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Sweet and Naughty

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Everything’s Better With Chocolate – What can you do with chocolate sauce? You can put it on ice cream. Mixing it with milk always makes for a refreshing treat. Some of you may even like to dip bananas in chocolate sauce. Have you ever thought about licking chocolate sauce off of your partner? If not, then it’s something that you definitely want to give a try. You don’t have to go to great lengths to make your own chocolate sauce. There are plenty of varieties at your local grocery store. You probably already have a favorite.

sex, chocolate, body painting

Sweets For The Sweet – It wouldn’t even be too surprising if you had some in your cupboard right this very moment. Just think of all the fun that you’ve been missing out on. Where can you lick off chocolate sauce? You can safely lick it off everywhere except for the vagina. Sweet sugary stuff can wreak all kinds of havoc down there. You probably want to skip licking it off your partner’s asshole for obvious reasons. Those are the two areas where chocolate syrup don’t belong.
sex, chocolate, body painting

Chocolate Covered Nipples – The rest of the body is perfectly suited for licking and savoring the enjoyment of liquid chocolate. Great places to lick chocolate syrup off of are the breast and tummy. Just remember, a little goes a long way. Chocolate sauce is also quite messy. Don’t smother your partner in it. You’ll end up with a messy bed and sheets that need to be changed. Add this sweet treat to your foreplay routine and see just how much more excited the two of you become. You’ll be surprised what a little chocolate syrup can do to spice up a romantic evening.

What Does She Want From You?

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Honesty – If there’s one thing that men dislike, that would definitely be the darkness surrounding a woman’s mind. It’s very hard to know what a woman wants from you, and that’s why most of us fail in impressing a woman during dates. But here are some of the things that she wants from you at this time. She wants you to be honest, and she needs you to be like that. If you want to have a healthy relationship with all the sex you want and the like, show her that you are reliable and that you are a dependable person. It’s the best thing you can do to win your heart.

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Understand Her – No woman will stay with you for a very long time if you ignore her. Make sure that you understand her, and you do all you can to showcase compassion and support. Every woman wants to have that, but not all men can offer a sense of understanding and support.

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Try Out New Sexual Positions – Sex is very important for any woman. As a result, it’s always a very good idea to try out new sexual positions and to vary your sex life. Some adult toys or concepts like a threesome shouldn’t be ignored, as they can spruce up your sex life. Yes, there are lots of things that a woman wants from a man, but aside from compassion and financial security, women also want you to be honest, understanding and very active in bed. It will surely be an amazing experience if you can offer all these things to her!

A Change Of Scenery

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Something Different – A change of scenery is what your sex life needs. This is no doubt true if you have a family or there are other people living with you. Sex is easy when it’s just you and your partner. Things get more complicated when there are other people living with you. Sex becomes something that you have to wiggle into your already crowded and busy lifestyle.

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Change Things Up – There are times when you just need to get out and find some place else to have sex. You shouldn’t mistaken this for voyeurism or some type of sex in a public place. We’re talking about finding a place where you can have sex that’s different from where you’re at now. A different location can spice things up a bit. Having sex in someplace new can make it feel like a different experience. The change of location in itself may be enough to make for an unforgettable experience. A stale sex life is the result of many different factors. Changing where you have sex can have an impressive impact. You should always choose safe places to have sex. This is why a hotel or a motel is your best choice.

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The Great Outdoors – The last thing you want to do is to get in trouble while having sex in public. That’s never a good thing. You’ll end up causing yourself more grief, than pleasure, in the long run. Where should you have sex? Let your imagination run wild. Maybe, you can go on a one day theme park trip. You may even think of it as a mini vacation. Why not do a little role playing as well? The possibilities are limitless if you allow yourself to be creative. Which is something you should always try to be when it comes to sex.

Fuck Me Fast

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No Time For Romance And Flowers – What’s the value of a quickie? That might sound like a strange question. Some people may think that quickies are a selfish way of having sex. Usually it means, the man gets off and the woman is just there for the ride. The true value of a quickie is that it strengthens the bond of your relationship. That sounds like chick talk and it needs to be broken down.

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Do Me Quick – A quickie is the type of sex that involves little to no foreplay. Not everyone has the time to have full blown foreplay and everything that comes along with it. The option of not having sex isn’t there, it would create undo stress between the two of you. A quickie enables the horny person to satisfy their urges and get on with life. Quickies are great tools to help smooth out the wrinkles of a relationship that happen due to infrequent sex. It may not be as fulfilling for one or both parties involved, but sometimes, it’s the best a person can hope for. No couple should rely on quickies. They certainly don’t fulfill anyone’s sexual needs fully. However, they can be a useful tool to build and strengthen your relationship. Sex is about more than pleasure and the release of stress. It’s the vital building block that’s the foundation of all healthy relationships.


Strengthen The Bonds – You can’t have a strong relationship without sex. Understanding and reacting to your partner’s sexual needs is a pillar of that relationship. Take advantage of quickies when you don’t have the time or desire for marathon love making sessions. They’re a helpful tool in building and strengthening the lifelong bond you’ll share with your partner.

Making Sex More Exciting

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This is a guest blog submission by Climax Connection member, Random Writer.


Get Closer – Spicing up your sex life is important. It’’s more than just pleasure. Sex is also about bonding. It gives you the ability to bond with your partner. This is something that can’’t be overlooked. You should always seek ways to strengthen your relationship. Sex is the best way of doing so. It’’s hard to argue with someone when you’’re enjoying a moment of blissful passion.

Dress Up – Women, it’’s important that you realize men are visual creatures. They think with their eyes first. Then the brain follows along. This is why lingerie is always a hot seller. It will be from now until the end of time. It doesn’’t have to be expensive or anything over the top. After all, you’’re probably not going to be wearing it for too long. Just a sexy pair of panties and a bra will do. Break out the special pair for the times you want to get kinky. You’ll notice his interest in you right away. All it will take is a quick flash and he’ll be following you into the bedroom.


A Change Of Scenery – Renting a hotel room for the night can be a great way to spice up your love life. Especially if you don’’t live alone. Let your parents babysit the kids for a night. They’ll love being around them. You’ll love having some alone time with your man. You won’’t have to worry about being quiet or anyone walking in on you. The two of you will be able to enjoy hot passionate sex. Either that or finally being able to watch your favorite television program in silence for a change.


Who Are You – Role playing is another great way to make things exciting. You can be the naughty nurse or he can be the plumber. Be as creative as you want. It’’s your fantasy. This is a way that you can live out things without having to step outside of your relationship. It’’s a healthy way to change things up a bit. You can take role playing as far as you like. You can wear costumes and even pretend to be different people. You can be the actress you’ve always dreamed of. While exciting your biggest fan in the process.


Spice Things Up – There you have some fun and exciting ways to add pizzazz to your sex life. Dull and boring is never fun. That’’s why you should always seek new ways to change things. Great sex is an important part of any relationship. It’’s the very thing everyone should strive for. Get out there and do something kinky. Your partner will be the happiest person on planet earth if you do!