Let’s Go On A Date

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The Dating Game – They say around one out of five couples meets via online dating these days. For many of us online is really the only viable option. We may work with mostly people of our own sex, or alone at home, not have a circle of friends to set us up, for some online is it. No other options. Yet when you meet people online, it can be very fake. Tons of people use fake pics. I can recall the one who messaged me using the Brazilian pop singers pics, I thought he was a bit TOO good looking. Or the one using the soccer player from Spain’s pics.


Who Are You – This nonsense goes on and on. I mean why would you use fake pics if you’re looking to really meet the person, if you meet, they’re going to know it’s not you. I tell you the reverse look up pic thing on Google is so easy to run their pics through. You have your own little profile and page stating your likes and what you want, it’s like a resume for your love life. So many people lie online and make up fake “facts” about themselves to make themselves seem appealing, but it can all be lies and you have to take your chances. But truth be told, a guy you meet at a bar or a grocery store could sell you a bill of goods as well. You have to be wary no matter the source unless you’re being paired up with a known person by friends or family.


Let’s Meet – Online fun can be great, but when taking things into real life you need to be careful. It’s one thing to have phone sex with someone or cam with them, meeting and starting a real life relationship is a whole other ballgame. It can be a great time saver and shortcut to romance if you get lucky. Everyone online is not a creep or a liar, but you have to be a bit more suspicious of online people than “regular ones”.

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