Looking Good For Your Partner

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Is That New? – This suggestion may sound strange to some of you. Save up some money so you and your partner can buy one nice outfit each. You don’t have to save up thousands of dollars. Just enough where both of you can dress to impress the other. Keep in mind that you can use this outfit for other occasions also. So, maybe you shouldn’t make it too sexy. This isn’t a good time to go shopping for crotchless panties or edible underwear.

dress, clothes, appearance

Show Some Pride In Your Appearance – Why would you want to go through all the work of buying a great looking outfit? Every now and then you’ve got to look good for your partner. You’ve really got to wow them. That’s what this is all about. You want to impress the most important person in your life. It can be easy to forget that most of the time you’re not looking your best. Keep in mind what your partner sees every day. Sometimes you’ve just got to impress. This is something you should do at least a few times a year.

dress, clothes, appearance

You Wear It Well – Go out and buy yourself something nice. Make sure that you’re with them the first time you wear it. Doing so will cement the outfit in their memory. Every time your partner sees it, they’ll remember the first time you wore it. You’ve got to keep your relationship fresh and relevant. Even those who deeply love each other can find themselves bored in the relationships. It’s your job to keep things exciting. Visual attraction is important for both men and women. You should try your best to be visually attractive every now and then. Life today is busy and there might not always be time to look your best. That doesn’t mean you should forget how important attraction is. Want to really mix things up? Have your partner pick out the outfit. You may be surprised by what they think is attractive.

You Want Me To Put My Finger Where?

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Finger My Ass, Please – Your heart is beating fast right now. You’re shaking and definitely confused. Collect your thoughts. There’s no reason to freak out. You’ve got to get a hold of yourself! Your man only asked you to stick a finger up his asshole. It’s not the end of the world. Sure, it may be a little gross at first. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to like sticking a finger up his poop chute eventually. It’s not uncommon for a man to want to have his prostate stimulated during oral sex. Many men actually enjoy it. However, shouldn’t finger bang your man’s asshole without his permission. The shock of having a finger shoved where the sun doesn’t shine may be something he can’t recover from. Keep the asshole fingering as an optional blowjob accessory. It doesn’t always have to be a package deal.

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Enhance Oral Sex – Don’t flip out if your man wants you to shove a finger up his ass while you’re sucking his dick. If it freaks you out, don’t do it. You can also put on a rubber glove before doing it. You’re not going to want to use one of those yellow dish washing gloves. The latex variety that medical professionals use are what you want. You should be able to find these at any drug store. They actually do make something called finger condoms. These are generally used by people in the tech industry. They do exist, but you may have a difficult time finding them.

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Tickle My Prostate – Try pounding his asshole with one of your digits. Ask him what feels good and what doesn’t. That’s the only way you’ll learn what your man likes. If you feel uncomfortable doing it, simply stop. There’s no reason why anyone should feel uncomfortable during sex. You may find your partner’s added pleasure very exciting. If this is the case, it may just become second nature. Just don’t forget to wash your hand afterwards. You’ll be left with a stinky finger if you don’t.

Fantastic Sex Fantasies

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Doable Fantasies – Don’t let porn videos or romance novels make your fantasies impossible. It can be way too easy to let that happen. You’re not even going to realize it. This is the problem with subjecting yourself to too much erotic material. Tame down your fantasies. Make sure they’re realistic. Just because you see or read something doesn’t mean you can do it.

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Fantasy To Reality – How do you know if your fantasies aren’t realistic? Are you living them out? If not, then you need to dial it back a little. You can easily feel like a let down if your fantasies aren’t doable. You’ll feel like you aren’t achieving your sexual goals. This will have a negative impact on your sex life. Now you see why it’s important to have realistic fantasies. None of this means you shouldn’t shoot for the stars when it comes to your fantasies. You can always have one that’s almost unreachable. Just keep most of them realistic. Everyone knows the limits of their relationship. There’s no need to set the bar so high you can’t reach it. Instead, develop realistic fantasies that are within reach.

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Hot Scenarios – Fantasies are extremely important. They allow you to be creative in the sack. A fantasy is a sexual dream that can come true. It can if you make them reasonable. A realistic fantasy is one where you can envision yourself living out. If you can’t, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board. There’s nothing wrong with modifying your fantasies to fit the real world. Actually, it’s quite logical.

Hanging Out In The Nude

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Letting It All Hang Out – Do you and your partner live alone? If so, there’s one thing you should try. It may sound kind of stupid at first. Are you ready for this? Set aside time to just be naked. Don’t wear any clothes at all. If you must, just wear something skimpy. This might sound comical to some people. It’ll be very uncomfortable to those of you who aren’t comfortable with your body. You should never feel uncomfortable being naked in front of your partner. There are some big issues behind it if you are.

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Wear Your Birthday Suit – What should you do while naked? Everything that’s safe. You shouldn’t deep fry anything or do any wielding while naked. Keep your thinking cap on while naked. You’re not going to want to do anything that may cause harm or injury. Why not sit around and watch TV naked? Mop the floor while in the buff. Be free and give your partner some eye candy. Why not? Just because it sounds silly isn’t a valid excuse for not doing it. You will never have great sex if you’re not comfortable in your own skin. It’s not possible. You can’t constantly feel uneasy and experience a high level of pleasure. Your mind is thinking about something other than the task at hand.

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Be Sexy, Be Naked – Get comfortable being naked. Make sure your partner is too. Give them something to look at. Don’t be shy in the slightest. There’s no reason to. Your relationship and sexual enjoyment will grow once you feel comfortable being naked. Start today and you’ll notice an improvement in your sex life.

Older People & Intimacy

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Use It Or Lose It – Today there are more older people having sex than ever before. This may be shocking to some of you. Those of you who are in this growing population aren’t so surprised at all. In fact, some older communities are having sex more frequently than their younger counterparts. Here are a few tips that every aging sex lover should know. Don’t think you know all the ropes just yet. Even an old dog can be taught a new trick or two. The first tip is the most important. Don’t make any sudden movements that may throw out your back. That may sound funny to someone who’s not aging and limber.

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Take It Easy – Sex is an act that requires the use of many muscles. You can easily throw your back out while having a little fun in the sack. Take it easy grandpa. There’s no need to pay a special visit to the chiropractor. The second is one that may sound a little familiar. Only have sex if your heart is healthy enough for it. You’ve probably heard that in an advertising for a certain blue pill. This is advice every aging person needs to hear. Just because you can get it up, doesn’t mean you should try to use it. If your heart can’t take it, then don’t even attempt to have sex. A soothing cup of tea is right up your alley instead.

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Act Smart – The last tip is the most important. Don’t forget to use protection. Just because your days of reproducing are long gone doesn’t mean you can’t catch a disease. You may be surprised to find out that there’s an increase in elderly people transmitting STDs to each other. Invest in a box of condoms and relearn how to use them. Protecting you and your partner is more important now than it ever has been before.