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Practice Makes Perfect

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Repetition To Learn – How do you get good at sex? It’s the same exact way that you get good at frying eggs. You have to do it over and over again. There is no substitute for practice. None at all. No one is good at sex from the very beginning. The same could be said about frying eggs. You’ll ruin quite a few eggs before you can cook them over easy. That’s just the way it is. Don’t expect perfect yolks if you’ve never fried an egg before.

sex skills, practice, sexual knowledge

Let’s Practice – This is the one area that pornography has caused the most problems. It’s mostly the case with men. But, some women are skewered into believing that all guys should be like porn stars. Oral sex is actually quite a difficult task. No guy should think a girl will immediately suck dick like someone who’s been in hundreds of films. Remember, these girls often work as escorts too. Their cock sucking skills are the result of lots of practice. Just like frying an egg, practice does matter. Lowering your expectations of your partner’s performance in the sack isn’t a lessening of your standards. It just means you have one toe dipped into reality.

sex skills, practice, sexual knowledge

Don’t Expect a Porn Star – Porn can be a tool used to stimulate your sexual desires. It can be a very bad thing when it comes to expectations. You should never ever expect your partner to perform like those you see in videos. You’ll be left feeling absolutely in shambles if that’s the case. Very few people can do what they do in those videos. Instead, spend your time practicing. You’ll have a whole lot of fun and your partner will enjoy your new found expertise.

Great Sex Within Relationships

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How Good Can It Get? – What’s the secret to great sex? Do you need a really long penis to have great sex? Maybe what you really need are two big breasts. No, you don’t need any of that. Some may even think the key to a fantastic love life is to be promiscuous. What’s more fun than having sex with all kinds of people? Oddly enough, there’s something that’s even more fun. Monogamy. Yes, it sounds boring. No, it’s not. In fact, it’s the key to great sex.

good sex, great sex, relationships, commitment Intense Sex – There’s a difference between good sex and great sex. Good sex is just a tad better than masturbation. Great sex is in a whole different ballpark. It will leave you absolutely speechless after the act is completed. All you’ll be able to do is lay in bed. A single thought won’t be able to enter your mind. Great sex is one of the most amazingly powerful things a human being can ever experience. Building a relationship takes work. The world today doesn’t appreciate work. People want things handed to them on a sliver platter. They expect fine dining from fast food restaurants. A relationship takes time and energy. The payoff is fantastic sex. Along with happiness and a feeling of satisfaction on many different levels.

good sex, great sex, relationships, commitment

Make The Effort – Don’t think you can get away with not investing time, effort, or emotions into your relationship. A one night stand will never produce the kind of sex you’re searching for. People who enjoy great sex are those who are in committed relationships. They learn what their partner likes in the bedroom. No two people are alike. You’ll never have great sex if you’re not willing to commit to a long term relationship. It’s the sad truth for anyone who has a fear of commitment. Get over that fear and start enjoying great sex. There’s no other way it’s going to happen.

Show And Tell

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Show Me That Pussy – Masturbation is a top pleasure for all of us, not a doubt. For many of us it’s the only sex we get if we do not have a partner, or go to an escort, have a fuck buddy, etc. Lots of people are exhibitionists and voyeurs as well, and for some if you are lucky enough to have a sexual partner, a top pleasure for them is seeing their partner masturbate in front of them.


Let Me Watch – What better way to show your partner how you like to be touched? It really isn’t just arousing, it’s downright educational. They will get aroused without a doubt, but to see how you like to be touched, teased, caressed, stroked, the speed, everything, they will better be able to duplicate that themselves. I will never forget seeing on some sex education show this guy show on an artificial vagina how he’d touch a woman. I literally burst out laughing and thought what woman would want to be touched THAT way? I’d slap his hand away! He was tapping away on the silicone clit like he was sending out Morse code, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It never ceases to amaze me some women will fake an orgasm with a man, why, all you are doing is reinforcing their ineffective sexual techniques. Tell them how to do it so they get it right. Don’t worry about their ego, unless their ego is more important to you than your orgasm, it’s ridiculous.


Touch Me Like This – Demonstrating the technique to your partner is the absolute best way to show them how you cum the easiest. All women are different and going to like something different. Just because your ex girlfriend loved it this way, doesn’t mean your current one will. Some like indirect touch, others firm and very direct, so it’s not a one size fits all situation. Your sexual partners could like very different things and if you want to click, you’d best get over your shyness and show them how you like it. Beating around the bush does no one any favors in the bedroom. Be direct and ask for what you want, your partner can’t read your mind.