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The teasing was horrible I couldn't stand not cumming but I had to endure it I was denied every step of the way to cum, between being fingered to my cunt made wet sloshing sounds or to either of them licking my sensitive holes I was going crazy. Before the first guy came in I was on my knees my sweater pulled down and up from both sides sore nipples and cunt both bright red before being turned on my back, as my head relaxed on the floor my gaze was set up to an old gentleman of 50 possibly " is this...oh..." I heard him say as I just smiled being on displayed in front of the door turned me on more so as my cunt oozed out a little gush staining the floor. Before the door could close he had already took out his cock and dropped his pants, the door slammed close this time as the old man didn't wast anytime ramming his cock into my pussy, grabbing my legs and pulling them around him he thrusted into my hole making my body shake I could feel his balls against my ass with both Ben and Zac holding me groping my tits rubbing their cocks on my face, "how long has this whore been ready.." the old man grunted into me pumping in faster and faster I coudlnt handle too much I was ready to cum, "since this morning fingered her self in the bathroom from what I heard, just look at the red cunt.." Ben added in, with Zac reaching down and slapping over my clit, "ahh don't cum yet hunny I want this to last.." Zac turned into his alpha self and slapped my cunt again, "you heard the man don't fucking cum you whore let him enjoy it!!" before slapping again making my hips reel legs twitching over the old man , I couldn't help it I needed to cum and it took everything to keep my self from cumming. I felt the cock leave my hole, I couldn't tell how big nor see how big his cock was before my cunt was still sore and loose from the other night, before long I found my self looking down seeing the first guy of the night lapping under my cunt biting and tearing at my leggings ripping them open and started to lick my ass clean, probing his tongue into me causing another gush of teen juices to coat his back.

I looked up and saw a couple walking down the hallway, they didn't notice at first before they got halfway and saw me on my back with an old man ass in the window and the two guys molesting me, I panted my cheeks bright red loving being on display. their look only lasted for a second or two before they sped walk past our room, in my mind I smiled before laying my head back down, the old man pulled up and pressed his cock into my asshole I felt my hands form a mist and my toes curling around, before long I was being slide back and forth on his cock my tits once more shaking on my chest as I moved my fisted hands over to wrap around Ben and Zac's cock stroking them in time with the thrusts into me, pumping their cocks looking into the window to see if anyone else would see or just watch, I wanted them to watch, wanted anyone to see how I got handled.

Again I was denied to cum, the old man pulled his cock out leaving my hole gaped as he pulled away and sat down on the couch, "whew...bitch is still not ready to seed that cunt.." stroking his cock watching me twist and wither on the floor, "well if your thirsty there is water in the fridge some beer and a few bottles of hard stuff help your self .." Ben said as Zac grabbed my arms and turned me about, "stupid cunt plaster your ass against that window.." unsure of what he meant he guided me, having me set on my knees and press my ass against the window to our room smearing my wet self over like a cheap replacement for Windex, yes I made a cleaning pun/joke . I moved my hips around smother my juices over the window as I took Zac down into my mouth, the only times I had seen Zac act such a way was when I would give another guy more attention that he had to be the center of it, I continued to please his cock easily swallowing his length down before I heard tapping on the glass, I tried to look back to see who it was but was held by Zac onto his cock. Ben got the door and out of the corner of my eye I just saw two pairs of feet walk in. "well I guess it wasn't a total hoax.." "dude she looks like a minor man we could get in trouble for this.." I still couldn't see just moaned as I effortlessly went down and forth on Zac's cock titling my head to get a better look but shoved back down.

Zac didn't last much longer as the two new guys game into the room my nose rubbed into his groin and I felt the first loads of cum pour into my mouth, he tried to pull away but kept going into my mouth depositing each load of cum down my throat before pulling out wiping his slobbering cock over my face before grabbing me by the hair pulling me from the window and dropping me on the ground, "Hey Zac easy with her man.." Ben added in "she is a slut this is how you treat them.." Zac fumed back , I panted still drinking down the cum before feeling a pair of hands on my ass, my cheeks being pulled apart then let go I brought my self up to my knees resting on them as the hands where joined in by another pair, I couldn't tell who it was before feeling a spank on my left cheek then on my right cheek, alternating between spanks but still had four hands on my ass, I moaned rolling my knees back and forth my cunt so sensitive that I could cum at any moment, I had the strength to turn and look at who was holding my ass and to my surprised I smiled.

