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I'm a Renaissance type of guy, just looking to learn and explore more. I'm like a sponge, love to learn, but also don't accept everything.
I used to be on this site years back, just returning to reignite some lustful creativity.
Respect is key, and if you are reading this, then hopefully you'll take notice that detail, grammar, and spelling are preferred (not necessary, but helpful).
Stories are fun and I like to type them up for fast paced enjoyment. Email roleplay is fun because you get to take time to develop a plot and a more drawn out pace.
Looking for new friends and ideas.
Please don't be afraid to inquire. You'll never know unless you ask or try it at least once.
I'm a neutered male that cums twice. I haven't been able to explore if I could cum three times with a cock ring. However, my goal is to get my gal to orgasm at least twice (ties the score), usually climaxing three times, sometimes four.
I'm harmless and respectful, so if you reply with an answer to my inquiries, I'll respect the answer.
If we pursue communicating, I prefer the boundaries to be clear, with expectations and clear leading. I'll lead some if I know I'm treading safe waters.
I look forward to meeting someone who is willing to at least try communicating via email.
Thanks for reading.

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Favorite Color

forest and sea green, royal blue, white, puce

Favorite Vacation Spot

In my boat, on the water, by myself or one other.

Favorite Movies

How to train your dragon series. The Incredibles. I will do a pride and prejudice, or Emma, about once a year.

Favorite Actresses

Sensual Sharon

Favorite Foods

Anything accept raw meats and cephalopods.

Favorite Music

Gentle soothing music, blues, jazz, classical.

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Neut Guy
May 21, 2018

Bored at work. Will be working on the story. Would love to chat, send me an email.

Neut Guy
May 16, 2018

Am I so common, or so weird, that I'm considered unworthy of common courtesy? A: yes, because I'm a sponge (good medium for a fungi (fun-guy).

Neut Guy
May 16, 2018

I need some help! I have reached a point in my story that I can go two routes. First lady that contacts me first will decide the direction I go. Here are the two possibilities 1) peaceably 2) forced I look forward to the feedback! NG

Neut Guy
May 16, 2018

Work... is... boring..., losing... Creativity. Need... Excitement.

Neut Guy
May 9, 2018

Coming up with a new story, it will be my first fantasy. Stay tuned!

Neut Guy


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Age: 40
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Orientation Straight
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Interests: Cyber
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