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Don’t Give Up – How do you know if your partner has given up on sex? The answer to this question may not be as simple as you may want to believe. Some may think that the way to tell is by trying to remember when was the last time you had sex. If you are not currently having sex regularly, then it’s too late. You’ve already begun to slide down the slippery slope. This is one of those things that you have to nip in the bud. If you don’t, it very well could be too late.

grooming, pride in appearance, appearance, low libido

How Long Has It Been? – There are telltale signs that your partner has lost interest in sex. The last of which is not having sex at all. Before it gets to this point, other things had to happen. The most important thing you’ll notice is that your partner no longer cares about their appearance. This is the most evident sign that your healthy sex life is in trouble. Sure, there are plenty of unkempt overweight people having sex. Those people aren’t normal. You should pay close attention to how your partner manages their appearance. The first thing you will notice is they begin to look sloppy. The second thing is far less obvious. You’ll notice over a period of time that day will begin to gain weight. Their lack of concern about how they look tells a lot about their sexual desires. We could go into length and talk about why your partner no longer desires to have sex. An entire book could be written on that. The meaning of this blog post isn’t to help you identify the causes for your partner’s lack of sexual interest. It’s simply to get the ball rolling and to help you understand what’s going on. This is why having a free flow of information is so vital.

grooming, pride in appearance, appearance

Have Some Pride – You need to be able to communicate these sorts of things with your partner. Once you notice their appearance is going downhill, your sex life will follow soon afterwards. It’s important to you and your relationship that you solve this problem immediately. This is something that won’t go away by itself. A person who has a healthy sexual appetite will take good care of themselves. They know if their appearance begins to the disintegrate, so will their chances of getting laid.

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