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Hand Job Heaven

Posted on May 23, 2016, in lotions & lubes, with Comments Off on Hand Job Heaven


Rub & Tug – Here’s a post for all you ladies out there. Giving the perfect hand job isn’t as difficult as you may think. What’s the difference between a good hand job and a great one? It’s all about the lube. You’ve got to use plenty of lube or you’ll make your guy’s penis raw. Plus, it’s not going to feel very good. This is a difficult thing for most women to grasp. You’ve got to have enough lube to be slippery. All while not being too slippery. If your hand is too slippery, your guy isn’t going to feel all that much.


Slippery When Wet – What kind of lube should you use when beating off your man’s meat? Personal lubricant used for sex makes for a good hand job. What makes for a great one? This is a trick that only guys seem to know. The secret ingredient to a great hand job is lotion. You should use a hand lotion that’s kind of greasy. The lotion shouldn’t absorb right away into the skin. After all, you want to use the lotion as lubricant.


All The Right Moves – The right lube makes all the difference in the world. You’ll notice by the moans and groans that you’re man is really digging it. Slow and steady does the trick. Don’t try to be too fast. Jerking a guy off isn’t a race. The goal isn’t to make him have an orgasm as fast as possible. Pace yourself and enjoy the experience. Masturbating your partner can be very exciting. It gives you hands on experience when it comes to learning exactly what your guy likes.

Wet Sex Is The Best Sex!

Posted on June 10, 2013, in lotions & lubes, sex toys, with Comments Off on Wet Sex Is The Best Sex!


Love Lube – Have you been searching for just the right lotions ans lubes to enhance your sexual encounters? With your partner or alone. We all know that wet sex is the best sex, dry and lacking lubrication is not an enjoyable experience at all. Many times people use things they really shouldn’t, like petroleum jelly, which not only breaks down condoms, but even if using while alone and condoms are not a worry, you just try getting that off your skin. Not fun. It creates a barrier that’s difficult to even remove with soap.


Let’s Get Wet – You really should stick to products made for just that purpose. Your intimate parts will thank you, and possible skin reactions and irritations will be a rare incident. If you’re using something like hand lotion, not made for genitals, the dyes and fragrances they are made with can prove very irritating to some people. Many women simply do not produce enough lubrication naturally, it’s not due to lack of arousal, some just do not, so the proper lubricant is something they just need.


Slippery When Wet – Different people prefer different types obviously. Some water based ones like KY can be very gummy and sticky quite quickly. Others don’t care for silicone lubes as they can be very difficult to remove from the skin unless you have a full shower. One that I personally like is the Wet Synergy Lube. It is not gummy, doesn’t leave the skin with a coating, yet stays very nice and slippery, not greasy at all. So if you’re in the market for some lube, and who isn’t, even if they only have themselves for a sexual partner , have a look at all the lubes around for all your naughty needs.