Showering Before Sex

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Honey, You Smell – How do you tell your special someone that they need to freshen up? Most people have sex in the evenings. It’s not uncommon for people to shower in the mornings. That means they may not be smelling so fresh when they hit the sack. No one likes being told them stink. We all know body odor is an issue. This is especially true during summertime. Don’t let foul odors ruin your fun in the sack.

shower, clean, smell, hygiene,

Be Considerate For Your Partner – Men and women both have body odor issues. Many reading this will think that it’s just a man’s problem. That couldn’t be further from the true. Women have body odor issues as well. We’ve all seen those commercials for what to do when feeling not so fresh. Yes, it can smell like an entire fish market is crammed up in between your legs. Guys have been known to smell like they’ve rolled around in a dumpster for half the day. You may want to simply have a showering rule before sex. If you plan on having sex, then take a shower before. It doesn’t have to be a total hazardous waste scrub down. Just a quick jump in the shower is fine. A five minute or less shower is all it takes to get rid of most odor issues. You may find other things need some special attention as well. The issue may even not be odor related. He or she may need to shave before getting in the sack. Stubble on legs or faces can be a turn off for many as well. Take care of this while scrubbing up and it’ll eliminate the problem.

shower, clean, smell, hygiene,

Hit The Shower – Many people are overly cautions about their body. If your partner is, then you’ll have to be gentle when it comes to describing their odor issues. The best way to deal with it may just be to make it a routine to shower before sex. What do you do if your partner refuses to shower before sex and they stink? Put a clothes pin on your nose.

You Smell Divine, Darling

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You Smell Great – The importance of scent can’t be overstated in it’s role in arousal. Most people overlook scent and are blinded to it. Everything you use in today’s world is scented. It’s easy for your nose to get overloaded and to overlook everything. A small dab of perfume or cologne can set the mood like nothing else can. You should always look for new and interesting ways to introduce scent in your love life.

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Setting The Mood – Something as simple as burning incense can make the mood more romantic. You can put a little perfume on a pillow or a piece of clothing. Be creative in how you introduce scents to your partner. You should also think about taking them with you when buying perfume or cologne. Most men aren’t going to want to hang out at the cosmetic counter and sniff until they sneeze. Find a place where both of you can buy something and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Scent doesn’t have to be added directly to your body.

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Smells Like You – Be creative and find places where you can sneak it a spritz or two. Why not write a love letter and make it smell good? A teddy bear with cologne on it will make your woman feel less lonely while you’re away on a business trip. Too many times people focus just on their genitals when it comes to love making. Instead, think of the whole person. You’re not making love to just a penis or a vagina. You should be making love to the entire person. That includes their nose and make sure you’re giving it something good to sniff.

What’s That Smell?

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Zestfully Clean – Many of us pride ourselves on smelling good and sexy, either because of the perfume, body sprays or cologne we use. Some however just prefer a clean smell, fragrance free, or a slight soap scent. There are however those that prefer the more earthy body scents, as in unwashed, ripe, dirty. The purpose of pubic and underarm hair is to trap smells, odors in the two smelliest parts of our bodies. The cave men loved it and found it very sexy!


What’s That Smell – In more modern times, we strive to avoid such stinky scents though, so by bathing regularly and using deodorant sand anti perspirants and shaving we can significantly cut down on these smells that would otherwise cling to our body hair. It truly is cleaner without body hair, nice and smooth, yet some can’t get over the pre pubescent appearance and feel strange about seeing an adult with no body hair. Just a hang up some have. Nature made things the way she did for a reason though and it’s a constant battle to keep scents at bay.


No More Fishy Pussy – North Americans seem more concerned about them than others, bathing more and spending more on toiletries. There are some men out there though that do go for the great unwashed smell, wanting sex after a workout, or after having been walking around all day doing your errands and chores and not right out of the shower fresh, I guess they are the throwbacks to some of the cavemen, because I have indeed spoken to men that desired an “unwashed fishy pussy”, “sweaty ass”, etc. Unreal, but true, so they are going into overdrive at the natural odors. You don’t have to be out of the shower fresh to turn on every man, but best to be clean and then find out how they like it. I’ll just stick to being clean, if they want fishy pussy, they can look elsewhere!

The Nose Knows

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You Smell Sooo Good – They say the sense of smell takes us back like no other sense we have. You can smell something years after you first did and be instantly transported back to that memory. Needless to say, we want to smell good for our romantic partners. Perfumes were originally created to cover up unwashed smells when ones bathed infrequently. Hopefully not many are using fragrance for that reason these days. Many do not like being exposed to strong perfumes though and many workplaces have rules in place to keep the office fragrance free. For those of us with an overly sensitive nose, that’s appreciated.


Smells Like Romance – Do some scents actually get us in the mood for romance? Apparently yes. The smell of pumpkin pie was the most arousing smell that men were exposed to in tests. Imagine the scent of a pie getting you hard, seems odd, but apparently true. Several food smells had such effects. We all know how a great smelling kitchen when something is baking can make you feel good, usually a comforting feeling. Many these days are not just using perfume or cologne in just one area, body sprays have grown in popularity for a full body application via a light mist.


Unwashed Smells – Some men do like “body smells” though and like their women, err, “ripe” shall we say. Napoleon was known to write his beloved Josephine and tell her not to bathe for three days before he was due back. Others simply go wild for sweaty feet, underarms or even asses. I don’t even wish to comment on that. To each their own I guess, no real harm done, just a bit…odd. I guess good old soap and water and minimal scent deodorant is a bit much too ask for these days. It must have been rough before daily showers and deodorants to control body scents. Some still like the overly natural, unwashed smells, but many of us prefer as scent free as possible in all things, from laundry detergent to people. I’ll take the unscented.