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My Pussy Slave

I see some like my story about Abe and I. Me making him my pussy slave. I really enjoyed our relationship. He was such a sucker for this pussy. I could get away with anything with Abe,

Late nights when we were sure everyone downstairs were in their rooms, I would leave my door open so that Abe would come into my room.

Waiting laying in my bed with just a tight tiny t-shirt and a short, short skirt. No panties on. Abe loved that.

I would hear Abe sneak into my room. I would have a lesbian, big clit porno playing low on the television. My bald, fat, chocolate big clit pussy would be so wet. Legs spread real wide. Abe grabbed my legs, put them over his shoulder, and pull me down to the edge of the bed by my waist. I would lay there and pretend to be sleeping. I can hear him sniffing my pussy, rubbing his nose in my slit. Teasing my phat clitoris. Making it so hard. I feel my cunt hole start to drip. Juices dripping down to my asshole.

I feel his hands grab each cheek, and spread them wide. I feel the tip of his long, wet, tongue start to push in and out my asshole. I wake up and look down. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he's been so hungry and thirsty for my juice.

Abe grabbed my vibrator from my nightstand, while he was licking my asshole out so good. He turned it on the highest level of vibration, like I like it, and spit on my pussy clit. He started to rub that vibrator all over my wet pussy clit.

“ Yes Abe, please my sweet young pussy so good!” He said nothing to me, he was busy catching the pussy juice dripping from my cunt hole, to my asshole with his mouth. I can feel his long beard on my ass, beginning to get really wet and soaked with my pussy juice.

My phat 3inch clit was so hard, and so wet. Rubbing that vibrator up and down, on the head of my phat clit, makes my pussy so horny and hungry. He fucked my clit with that vibrator just like I love it! I told Abe, I wanted to cum sitting on his face. “ Your wish is my command Elaine, I will do anything to make this delicious wet pussy cream in my mouth”

I pushed him down on the bed, on his back, I told him to lay his head on the edge of that mattress.

I through my leg, over his face and straddled like I was mounting a horse. I grabbed my big 10 inch dildo. The one with the squeeze bag, to make that dildo look like its creaming in my chocolate pussy. I told him “ You're gonna lick my big, meaty clit, and fuck me until this fat cock creams in my pussy Abe” He looked at me, with this twinkling look in his eyes “ Yes Elaine, I eat all that cock cream out of your creamy cunt baby”

I told him to spit on the head of that dildo. I watched his tongue rub the head of the cock, and cover it in spit to get it nice and wet. Then Abe, opened his mouth a little more, and I forced the dildo, a little deeper in his mouth. Watching him make it nice and wet. Telling him “ Yes Abe, Get that big cock hard, wet and ready for my tight pussy hole”

Abe opened his mouth a little more, I pushed that dildo, a little deeper in his mouth. “ Suck that fucking cock Abe, get it ready for my phat pussy”. His cock started to jump, and thick whit cream started to shoot out of his dick. I smacked his cock, and told him “ You're a bad, bad boy Abe, I am the only one allowed to cum” Abe apologized “ I am so sorry Elaine, I know only you get to cum, you just make me sooo horny. And now I get to fuck you with another cock. I couldn't take it anymore” I smacked his cock really hard with my paddle again.

“ Never cum, unless you are told to! Now for your punishment” I ordered Abe to get on his knees. I made him get on all fours, with his pink ass in the air. I rubbed my pussy on his back, as I fed his horny asshole with my long brush handle. Smacking his ass, and feeding his asshole. Abe told me he loved me, and he is such a cock loving bitch for me, and me only.

Mmm Abe is such an obedient pussy slut. I love to fuck him so good. I ordered Abe to lay on his back with his tongue out once again, He grabbed the cream filled dildo, and shoved it right in my tight chocolate pussy. Stretching my tight pussy hole. Sucking and licking on my big 3 inch clit. Mmm, his mouth was working that clit, and fucking my pussy so good with my dildo. I grind his face. Until my big clit came in his mouth, He was still stroking that pussy hole with the dildo. I squeezed the little back, and all that cream shot out into my pussy, all over his chin, and chest.

Abe pulled the dildo out of my cunt. “ Put that cock in your fucking mouth cum dump” I can hear him moaning, and slurping on the head of that cock. “ I love your pussy cream Elaine, Hear is the money for your pocket this week” I took the money out of his hand, and counted it, while still sitting over his face.

I sat there and watched him, I though about how much further we could take our relationship. Mmm My cunt licking, cum dump, money slave. I love Abe.

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