It was a pair of handsome friends well within their late 20's possibly 27 I didn't know but they where fucking sexy looking, even tanned skin smooth hair I could run my hands through and rough hands to hold me in place, "well..lets see how it tastes..." the first twin lean in to kiss at my asshole licking and lapping over my hole, I groaned nearly falling back onto the ground before feeling the first friends lips pull away and to be replaced tongue lapping and circling just like the first before withdrawing once more, "well she doesn't taste underage but she sure looks like it..." one of them said before long the lips returning to sucking over my ass hole as another pair of lips guided over to my cunt lapping and drinking down my escaping juices, it was enough to have me cum before I felt a hand around my neck pulling me away from my release, "hold on their guys...we Are trying to keep her from cumming as sure as you have seen she is ready to burst to let her suffer a bit longer.." Ben added in kneeling down next to me as he gripped at my tits pulling on them pushing me back and forth on my knees. I couldn't hear what was being said between whispers but didn't care, the next moment the set of lips where back on my holes drinking and lapping over me, the old man from before moved along to the side of me and Ben and forced my lips back around his cock I whimpered with his cock into my mouth, feel his thick length drinking and tasting my self off his cock as I went down on him with ease, he was thick but not too thick little over six inches into my mouth I gagged a bit at the cock poking my throat before pulling back.

It didn't take much coaxing from the friends , their set lips driving me insane, before long I could hear the pants coming down belts flailing and two cocks on my ass cheek, "always wanted Maria to do anal guess ill get my first taste here.." I could hear one of them say before slowly pushing his cock into my asshole, I shuddered moaning on the old mans cock as he drove his cock into my asshole, the cock was good in length but not as thick as the old man or Ben's, just as thick with Zac's as I pushed back working my hips to stroke the cock, I could feel the two pair of hands molesting my lower half thrusting in time with my own pushing back, "hey a slut that fucks it self that's the best kind.." I heard one of the two behind me say.

Hammering my self back my ass took the cock with some resistance before gliding with ease bouncing my ass back and forth on the cock stroking the cock inside of my ass hole before feeling the cock pull out only to be replaced again by another cock, my eyes at this point where already in the back of my head, the switching of the two friends cocks in me made me lose my mind to who or which one was fucking me. A loud popping sound soon followed from the old man, his cock hard as a rock watching me being alternated on the two cocks. "well..think she has been a good slut..lets give her a good treatment.." I heard Ben say before long I was laying with my chest against his chest his cock greeting at my used oiled cunt before pushing into me, the old man climbed up behind me and without any warning shoving his cock into my asshole, I cried in pleasure into the side of Ben's neck before being lifted up by the friends presented with their cocks in front of my face and not wasting any effort to fill my mouth, shoving both of their dicks into my face only to swallow the head as I was drilled from behind, the two guys cocks alternating in and out of me one sliding in as the other slide out over and over again.

I cried on the cocks in my mouth looking between them only to see Zac sitting watching stroking his cock, he was mad he was angry and wanted to show these guys how to treat me, I really didn't care for Zac's attitude his alpha male best at everything, I strung him along moaning loudly into the cocks riding the two cocks inside of me, this time none of the them where moving letting me do all the work as I bounced my self forward and back taking turns on the friends cocks and the two in me, "come on Jes you whore cum for these cocks they are waiting for you, only to fill you back up like a cum dump your boyfriend made you.." I couldn't deny this I wanted to and final able to give permission my body released, hours upon hours of torment and torture my hips pulled off and the two cocks that were inside me as well slipped out my gush my torrent of teen cum sprayed over Ben drenching him as well as the old man. My whole legs where shaking as well as my core every drop that came out forced me to spasm on top and each little breath of air cause me to shake uncontrollably.

