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"What is it?" I ask as I turn the toy over in my hand. It's soft, small, and 'U' shaped, one end like a small rounded spear head, the other a thicker bulb. We-vibe is embossed over the outside of the toy. Which is why it was obvious that it was a toy.

"It's a wireless clitoral and g-spot vibrator." Kayla says, flashing a sly grin. Her hands are gripped in front of her waist as she twists in place. She's clearly terribly pleased with herself.

I arch a brow at her, "When did you get this?" I ask her curiously as I inspect it further, turning it over in my hand, twisting it around as I inspect it.

"I picked it up last night. It's for you to wear to dinner tonight." She grins, showing off her perfectly white teeth.

"While we're out... at a restaurant?" I ask, shaking my head. "Oh no, there's no way..." I trail off pushing the toy back toward her.

Kayla's lips purse into a small frown for a moment as she closes the short distance between us, avoiding my outstretched arm. Her hands grab at the front of my skirt and slowly pull it up as she leans back. We both look down at her hands and I catch her gaze as I look up into her eyes. Damn her sexy, manipulative, assertiveness. "I can think of three very good reasons why you will." And damn her confidence too.

I can feel my resolve crumbling like a foundation of sand being washed away by a determined ocean. "You're not going to convince m..." Her finger presses against my lips cutting me off as she shushes me.

"One! YOU made the mistake of telling me that it was a fantasy of yours to have a discreet orgasm in a public place. Two! You my sexy and beautiful girlfriend, are a total slut." She grins as she leans in closer to me and I can feel my cheeks flushing red hot. "And three!" She whispers now, her cheek brushing mine as she leans in close to me, her lips inches from my ear, "Just thinking about tonight has me buzzing with arousal. Just think about how horned up I'll be after we do it. That's why you'll wear it tonight Bianca." She takes my left wrist in her hands and pulls it between her legs. I can feel the damp spot on her panties and shudder.

Goodbye resolve.

My own juices begin to flow as my left hand swings back to my side. Shuddering out a ragged breath I hand the little vibrator to Kayla, "Fine, I'll try it." I do my best to sound annoyed with her but I can tell she can see right through me. I'm too easy to read.

She takes the toy and lowers herself down in front of me, squatting. Her skirt flows over her thighs, hiking up her smooth, creamy legs. I glance for only a moment before she's pulling aside my panties. I pull up the hem of my skirt so I can watch.

Kayla chuckles before leaning in and planting a soft kiss over my clit. Her lipstick leaves an imprint of her lips on my lips and I let out a sharp exhale. The small dull arrowhead shaped end of the toy is rubbed lightly against my lips. "Someone's turned on." Kayla grins looking up at me as she slowly eases the g-spot end of the toy inside of me.

"I was just fantasizing about this sexy girl I know." I tease back, knowing her game.

The toy is set in place and, surprisingly, Kayla doesn't play with me any more. She pulls my black lace thong back into place, covering the toy. It's profile making the lace bulge around it. Kayla stands back up and walks over to grab her purse off of the coffee table. "So, it's supposed to be set up to your phone and then we can give my phone control of it through your app, but for tonight since we'll be so close I only set it up on my phone." She says as she pulls her cell out.

"Okay." I say, taking a few steps, testing out walking with the toy inside of me. I notice it but it's not uncomfortable to walk with. "So should we leave? Our reservation is in..." The vibrator buzzed to life just then, strong pulsing vibes alternating outside and inside. I rock my hips in place as I let out a gasping moan, it was so intense, "Oh fuck!"

Kayla laughs, looking at me wide eyed. "This is going to be so much fun." Biting her lower lip she smiles seductively at me. Her thumb slides across the screen of her phone and the vibrator responds immediately. The vibration against my clit becomes constant and slows down to a light buzz, then quickly throttles up to an intense hum.

