Timing Is Important When You Say “I Love You”

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Timing Is Everything – When is the worst time to tell someone you love them? When you’re face deep in their genitals. Sure, everyone wants to feel loved. There’s a time and a place for such expression. Many people don’t feel comfortable saying those three words. For whatever reason some people may feel more comfortable during the heat of the moment. Back up and just forget about it. Don’t even think about telling your partner how much you love them. It’s almost like you’re talking directly to their genitals. That’s never a good place to start a conversation.

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Is There Ever A Wrong Time? – All this might sound funny to some of you. Those of you with a partner who doesn’t know how to express their love know all about this topic. They’ll tell you how much they love you at the strangest times. It can be easy to fall into the same trap as them. The only way out is to live by example. You need to be open about your love throughout the day. Don’t just limit it to sex. Doing so will reinforce the idea that this is the appropriate time for such announcements.

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Look Them In The Eye – Are you the type that tells your lover your feelings while face deep in their naughty parts? If so, try to break that habit. It’s kind of cheesy. It makes them think that you only love them for sex. Instead, leave little reminders of your love. You’ll eventually feel more comfortable telling your special someone just how much you love them. This will in turn make them feel better. Who knows, you may even get more action in the sack because of it.

Find A Partner You Love For Great Sex

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Sex Is More Than A Sport – Can two people have sex without being in love? Sure they can. All it takes is a little arousal and you’re off to the races. Does that mean you should have sex with someone who you don’t love? This is a question that many people today aren’t asking themselves. Sex is viewed as a recreational activity and not love making. The short answer to this simple question is no. You should not have sex with someone whom you aren’t in love with.

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Sexual Compatibility – All of this seems to contradict the popular mindset people have today towards sex. The best sex you’ll ever has is with someone who understands your body. Every person is wonderfully uniquely different. It takes time to get to know someone’s body. There are no shortcuts to great sex. There is no need to settle for anything other than the best when it comes to sex. Why should you? Your goal should be to hit as many grand slams in the sack as possible. Striking out is all too common for people who feed their sexual appetite one night stands. Having sex with someone you love has all kinds of benefits. You’re able to try new and exciting things. You’ll be more comfortable in the bed with someone. Trying new things can be quite embarrassing. You’ll feel far less embarrassed with someone you’re comfortable with.

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How Deep Is Your Love – Sex isn’t a sport. You don’t win anything for having sex with enormous amounts of people. The only thing you score is an STD. Which, isn’t much of a consolation prize after second rate sex. Stability is what you should be searching for in all aspects of your life. Your sex life is no different. Fall in love. Enjoy the happiness that being in love has to offer. Also, enjoy the great sex. You’ll discover that the sex is a hundred times better. There is no replacement in your life for love. You may spend a lifetime trying to find a replacement. You’ll never find one. Every day of your life should be filled with love. This is the secret to happiness that people today have forgotten. Don’t be one of those people. Fall head over heals, enjoy great sex, and spend your days smiling.