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After our first encounter with minimal contact followed a series of makeout sessions in either her room or mine. On the third one I found myself kneeling next to her as she stroked my cock. I was trying to run her nipples as I had done before but the position made it awkward. While she seemed to be having fun rubbing my cock I couldn't help but think that I should be doing something in return, she was wearing a skirt, leaving an opening. I reached down and placed me hand on her thigh and felt goosebumps rise up on her skin. I looked her in the eye and she had a nervous grin on her face. I slowly ran my hand along her thigh, moving up and in towards her pussy. Her stroking of my cock became a little uneven, she was getting distracted by my touch. I smiled at her and let my fingers glide over her pussy through her panties. She moaned and quickly covered her mouth turning red.

"It's OK" I said "I want to hear you". I hadn't moved my hand, hers had stopped working my cock and was now just holding it.

" OK" she said "I'm sorry, I haven't done this before, I didn't know it was going to be that sensitive"

I smiled at her, reached down with both my hands, and pulled her skirt and panties off in one swift motion. She gasped, I started running my fingers up her leg again. I admired her body, taking advantage of the fact she was no longer holding my cock I used my other hand to caress one of her erect nipples. She gave another soft moan, this time not stifling it. As I got closer to her shaved pussy her breathing got faster and faster, she was desperate for my touch. I slowly parted her lips and she was downright gasping. I began rubbing her clit and she threw herself back against the pillows moaning. After a short time I switched hands, with the hand that was on her tits I rubber her clit, and with the hand that was on her clit I slowly slid two fingers into her pussy. Working both hands in unison had her cumming in no time. Her face screwed up she came hard. She pushed my hand away from her clit. But I kept the other one in her pussy.

"Your turn" she panted. I moved slightly so she once again had access to my cock. She sat up and started sucking my cock, it wasn't going to be long now until I came. I started fingering her and she moaned through the cock in her mouth. She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes, she kept sucking and I kept fingering. "I'm going to cum" I told her desperately. "Mmmhmmm" she said as she sucked. Her moaning was telling me she was going to orgasm again. "Fuck, I'm cumming!" As I shot cum into her mouth her body convulsed as she was orgasm ing too. Afterwards we just lay there naked for a while.

Similar situations continued for about a year. I started to become impatient waiting for us to actually have sex. However, we found other ways. I began titty fucking her, the first couple of times she giggled, but then she started to enjoy it herself. She rubbed her nipples and moaned while I pumped in and out. After I sprayed cum all over her tits and neck I would finger her until she came. From titty fucking we started humping with no penetration, she would mount me and slide back and forth along my cock until we both came. These instances usually started with blowjobs and fingering but we soon discovered that this was our main event. Sometimes I would be on top, gliding my dick up and down along her pussy.

One day I was on top, we were in our usual rhythm and I was just starting to get into it. Suddenly she shifted her hips and I felt the tip of my cock slide into her. She moaned but I pulled out quickly. I continued rubbing my dick back and forth along her pussy, but now I wanted to be inside her again. Once again she shifted her hips and the tip of my dick slid inside her. This time I pulled out, but pushed the tip back in. She moaned and looked up at me. She had a look in her eye that told me that it had been no accident. I kissed her deeply and pushed my cock all the way in. In and out a pumped, feeling her pussy around my cock. She gripped my back with her nails and she was soon cumming hard, her body rocking into mine. I pulled out and busted my load all over her stomach, some of it reaching her tits.

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