I sigh as I feel a pleasurable tingling growing. "Are we going to dinner or are we going to fuck?" I ask bluntly. "Because if you don't turn this thing off in about two seconds dinner isn't happening."

The vibrator is off a heartbeat later followed by a frown from Kayla. "You're no fun."

"I haven't taken it out yet, have I?" I smirk as I lean in and kiss her lips, savoring their soft warmness.

She bites her lip thinking that little detail over, "I guess you're not totally boring." She teases after a moment. "Now let's go. I don't want to lose another reservation because you made us late!"

"Because I make us late?! You'd be late for your own funeral!"

Kayla laughs, "I know, come on. Let's get going." She turns and walks toward the front door.

"I'll be there in a sec, I just need to grab something." I say, hustling toward the bathroom. The clicks of my heels on the hardwood echo through the apartment.

"You're really going to make us late..." Kayla calls out.

"If we're late it's still your fault!" I yell from the bathroom.

"Is not!" Is the last thing I hear before the door closes.

Working quickly I slip out of my thong which I thought was the sexier option for the evening but, which is fully evident from the removal of the vibrator, I'm far too aroused already to go out in public without something a bit more absorbent.

Four minutes and a short, uncomfortable walk later I'm sitting in the passenger seat beside Kayla. "About time. What'd you do? Put on a new outfit?" She asks sarcastically.

I hike my skirt up and flash the pink cotton panties I have on. "I had to change my panties." I say rolling my eyes at her.

"If you're that turned on already then was there really any point to that?" She asks, putting the car in reverse.

"I'm not that turned on already. I'm close. But I put a pad on just in case. I love this skirt too much to get it all dirty because you want to slut it up in public." I say, smirking at her.

The car jerks to a stop in the street and Kayla turns to me, raising her phone. "Uhm, you're the one slutting it up in public." She says as the vibrator hums to life. The internal and external vibrators work in opposites, one cresting at a medium speed for a moment before dipping to a barely noticeable whir, the other increasing in intensity to match where its counterpart was moments before.

My toes curl as much as they can inside my tight heels and I breath in deeply, feeling warmth spreading through my belly and creeping up my neck, "I don't know what you mean. I'm going to be the perfect example of a lady tonight." I say defiantly.

Three blocks later at a red light the pleasant low setting of the vibrator suddenly intensifies several fold. My breath catches and I have to hold it to keep myself in control. Kayla is smirking at me when I glance at her. As I exhale I can't stop my voice from betraying me, a soft, drawn out coo escapes my lips.

"Very lady like." She smirks and goes with the green. "Will you still be that way when we get to the restaurant? We're at least ten minutes away."

"You wouldn't!" I croak. A smirk is all I get back. She tucks her phone between her thighs, near her knees and keeps driving.

Two minutes later and I'm trying not to pant. I've past the point of intriguingly aroused and am well into the depths of fighting away losing myself to lust as best I can. As we pull onto a state route I can't take it anymore. I can't stop fidgeting in my seat when I finally pull my legs apart and hike my skirt up to pull the toy free.

"Hands at your sides." Kayla says. I look over and catch her glancing between me and the road. Slowly, I close my legs and fix my skirt. "I need to get you drunk and chatty more often. Find out more about what really makes you tick." She smirks and squeezes my thigh before focusing on the drive.

A few blocks from the restaurant we pulled up to a red light. "Kayla..." I struggle to say, breathing slow, ragged breaths, "If you don't turn this fucking thing off I'm going to cum." My legs tremble as I squeeze the sides of my seat, looking at her.

"Oh! I forgot I still had that on." She lies. Her arrogant smirk gives her away. A heartbeat later the vibrator finally goes still and I let out a sigh of relief. "You're usually so vocal. I guess you really are going to be elegant and ladylike tonight." She says sweetly.

More to come...

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September 22, 2017
Such a wicked lady that Kayla is. I love her

Oliver Ramos
June 10, 2017
You have an amazing way with tantalization

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