You Can’t Hurry Love

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Relax – Slow down. Sex isn’t a race. You’re not trying cross the finish line faster. No one wins a prize for having the fastest sex. Many couples tend to be in a hurry when they have sex. There can be several reasons for this. You may find yourself extremely aroused after not having sex for a long time. It’s also possible that you’re trying to fit sex into your busy schedule. Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses. Don’t be in a hurry when you’re having sex. Make sure that you do plenty of talking. Tell your partner what’s turning you on.

relax, relationships, slow down

Life Is A Banquet – Take time out to touch and taste each other. You should plan your sex in advance. This will give you plenty of extra time to enjoy. Spontaneous sex seems like it’s the best kind at first. The best sex you’ll ever have is sex that you planned in advance. That means you can get all the stuff ready for a good time. Just think of all the fun you can have in the sack if you’re not in a hurry. You can have a glass of wine or some fun finger food. What about foreplay? You can even do that too. There are times when quickies are more appropriate. No sex life is complete without the occasional quickie. You don’t want them to be a part of your routine. Sex is best when it’s unhurried. When you can take your time and simply enjoy the act.

relax, relationships, slow down

Enjoy One Another – You can’t undervalue quality time spent together. Sex isn’t always about getting your rocks off. Sex strengthens your relationship like nothing else can. Your life will always be improved when the bond you share with your partner is strengthened. The person you’re in the sack with isn’t just a fuck buddy. They should be your life partner. The person becomes just that by playing an ever more increasingly important role in your life. This only happens when your bond is strong. This is the true benefit of slowing down your fun in the sack.

Sexual Health – Pills For Low Libido

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Wonder Pills – There are many different pills being sold on the internet that promise to have all kinds of sexual benefits. You’ve probably seen a few of them while surfing the internet. Anyone who’s visited an adult site has undoubtedly seen a few of these products. Which of these products are safe? That’s a question no one knows the answer to. Most of you have heard of medications such as Viagra and Cialis. Then, there’s the herbal stuff that’s being sold online. It’s said to do anything from make a penis longer to increase sex drive. Are these products harmful? No one knows for certain.

sexual health, herbal supplements, libido, lack of desire, low libido

Take It With A Grain Of Salt – The products sold could be absolutely harmless. They could also be totally ineffective as well. There’s little to no regulation when it comes to these products. Most, if not all, are sold as supplements. That means they aren’t put through the rigorous safety trials that medications are. Are you having problems getting it up? Maybe you’re not as horny as you once were. Don’t order something that sounds too good to be true. Ask your doctor why you’re not able to perform sexually at the level you’d like. You very well could have other health problems. Fixing those problems may make your plumbing work properly.

sexual health, herbal supplements, libido, lack of desire, low libido

No Quick Fixes – Drugs and supplements are rarely the answer. Nothing can replace you taking care of yourself. There’s no pill or cream that will let you off the hook. There are those of you who have real health concerns. They need to be addressed. You don’t address them by buying some untested products from shady people on the internet. Having problems functioning sexually? Change your diet and exercise routine. If that doesn’t work, consult a doctor.

Great Sex Within Relationships

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How Good Can It Get? – What’s the secret to great sex? Do you need a really long penis to have great sex? Maybe what you really need are two big breasts. No, you don’t need any of that. Some may even think the key to a fantastic love life is to be promiscuous. What’s more fun than having sex with all kinds of people? Oddly enough, there’s something that’s even more fun. Monogamy. Yes, it sounds boring. No, it’s not. In fact, it’s the key to great sex.

good sex, great sex, relationships, commitment Intense Sex – There’s a difference between good sex and great sex. Good sex is just a tad better than masturbation. Great sex is in a whole different ballpark. It will leave you absolutely speechless after the act is completed. All you’ll be able to do is lay in bed. A single thought won’t be able to enter your mind. Great sex is one of the most amazingly powerful things a human being can ever experience. Building a relationship takes work. The world today doesn’t appreciate work. People want things handed to them on a sliver platter. They expect fine dining from fast food restaurants. A relationship takes time and energy. The payoff is fantastic sex. Along with happiness and a feeling of satisfaction on many different levels.

good sex, great sex, relationships, commitment

Make The Effort – Don’t think you can get away with not investing time, effort, or emotions into your relationship. A one night stand will never produce the kind of sex you’re searching for. People who enjoy great sex are those who are in committed relationships. They learn what their partner likes in the bedroom. No two people are alike. You’ll never have great sex if you’re not willing to commit to a long term relationship. It’s the sad truth for anyone who has a fear of commitment. Get over that fear and start enjoying great sex. There’s no other way it’s going to happen.

Webcam Sex For You

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Rub Your Pussy For Me, Honey – Lots of guys out there love to enhance their masturbation with webcam sex. There’s nothing like watching a hot and sexy girl teasing you on cam and rubbing her titties and her pussy for you as you jack your cock and she makes it a close-up on her pussy and you can literally see the wetness dripping out of her cunt. Not many guys are going to turn away from that display of female masturbation. Guys can look online for weeks trying to find a girl that wants to have for free cam sex and just not find it, they just get to the point where they are willing to pay for it. Free porn is only going to get them so far, it’s not interactive.

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Watch Her Cum – Watching a girl who literally is a professional masturbator, now that’s what’s going to get them going. It’s fun having a professional cater to your desires and your whims. Lots of times if they have found girls for free online to play with, many women are selfish and as soon as they cum, bam, off goes their cam and they have left you hanging there, with blue balls and no more pussy cam to watch. Frustrating, isn’t it. When you go to a paid cam sex site, that is never going to happen.

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Webcam Sex – Some guys say they will never pay for anything sexual, they are also the ones going home alone and masturbating to free porn, not paying for pretty escorts or pretty cam girls and actually getting what they want. Oh well, they have their principals to keep them satisfied! Sometimes you need to look at cam sex as entertainment, that’s what it is, it might be entertainment of a sexual variety, but it’s entertainment nonetheless and one pays for entertainment. So if you’re looking for some paid cam sex, there are lots of sites that can offer you a good experience.

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When They Let Themselves Go

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Have Some Pride – What do you do when your partner is no longer attracted to you? Let’s assume that you’re in a solid relationship and infidelity isn’t a concern. It’s not your partner’s job to be attracted to you. Your job is to be attractive to them. Many people feel like loss of attraction is their partner’s fault. They for whatever reason aren’t attracted to them any more. You need to find out why you’re no longer attractive to your partner.

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Packing On The Pounds – Have you gained weight? You may have stopped taking care of yourself for whatever reason. It can be easy to get into a rut. You may not even notice that you’re not paying attention to your appearance. It’s often the case that people choose practicality and functionality over what looks good. The loose fitting jeans may be more comfortable ones that are skin tight. However, the ones that are skin tight will get your partner’s attention. You need to ask your partner why they aren’t visually attracted to you any more. Don’t be offended when they’re honest with you. Instead, take into consideration what they say. If their reasoning seems valid, then you need to make some changes. Ask them what changes you need to make. It could be as simple as shaving off the beard that you think looks so great. It may not look too great to the woman who has to see it every day. The same thing could be said about your housecoat. It sure is comfy, but it hides your curves.

attraction, appearance, relationships, making an effort

Show Some Effort – You may want to prance around the house wearing something a little different from time to time. The value of being visually aroused and attracted to someone can’t be understated. A person who isn’t visually satisfied won’t be sexually satisfied. No one looks good without effort. You have to take care of yourself and how you look. Unless you’re a supermodel, this is going to be the case. Talk to your partner and ask them what changes need to be made. You’ll actually feel better about yourself when you know your partner likes what they see.