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A recent Engineering graduate who is a huge gamer and mostly just plays on PC for the last few years, but occasionally turns on the paperweights of the newer consoles for something that really catches my interest. :3
Really big into FFXIV for the past two years and would say it's my favorite game of all time. I love anime as well, but haven't been spending too much time watching them, mostly gaming instead.

I have this awesome person who I call my girlfriend, who is also into the same stuff and I am absolutely in love with her! :P
We're mostly together, either gaming or just spending time with one another like the nerdy couple we are~

So that girlfriend of mine is Jes_jes or Jessica, of course, and we both use this site together now. Can be found with one another out in the Orgy~~ lounge in chat. If we're not so active in the room at the time, we're definitely just talking to each other or playing video games with one another like we always do. That or getting into something a lot more intimate which happens quite often. ♥

So if you do want to hang with us, come join Jes's room and chat around a bit. We're open to talking about stuff and playing games with others too. We're both on Balmung for FFXIV if anyone is on there and sometimes we hunt together on Monster Hunter Generations so we could open a lobby for those interested! Who knows, you may even just catch a bit of a show between us two! :P Do be respectful though, yes she is off limits to guys, there's other people in the lounge for you to have fun with. :P Though with that being said, girls are more than welcome to flirt and tease her~ Like Jes has said on her profile as well, we're looking for other girls to join in on the mix and play along with our fantasies, as my lovely girlfriend would enjoy watching me play with another while she's close by. They can even play with her as well, I'd enjoy seeing her with another girl just as much~!

Another work in progress we have is setting up another orgy type lounge on f-list to compliment this one, working on that soon enough.

Chat Disclaimer: While in the lounge, I am an anthropomorphic canine, a furry! So if Jes calls me puppy like I love when she does ♥ and starts nipping and tugging at fur and ears to keep me happy, that's why~
PS: Yes, I am her good boy. ;3 - Addicted to pleasing Jes like this :P - And how I am with Jes too :3

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My Room with Jessica in it!

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Chicken Alfredo!

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Retro game music!

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August 6, 2017

mmm your my good boy :3

August 3, 2017

rawr im sorry bae :(

July 2, 2017

mewos~~~...damn it!



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