Sex and the Disabled

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disabled and sex, sex and the disabled, crippled, disability, handicapped

Cripples Get Horny Too – This is an article for all of you who are disabled. Don’t think just because you’re bed ridden, wheelchair bound, or have a peg leg that you can’t enjoy sex. Don’t take the best part of life out of your life. You too can enjoy a romp in the sack. It just takes being a little creative. Make sure you’re healthy enough to have sex. If you are, there should be nothing at all stopping you. Any boundary set up is imposed only by you.

disabled and sex, sex and the disabled, crippled, disability, handicapped

Someone For Everyone – This is what you need to keep in mind. Don’t think that the only way you can have sex is by hiring a prostitute. Search for love and romance first. It’s impossible to accept that a person in today’s day and age can’t get laid. You’re reading this using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. That means you have the ability to search and find dating sites. Those sites can help you hook up. Don’t overlook the value of social networking sites. You very well could find someone in your area with a similar disability.

disabled and sex, sex and the disabled, crippled, disability, handicapped

Orgasms For The Incapacitated – The idea that you can’t enjoy sex because you’re disabled needs to be erased from your mind. You need to throw it out just like you would the trash. Educate yourself on your condition. Learn the best positions for someone who has the condition you have. Larry Flynt is confined to a wheelchair and he still has sex. He’s the perfect example of someone who doesn’t let a disability stop him from enjoying sex. Be like Larry, go out there and get laid.

What Does She Want From You?

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honest, honesty, sexual honesty

Honesty – If there’s one thing that men dislike, that would definitely be the darkness surrounding a woman’s mind. It’s very hard to know what a woman wants from you, and that’s why most of us fail in impressing a woman during dates. But here are some of the things that she wants from you at this time. She wants you to be honest, and she needs you to be like that. If you want to have a healthy relationship with all the sex you want and the like, show her that you are reliable and that you are a dependable person. It’s the best thing you can do to win your heart.

understanding, honesty

Understand Her – No woman will stay with you for a very long time if you ignore her. Make sure that you understand her, and you do all you can to showcase compassion and support. Every woman wants to have that, but not all men can offer a sense of understanding and support.

sexual honesty, honesty

Try Out New Sexual Positions – Sex is very important for any woman. As a result, it’s always a very good idea to try out new sexual positions and to vary your sex life. Some adult toys or concepts like a threesome shouldn’t be ignored, as they can spruce up your sex life. Yes, there are lots of things that a woman wants from a man, but aside from compassion and financial security, women also want you to be honest, understanding and very active in bed. It will surely be an amazing experience if you can offer all these things to her!

Tickle, Tickle

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tickle, tickling, foreplay
Are You Ticklish? – You and your partner have been wanting to branch out and try something different. The world of fetishes may seem scary and confusing. Don’t be alarmed, many couples experience the same thing. Have you ever thought about tickling? You can get your ha-ha on and consider it foreplay at the very same time. Tickling as a form of foreplay may sound silly to some people. There’s nothing at all silly about it.

tickle, tickling, foreplay

That Tickles! – Some people actually enjoy being tickled. Do you? If so, you may want to try doing it before love making. This is one of those fetishes that you don’t need to go to extremes to test out. Just tickle your partner using your hands. Sure, you may want to go out and buy a feather some day. The key word there is buy. Don’t use a feather that you find out on the street. It could have lice. Your partner will never forgive you if you give them lice.

tickle, tickling, foreplay

Can I Touch You There? – Where should you tickle? Start out with the most obvious places. The places where you know your partner is the most ticklish. You may try tickling their stomach or even genitals. There’s no limit to where you can tickle. This is the really fun part. Try to discover new places that your partner never thought were ticklish. You’ll both learn something in the process. Give tickling a try. Have fun. Enjoy the experience. If you don’t like it, stop. You’re not going to be out much of anything. If nothing else, at least you got in the sack with your partner. That in itself is a reason to celebrate.

Spank My Ass, Please

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spanking, spank

Bend Over – You or your partner has been thinking about getting into spanking. There are many couples who enjoy spanking. You don’t need to be on the fence about this fetish. Go ahead, spank that ass a little. There’s nothing at all wrong with wanting to be spanked. It’s only a problem if the violence gets out of hand. Then, you’ve got a real problem on your hands. Violence and sex never go together. With that said, spanking really isn’t violence. If anything, it’s all about appreciating a fine ass.

spank, spanking

Spank Me Hard – An ass so nice, it needs to be spanked. How do you begin spanking? Just bend over and take it like a grown up. Seriously, that’s all you have to do. You’re either the one being spanked or the one spanking. You can switch it up and do both. Spanking should never hurt too bad. You’re not looking to punish your partner. All you’re trying to do is get your juices flowing a little. Think of spanking as a form of foreplay. You’re not trying to hurt the other. It’s all about adding an extra amount of spice to your sex life. Spanking can surely do that.

spank, spanking

Simple Smack – Spanking doesn’t require anything other than a hand. That means there’s no trips to the adult bookstore needed. No waiting in line with perverts to buy a sex toy. It’s just your hand and an ass. Give it a try. Smack that ass a little. You’ll be surprised by how much excitement it adds to your normal sexual routine. You’ll wonder why you never thought of spanking before now.

Looking For Web Cam Sex?

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Webcam Masturbation – One of the favorite ways many guys choose to masturbate is by sampling cam girls and watching them play as they masturbate. It’s more interactive than porn, and certainly gets them quite aroused. There’s simply more guys wanting to watch girls on cam than there are girls on sites like this looking to play for free, so some absolutely resort to sites like UK Cam Babes to get off to. For guys seeking such a masturbation experience, there’s lots of girls available at all hours of the day and night to help arouse you and get you off, horniness can strike at any time of the day or night.

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Girls For All Tastes – In the mood for a blonde, or maybe a redhead this evening? You might have struck out at the local bar, but girls of all descriptions can be yours, all you have to do is click to find the one that most closely fits your idea sexual fantasy and there they are, masturbating for you, stripping for you, shaking their tits and ass for you. It only takes a moment to find any number of UK Cam Babes to choose from. It’s like an ice cream shop, a different flavor for every day of the month or year, with thousands of choices. You won’t get bored with so many appealing options to choose from.

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Treat Yourself – Like all things, moderation is the key. Most guys cannot afford to indulge too often, but as a once in a while treat, it can absolutely be something special to masturbate to, it also makes it more special when it’s a treat, rather than an everyday diet. So if some horny, British beauties sound like something you’d like to experience, UK Cam Babes will be able to get your balls drained and let the fun begin, your cock will thank you.

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