Improve Your Sex Life

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masturbation, sex drive, sexual appetite

Stop Masturbating? – Want to improve the quality of sex that you have? Give up masturbating. The world isn’t coming to an end. You don’t need to hide beneath your bed. Masturbation is a great tool for those who aren’t getting any sex. This article isn’t for those of you that don’t get laid. Masturbation can ruin your sexual appetite. It can make you not want to have sex with your partner. Ever wonder why your partner isn’t chasing you around the house begging for sex? They’re probably masturbating and it’s taking away their urge to have sex. This has a negative impact on several aspects of a relationship.

masturbation, sex drive, sexual appetite

Build Up Your Sexual Appetite – All of which will eventually trickle right down into the bedroom. Don’t allow your natural sex drive to be tampered down by masturbating. There’s nothing wrong with being horny. Allowing yourself to be horny will make your partner feel more attractive. Masturbation can dull your senses and make you less interested in your partner. This is the true hazard of playing with yourself. It’s not going blind or developing hairy palms. It’s a lack of sex drive that very well could be translated into a lack of desire. No one wants to share a bed with someone that doesn’t find them desirable. Cut back masturbating to just a few times per month. The fewer times, the better.

masturbation, sex drive, sexual appetite

Quality, Not Quantity – Work harder at increasing the amount of sex you have. Masturbation is a lot like fast food. Sure, it’s easy and it gets rid of the hunger. However, it’ll leave you wanting more each and every time. This is why you shouldn’t eat cheeseburgers every day. Your body will be left wanting more, as fast food is devoid of nutrients and anything healthy. The same thing on some level could be said about masturbation. The difference is, masturbation on some level is healthy. Just make sure you’re having sex more often than you masturbate.

Why Is Masturbation Healthy?

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Decadently Delicious – And you thought masturbation is sinful? Think again! Almost each and every individual on this planet, masturbates. It not only helps you relax yourself, but also makes you feel good. It is such a beautiful feeling that it surprises you. Do you know that even animals masturbate? How can a thing, which has so many benefits, be sinful? Yes – masturbation has a lot of health benefits.


Relax And Enjoy – The first and the most wonderful benefit of masturbation is that it relaxes your muscles, completely. When you reach orgasm or ejaculate, all of your tightened muscles relax themselves and make you feel like you are floating. The second benefit of masturbating is that you get a good nights sleep. Forget about all those nightmares that keep haunting you, don’t let the thoughts of your ex get into your head, when you have your hand and your toys to relieve your stress, it is all that you need. The third most important benefit of masturbation is that you get rid of negative energies from your body. No doubt excessive masturbation can lead to depression, but if you masturbate once or twice a week, you can fight depression and conquer loneliness.

masturbate, masturbating, masturbation is healthy

Let’s Wait A While – Last, but not least, masturbation allows you to take time before getting involved in a relationship. Since you are able to satisfy your sexual urges, you don’t get into some random relationship just for the sake of sex. You take your own sweet time to know the person and then bring sex into the picture.



The Cam Tram: How To Spice Up Your Masturbation Experience

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Masturbating On Cam – Masturbating or relaxing your sexual urges by yourself can be quite fun, but not when you do it often. This is because it becomes quite monotonous and watching the same old lame porn doesn’t do the truck to turn you on the way you want to. In order to enhance the experience with masturbation, most of the people have now shifted to webcam sex. There are a lot of things that you can do when you have a person doing it right in front of your eyes and when you know that the entire picture is live, you get more excited just at the thought of it.

cam sex, webcam sex, web cam sex, masturbation, watch me masturbate, free webcam sex

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder – Now imagine someone extremely pretty right on the laptop screen; imagine him or her doing things that you want to feel. Of course you don’t get to touch that person, but the feelings are so beautiful and you feel like your entire body and every pore on your skin is crawling looking at him or her playing with that wonderful body. Whether you’re straight, bisexual, lesbian, gay or even bi-curious, there is surely someone out there waiting to try webcam sex with you, just the way you want to!

cam sex, webcam sex, web cam sex, masturbation, watch me masturbate, free webcam sex

Interactive Masturbating – The most sensual thing about masturbating while having webcam sex is that everything is virtual and you don’t feel guilty about anything at all. In fact, both of you do things together imagining that you are with each other; nothing can be more beautiful than masturbating with someone virtually feeling you!

Your Hand Is Always There For You

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Differing Sex Drives – Jerking off isn’t the worst thing in the world. Don’t act like it is when your partner doesn’t want to have sex. As a guy, you want sex just as much as you want food. That’s the truth and your penis knows it. The problem is, your woman probably wants sex a whole lot less than you do. The answer isn’t to run out the door and find someone that’s willing to have sex. It’s a mistake too many men make these days. The consequences of doing so can last a lifetime and a moment of lust isn’t really worth it.


I’m Not In The Mood – Your woman may not want to have sex  for a variety of reasons. They could range from being that time of the month, too tired to have sex, or maybe just not in the mood. Just because she doesn’t want to have sex doesn’t mean the world as you know it is collapsing. It simply means it’s time to do what you’ve been doing for most of your life. Are you the kind of guy that greases up his hand or does it dry? Get ready to surf the web for some porn and to clean up your busted nut.


Get Ready For Some Self Lovin’ – Many guys in this situation overreact and make way too much out of it. You’ve been jerking off your entire life. Doing it one more time certainly isn’t going to hurt you. This is why it’s best to have all of your jerking off supplies handy for when you need them. You never know when that throbbing penis needs some tender loving care and your woman isn’t interested.

Watching Your Partner Satisfy Themselves

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This is a guest blog submission by Climax Connection member, Random Writer.


Double Your Pleasure – Mutual masturbation is a great way for couples to experience something new. Most people think that masturbation is dull and boring compared to sex. Mutual masturbation can be both fun and exciting. But, there’s something that you can actually learn from it as well. You’ll get to see what your partner does to make themselves feel good. You’re not going to have to wonder what they like in the sack any more.


No Need To Second Guess – Mutual masturbation won’t automatically turn you into an expert when it comes to what your partner likes. But, it’ll give you some much helpful insight as to what they do like. The best way to do take advantage of mutual masturbation is by making sure both of you can see each other while doing it. You’ll get extremely turned on when you watch your partner get off. There’s nothing in this world more exciting than watching the person you love experiencing sexual pleasure.


Be Sexually Observant Of Your Partner – Don’t be shy, and always remember that this is all in good fun. You can even add toys or different lubricants into the mix. It can be easy for people in today’s world of too much pornography to not be stimulated by the things around them. This is one of those ways that you can increase your stimulation without having to resort to porn. Spicing up things in the bedroom is the best way to keep both of you interested. Mutual masturbation is an attempt to do just that. Variety is the spice of life and your loins know that is a fact.