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The Right Condom For Couples

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Condom Comeback – You thought your days using condoms were a thing of the past. You jumped up and down thinking you’d never use one again. Now they’re back. They keep coming back like a villain in a horror movie. You’re not done with condoms after all. In fact, you may be using them for quite some time. Condoms are an effective form of birth control. They can also help not get the lady parts all messy during sex.

condom, birth control, protection

Protect Yourself – Many people who are in committed relationships use condoms even though both partners are committed to the other. There may be health reasons why birth control pills aren’t an option. Condoms are here to save the day regardless of the reason. Now the emphasis isn’t on disease prevention. It’s not a concern if you’re in a solid relationship. The purpose of using condoms is solely to not get knocked up.

condom, birth control, protection

Research Your Options – The internet is a great place to start your condom research. However, you’re going to need to know what your local drug store has. Don’t go to a gas station or some place that doesn’t have a wide variety of condoms. Most convenience stores only have a few brands. You’re going to need a wider selection than that. You’ll need to find the right condom for both of you. Yes, this is going to involve some homework. The good new is, this is the kind of fun homework you’ll enjoy.

condom, birth control, protection

Shop With Pride – You used condoms in the past to not get pregnant and to protect yourself against STDs. Then you didn’t care about the overall sexual experience. It was just hot, passionate sex that you were after. Now you’re settled down and things like comfort are what you take into consideration. Lambskin condoms are a great choice for those who solely want to protect against pregnancy. There are also non-latex condoms that you can try. Whatever you do, don’t settle for the condoms sold in the bathrooms in seedy locations. There’s nothing to be shy about when it comes to buying condoms. You can stand up proud and display the fact that you’re getting some action.

What Type Of Condom Is Best For You?

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No Glove, No Love – For whatever reason you’re in a situation that you need to use condoms. It could be that you’re in a new relationship or want to change birth control methods. You may also want to give swinging a try and need some protection. Always remember to use a condom while swinging. Many people attend swingers parties or go to swingers clubs to meet up with other couples. It’s not uncommon for these people to be total strangers to you and your partner. Using condoms while in situations like these is a must.

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Finding The Right Condom – Protecting yourself is also about taking the health of your partner into consideration as well. Any disease you catch will most likely be passed onto them. Guys and gals often find condoms to be a bummer. They don’t have to be. The first thing you’re going to want to do is find the right condom for you and your partner. There are many styles and brands on the market today. Check your favorite drug stores or online sex shops to see if they have variety packs. This is the most economical way of trying new condoms. A big box of condoms can be an expensive way to find out you don’t like a certain style or brand. You may even find that adult bookstores have lose condoms for sale. If they do, look through the bunch to see if there are any you haven’t tried yet.

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All Natural – Now let’s talk about sheepskin or lambskin condoms. These are natural condoms made from the intestines of sheep. The feel of these condoms is nothing like latex at all. In fact, neither of you may even notice the condom at all. The downside to these natural condoms is that they don’t prevent the transmission of disease. They do however work as a great form of birth control. These condoms are best suited for those who are in a monogamous relationship that only care about preventing pregnancy.