Take Your Time When You Make Love

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hurry, relax

It’s Not A Race – This is an article for all the men out there. Women, you too can learn a thing or two from this. Every guy reading this wants to be able to last longer in the sack. It’s not a race. Finishing first doesn’t win you any prizes. The goal during sex should always be to satisfy your partner as much as yourself. This can’t happen if you’re finishing too fast. How can you last longer? That’s what this article will attempt to help you accomplish.

hurry, relax

Slow Down – You can always jerk off before having sex. You’re going to want to do this a few hours before the actual deed itself. You don’t want to jerk off and think you’ll immediately be able to have fun in the sack. You’ll have to give your penis time to recuperate. Jerking off a few hours before hopping in the sack will help you prolong the pleasure. Skip the foreplay and get straight to work. The guy should be the one who skips out on foreplay. This can also give the man a chance to pleasure his woman longer. Take your time and enjoy yourself. You’ll both have a good time as a result. The key thing here is to make you last longer. By skipping the oral sex yourself, you’ll be able to do that. If you need a little help getting it up, then have her do that right before penetration.

hurry, relax

Relax – You can always have a drink before sex. Sometimes alcohol can have a prolonging effect. You’re not going to want to drink too much. Have you ever heard of the term whiskey dick? You’ll know what it’s all about once you’ve tried to have sex after drinking too much. You’ll end up with a limp noodle in between your legs. Having a drink or two might help. At the very least, you’ll loosen up a bit and that may make sex better also. Take your time and enjoy sex. Don’t be in a hurry. This is the best advice anyone can give you. It can be easy to get too excited. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Pace yourself and have a good time. Not many women want to be pounded hard like you see in the porn videos. Take it nice and slow and you’ll both enjoy it better. Hurrying or being too excited will only spoil the fun.

You Can’t Hurry Love

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Relax – Slow down. Sex isn’t a race. You’re not trying cross the finish line faster. No one wins a prize for having the fastest sex. Many couples tend to be in a hurry when they have sex. There can be several reasons for this. You may find yourself extremely aroused after not having sex for a long time. It’s also possible that you’re trying to fit sex into your busy schedule. Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses. Don’t be in a hurry when you’re having sex. Make sure that you do plenty of talking. Tell your partner what’s turning you on.

relax, relationships, slow down

Life Is A Banquet – Take time out to touch and taste each other. You should plan your sex in advance. This will give you plenty of extra time to enjoy. Spontaneous sex seems like it’s the best kind at first. The best sex you’ll ever have is sex that you planned in advance. That means you can get all the stuff ready for a good time. Just think of all the fun you can have in the sack if you’re not in a hurry. You can have a glass of wine or some fun finger food. What about foreplay? You can even do that too. There are times when quickies are more appropriate. No sex life is complete without the occasional quickie. You don’t want them to be a part of your routine. Sex is best when it’s unhurried. When you can take your time and simply enjoy the act.

relax, relationships, slow down

Enjoy One Another – You can’t undervalue quality time spent together. Sex isn’t always about getting your rocks off. Sex strengthens your relationship like nothing else can. Your life will always be improved when the bond you share with your partner is strengthened. The person you’re in the sack with isn’t just a fuck buddy. They should be your life partner. The person becomes just that by playing an ever more increasingly important role in your life. This only happens when your bond is strong. This is the true benefit of slowing down your fun in the sack.

