. That’s always a plus. Who doesn’t like seeing someone of the opposite sex naked? Just seeing them naked is like winning the lottery. All the other fun stuff that happens in the bathtub is just a bonus.

bathing, romance, relationships, bathing together

Sexy Bathing – What can you do while in the shower or bathtub? You can wash each other. You’ll be surprised by just how erotic of an experience this can be. The slippery feeling of soap on your partner’s skin can be very arousing. You’ll also enjoy the feeling of them washing your body as well. How should you go about washing each other? Doing so in the shower is pretty straight forward. Anyone who needs help with that has bigger issues at hand. You can share a bath if your tub is big enough. You may even consider burning some incense or candles.

bathing, romance, relationships, bathing together

Get Clean To Get Dirty – Try to make it as romantic as you can. A little bubble bath might also be fun while taking a bath together. The quality of your relationship is a reflection of how much effort you put into it. The little things that you do together add up. There’s no one thing that will make a relationship great. Taking a bath together is all about sharing some quality time alone. It’s a period of time when the two of you can just unwind and relax.

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