Sex After a Break Up

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breakup, breakup sex, relationship

When Is Right? – How long should you wait to have sex after a breakup? It seems the answer to this question is all over the map. It probably depends on if you’re asking a guy or a gal. Relationships end, and at some point you’ve got to move on. That doesn’t mean it’s easy and there won’t be quite a bit of pain along the way. Marriage can be different in terms of recuperating than simply dating. Though, in today’s world, many people date for years or even decades.

breakup, breakup sex, relationship

So Alone – For many couples dating is the equivalent to marriage. No matter if you’re a man or a woman, having sex too soon after a breakup is a bad thing. Deep down inside you know this. You know it because just the thought of it alone makes you feel uncomfortable. You’re not celebrating the fact that the relationship isn’t over. Even though some people who haven’t been in this situation think that a celebration is in order. Ending a relationship can be quite painful. It takes time for the wounds to heal. So, how long should you wait before having sex? It’s not a matter of days or months. The answer to that question is inside you. You’ll know when you’re ready to have sex again. There isn’t some arbitrary number that can be pulled out of thin air. It could take you months or maybe even years to have sex again. To some, waiting years to have sex sounds impossible. Those people have never experienced pain on the level that you are.

breakup, breakup sex, relationship

Be Patient – Don’t rush into having sex after a breakup. You shouldn’t rush into getting into another relationship either. You’ll know when the time is right. People think that immediately jumping into a new relationship will ease the pain. It won’t. It’ll only complicate the pain and it may add to it. If you breakup with them quickly, you’ll have double the dose of sorrow. Always remember to practice safe sex when you’re hooking up with a new partner. Even if you feel the relationship will last, use protection. It’ll possibility prevent any headaches that may arise with your new found lover.

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