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Are You Over Stimulated?

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Pace Yourself – Are you overly sexually stimulated? That may appear to be an odd question to ask. It’s not as strange as you may think. The world today is full of sexual stimulation. Everywhere you look there are half naked people advertising something to you. The internet is full of porn. You’re always within reach of something that’s sexually stimulating. This is true even if you’re not seeking it out. What effect does being over sexually stimulated have on your sex life? It can make you less interested in what’s around you.

stimulated, over stimulated

Everything In Small Doses – Keep in mind what you see online or on television is not at all like your partner. You can easily expect too much out of your partner’s appearance and even performance. This is especially true if you’re watching a lot of porn. You’re going to expect them to perform like a porn star in the sack. Your expectations of them will be too high. Cut back on the sexual stimulation. It’s not as hard as it sounds. You should have days where you try to avoid porn or over stimulating yourself. This will enable you to enjoy sex more. You’ll find that arousal will be easier to achieve. This in turn will have an impact on how your partner thinks of themselves. They’ll be far more into it if you’re extremely turned on by them. Everyone likes to feel that their partner finds them arousing. This is the hidden benefit of not being overly stimulated.

stimulated, over stimulated

Restrain Yourself – Many couples feel like their sex life is boring. Some of the reason for that is over stimulation. That might not make sense to you now. Cut back on the porn for a few days and then have sex. Notice how different you feel. You’ll understand the impact this has on your sex life. There’s some stimulation that you’re never going to be able to avoid. They’ll always show sexy commercials on television. You can’t avoid seeing billboards with sexy looking people on them. However, there’s quite a bit that you can avoid. Try avoiding it for a short period and see how much of a difference it makes in your sex life. You’ll without a doubt find the results quite shocking.

Great Sex Within A Relationship

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The Ultimate Orgasm – Do you want to have great sex? Everyone does and most people have no idea how to achieve it. You don’t need huge tits or a big penis to have a great time in the sack. Flat chested women and guys with small penises are having wonderful sex every day. The difference is, they know something that you don’t. The only way you’ll consistently have great sex is by being in a long term relationship. A one night stand will never produce the kind of sex that fulfills your every need.

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Know Your Partner – The reason for that is quite simple really. It takes quite a bit of time to know what you and your partner like. You’re not going to learn this during a conversation over a few drinks at your local bar. Practice makes perfect and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to the bedroom. You can’t pleasure your partner if you don’t know what they like. Sex isn’t like a one size fits all pair of socks. Great sex comes from knowing exactly what your partner likes. The same could be true when it comes to them pleasing you. Neither of you learned what foods or TV shows the other liked over night. It took time for you to develop an understanding of what the other likes. The same is true in the bedroom.

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Comfortable Passion – Have you ever looked at a couple that’s been together in a relationship for a long time and envied their happiness? Now you know why they’re so happy. The reason is, both of them know exactly what the other likes in the bedroom. There’s no guessing or learning what needs to be done. This is the true secret to having great sex. Happiness is something you need to work at and so is being sexually satisfied. Any quick fixes that you find along the way will never deliver the promises they make.