Sex Life On Hold

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Love On Hold – There are times when you and your partner aren’t going to have sex. Prolonged periods of no sex can be expected during pregnancy. Your guy may have to undergo a surgery that prevents him from working his boner. There’s a thousand reasons why you and the person you love may not be having any fun in the sack. How do you cope with these times? They’re going to happen. You’re no different than anyone else.

on hold, no sex, masturbation

Cool It, Buddy – The first thing you need to do is be supportive of your partner. You’re not in the relationship just for sex. If you are, then that’s a big problem. A bigger problem than what can be addressed in this article. You have to keep in mind the reason you’re not having sex. It’s not because your partner doesn’t want to get it on. They’re just not capable of doing it. There has to be a level of understanding on a human level in order to make a relationship work. This is a test of that understanding. What can you do during these times of no action? You can dip your genitals in ice water. That may do the trick for a little while. If that doesn’t sound appealing, then you’ll have to masturbate. If that sounds like the end of the world, then it’s time to give up sex cold turkey for awhile. There’s no choice in the matter. You’ll probably rub one out before deciding to go cold turkey.

There’s Always Masturbation – Few people have the will power to not take matters into their own hands. The last thing you want to do in a situation like this is to cheat on your partner. They’re already going through enough as it is. Why make the situation even more difficult for them? Sometimes life is about more than just your needs. You’ve got to sacrifice yourself to make success on any level happen. Stick with your partner and help them get through this difficult time. They’ll certainly repay you with a terrific time in the hay.

Put Passion To Paper

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How Do I Love Thee – When is the last time you wrote a love letter to your partner? This may sound like a stupid question for an adult. It’s not as stupid as it sounds. Everyone likes to know how their partner feels about them. Words can be difficult to say. Writing them makes it so much easier. Not only that, but it also takes time. People appreciate when someone takes time out to do something for them.

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Read How I Feel – Write your significant other a love letter. Tell them exactly how you’re feeling inside. The love note can be steamy. Maybe you’d prefer to write a letter about sex. There’s no reason why you can’t do this. Sure, it won’t have the same appeal as a love letter would. That doesn’t mean your partner will toss it in the trash can. They’ll pull out the naughty letter when they’re in the mood to get kinky. You never know, it may be their go to masturbation material. Don’t worry if you’re not a writer by nature. Feelings from the heart or loins are what’s important. Just say what you’re thinking and feeling. Honesty is important when writing a letter such as this. Throw everything you were taught about grammar out the window as well. Just lay it all on the line. Your partner will actually be amazed by what you’ve been bottling up inside you.

love letter, romance, relationship

Your Words Take My Breath Away – Go put pen to paper and spill out your heart. Maybe include a few lines of lust in it as well. Those who enjoy a healthy sex life know it takes work. Happiness in any form doesn’t just show up out of nowhere. The same could be said about the quality of your sex life. You should work on improving it every day. It’s the little things that add up in your efforts to do so. Go write the person you love a letter and see how they react. Their reaction will more than likely surprise you.

Fuck Me Fast

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No Time For Romance And Flowers – What’s the value of a quickie? That might sound like a strange question. Some people may think that quickies are a selfish way of having sex. Usually it means, the man gets off and the woman is just there for the ride. The true value of a quickie is that it strengthens the bond of your relationship. That sounds like chick talk and it needs to be broken down.

quickies, sex, orgasms, relationships

Do Me Quick – A quickie is the type of sex that involves little to no foreplay. Not everyone has the time to have full blown foreplay and everything that comes along with it. The option of not having sex isn’t there, it would create undo stress between the two of you. A quickie enables the horny person to satisfy their urges and get on with life. Quickies are great tools to help smooth out the wrinkles of a relationship that happen due to infrequent sex. It may not be as fulfilling for one or both parties involved, but sometimes, it’s the best a person can hope for. No couple should rely on quickies. They certainly don’t fulfill anyone’s sexual needs fully. However, they can be a useful tool to build and strengthen your relationship. Sex is about more than pleasure and the release of stress. It’s the vital building block that’s the foundation of all healthy relationships.


Strengthen The Bonds – You can’t have a strong relationship without sex. Understanding and reacting to your partner’s sexual needs is a pillar of that relationship. Take advantage of quickies when you don’t have the time or desire for marathon love making sessions. They’re a helpful tool in building and strengthening the lifelong bond you’ll share with your partner.