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Nerd here. University student.
I'm the type of guy who likes to question everything and doesn't take obvious things for granted.
I also wonder why we have the opportunity to stare at a beautiful sky at night, as if the universe cared about us, thing that I don't consider to be true.
"Sometimes girls' feet excite me more than butts." -Me

Zodiac Sign

I hate astrology, I love astronomy

Favorite Color

white and yellow

Favorite TV Shows

Sherlock; Person of interest; Mr. Robot

Favorite Movies

The Martian. World War Z. Interstellar.

Favorite Actors

benedict cumberbatch; ben stiller; jim carrey; leonardo DiCaprio

Favorite Actresses

natalie portman; jennifer aniston

Favorite Music

Dubstep, EDM, chillstep, nightcore

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Last Login: April 25, 2017

Status: Probably studying in the middle of the night or watching some serious anime. Or pondering about life.
Joined: January 17, 2017
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Orientation Straight
Location: Italy
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