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When Role Play Goes Too Far

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roleplay, role play, fantasies, reality, boundaries

I Don’t Like This – What do you do when a fantasy has gone too far? Let’s say you’ve been acting out all the fantasies your partner has requested. They’ve wanted you to dress up like a seedy prostitute and do the whole role playing thing. That was fun. Now your partner wants to introduce an actual prostitute into your love making. How do you tell your partner that you’re not willing do to that? There are many other fantasies that can be taken too far.

roleplay, role play, fantasies, reality, boundaries

A Step Too Far – A woman may want to strap on a dildo and pretend to have gay sex with her man. What happens if she ends up wanting to watch her partner having sex with another man? Your partner may not realize their fantasy is being taken to an extreme. They may also think that you’re wanting to take things to the next level. Don’t allow yourself to feel pressured into doing something you don’t want to. Sex should be fun and exciting. The second that it becomes uncomfortable is the time to back away. You should never feel uncomfortable having sex with someone you trust. If you do, it’s time to put a stop to whatever is going on.

roleplay, role play, fantasies, reality, boundaries

No Means No – How do you tell your partner that the fantasy has gone too far? You’re just going to have to be blunt about it. Beating around the bush won’t make them feel like you’re serious. You need to be very straight forward and say exactly what you’re thinking. Anything less will give them the impression that you may want to do it at a later date. Make sure there’s no room for confusion. Lay it all out for them as plain of a manner as you can. This will let your partner know there are boundaries in your relationship that can’t be crossed. This is healthy and such boundaries should be expected in every relationship.

Trading Places

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Dress You Up – You’re in a strange position that you never thought you’d be in. Your partner wants you to dress up as someone of the opposite sex. Should you be alarmed that they’re having homosexual fantasies? The quick answer is no. The truth is, they may not be having homosexual fantasies at all. They just want to do a little role playing. They may want to see you wearing something different. It could be something as simple as that.

roleplaying, role playing, fantasy, crossdressing, gender bending

Role Playing – Can it harm your relationship to live out gender bending fantasies? No. Actually, you might find your relationship stronger afterwards. Your partner will feel that they can come to you with any fantasy that they have. No matter how strange it may seem at the time. It very well could be a phase they’re going through. Living out the fantasy may get it out of their system and you can then move onto something else. The only caveat to all this is if you notice your partner watching a lot of homosexual porn. You may even notice them paying close attention to people of the same sex while out and about. If this is the case, it very well could be more than just a fantasy.

roleplaying, role playing, fantasy, crossdressing, gender bending

What Are The Risks? – The only real danger of this sort of thing is adultery. The risk of heartache and disease is real when people stray away from their relationship. As long as adultery isn’t in the mix, gender bending fantasies are okay. In fact, they’re quite healthy. You might as well put on a fake mustache and go down on your man. There’s no reason why he can’t put on a bra or wear some high heel shoes. If nothing else, the two of you very well could get a laugh out of it.

Campy Cosplay

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It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Superman – Have you heard of cosplay? You probably have. It’s where you dress up like your favorite movie, cartoon, or video game character. It’s something that a lot of people are into. You know where this is going. You don’t have to just dress up like one of these characters at your favorite convention. You can even do it in the bedroom. You can be the big hunk that your woman has always wanted.


Rescue me – Maybe your guy has always wanted to have sex with a princess. You get the drift. Cosplay gives you the chance to live out your fantasies on a whole new level. Let’s be honest for a second. Your partner probably won’t look like a princess or a bodybuilder hunk with abs made of steel. That doesn’t mean you can’t live out the fantasy and have a good time in the process. It’s all about spicing up your sex life. Sometimes things can get far too routine. Many couples stop having sex because everything becomes boring. It’s like you’re going through the motions just one more time. Get it over with and then go on with your day. Cosplay is no different than role playing or anything along those lines. The difference is that it uses your favorite characters and it allows you to think outside the box. You can be a whole different person and sometimes that can be a good thing.


Let’s Get Creative – Cosplay doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even make your own costumes. You can be as creative as you want. It’s truly all about you. What character are you going to be? Here’s a twist that you probably didn’t expect coming. You can even play someone of the opposite sex. A guy can be a damsel in distress that needs saving. Remember, this is just for you and your partner. It’s not just about the sex. What you’re trying to do is have fun and let your hair down. Have a few drinks and put your costume on. Enjoy some fun and a few giggles along the way. It’ll make the experience something that you’ll wonder if it’s a fairytale or not.

Sexual Cyber Role Play & Cyber Sex Part 4

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This is a guest blog submission by Climax Connection member, eric60red

The Boss and the Secretary – As one of many roleplays where one person has the power under which the other becomes utterly helpless, this is a great introduction to bondage.

The Hitchhiker – Let go of your inhibitions and take your role play fantasies out of the house with this naughty classic that combines the excitement of car sex and the added risk of picking up a total stranger.

Teacher and Pupil – Another classic that is especially good, as it allows the two of you to reverse the roles whenever and however often you want.

Home Delivery – Something’s wrong with your Internet connection, there’s a light bulb that needs changing that’s just out of reach, or maybe sabotaging your electrical appliances has left you hungry for a little bit more than what the pizza delivery guy has got in his box.

Man/Maid Action – The man of the house needs help keeping his place ship-shape, so who better to call than the local French maid cleaning service?

Playing Doctors and Nurses – We know this scenario is a little cliché and far from an original role play idea, but there’s a reason why it’s such a time-honored favorite. And that reason is: because sexy nurses and dashing doctors are awesome.


We do hope you enjoyed this informative, helpful and interesting 4 part series that eric60red was kind enough to have contributed to our site blog. We have no doubt many of the ideas and suggestions herein can be put to good and naughty use in your cyber sex roleplay sessions! Have fun, and be creative! We just know there’s someone here for you in the chat rooms or forums looking for a fun partner to masturbate with.

Sexual Cyber Role Play & Cyber Sex Part 3

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This is a guest blog submission by Climax Connection member, eric60red

Costumes Can Enhance Roleplay – Now that you have an understanding of what sexual role-playing is, you will need to make up your mind what kind you are happy with. A few examples, Romantic, Kinky, BDSM, Bondage, Younger with Older, Uniforms, Fantasy, the list is almost endless. Sexual desire is as diverse as it is personal, and sometimes we don’t find it easy to share our most intimate thoughts, with the people closest to us, but a person in a chat room a stranger can become an erotic experience.

Secret Desires Fulfilled – We use a variety of methods to overcome these inhibitions and now more and more couples are getting started with sexual role play as a means to take on a different persona and explore their lesser-expressed fantasies. On the internet, in a chat room like Climax Connection, or one of the popular messenger services, one can fulfill a desire or fantasy.

Steamy Scenarios – Sexual role play is not a new idea, but it is a good one and as such, many sensual scenarios have been created, explored and ultimately shared. Some use photos, to help with descriptions, others use the words to describe the role. Online many get very sexually aroused and masturbate to climax, as the play gets hotter and hotter. The possibilities are endless and only as good as your imagination, so if being somebody else in the name of sexual self-discovery sounds appealing to you, or sitting in front of your computer and using your own mind here are a few simple ideas just to get you started.