Don't know when I faded out but as I came back to there was no time wasted, I found my self on my back now Ben still underneath me his cock jammed into my asshole and the old man on top of me kissing my neck and bouncing tits as he drilled into my cunt. The two friends where standing side by side stroking one another cock in front of me, the sight turned me on thinking that maybe they did more than that and I would love to find out or be apart of that fun. "oh fuck you look just like my neighbors daughter..hope she is this much fun.." the old man grunted on top of me drilling over into my spent hole my sensitive cunt clamped down over his cock milking him, how long he had being going at me I didn't know but it didn't take him long to unload into my cunt, his cum spurting against my insides flooding my hole as he pushed my legs up from my thighs , "hold them like that slut..don't let a drop out.." he continued to thrust fucking his cum inside of me before pulling out with his cock spent and limp wiping it against my hole as he stood up, "you boys make sure she stays like that till ya'll are done with her.." he was done for the night as he finished in me he got his clothing on and left. Ben has stopped his thrusting pulling out of my ass hole before letting me lay there, " heh im not ready just yet to flood that hole again.." he said sliding out from under me to tag in the two jerking friends , he walked over to the fridge to grab a drink, seeing him made me all the more thirsty when or what was my last drink I tried to recall, but that had to be for another time, feeling one of them sliding underneath me the other holding my legs up pulling at my cunt lips to the side peering in, "hmm..not much in there..." "add our own mix?"

I heard the one under me reply. I grinned nodding my head to my self, neither of which paid attention to as I was filled with the one on tops cock first the long thin shaft hilting in me deeper than the old man pushing and pulling out the first load of cum for the day , then pulling out to be replaced by the twin on the bottom his cock my poor little cunt couldn't take much more, the bright red showed on my pale flesh being passed cock to cock , I loved it, more so that I still was on display for the hallway, I questioned how many times I was seen but those questions went away with the cock pushing back in from the top twin, "hmm..think we can double stuff her?" "heh she is a good slut I think she wont mind.." I didn't know what they meant by double stuff, thinking again I would get another cock up my ass but no I had both their cock in my cunt both cocks pushing in desperately trying to stretch my hole out as I screamed loudly in pleasure panting my chest heaving and bouncing on top of me moaning for them panting over and over, "oh fuck....please..fill me ..please..i need it..." I pleaded with them , I could tell they were smirking together , "oh we will fill you..if you let us do what we want after.." I didn't know what they wanted to do but I agreed to it, and still that agreement doesn't bother me at all I fucking loved what they did to me.

A few moments passed my cunt still adjusting to the cocks inside of me before I felt the lower twin pull out as the other twin pumped in groaning as he sealed around me pulling upwards trying to make more room in me before the bottom twin pushed his cock back in, a load of cum soon followed by both of them, there were making room for my cunt to swallow up the cum and sure enough it did. both cocks throbbing and churning inside of me flooding my depths with their seed over and over it soon leaked out of me my gaped hole destroyed.

They unsheathed their cocks from me before sitting there panting both hands coming over to massage my cunt pushing the spilling cum back in me, "come on be a good whore keep it in there.." my body jerked my bright red cunt a white mess. the soon stood up and made their way over to the couch sitting down again grabbing each others cock stroking one another watching me lay there in my wake. my head was resting on the floor staring at the hazy ceiling, "a complete mess.." I said to my self again another jerking motion moved over my body. "Fuck Jes you took that like a many loads have you eaten already.." Ben added, I had no idea how many, the time I had passed out who knows who came where when I came too I felt extra slick Zac who had been silent through this still had a shimmering dick that looked fresh maybe he had a turn in me while I was black out.

I thought to my self as I shrugged in reply, "well now for our deal..." one of the friends said coming over to help me on my feet walking me over to the fridge, only to push my weaken self down, "open your mouth..." he said I didn't know what to expect but I did so, the second twin joined standing side by side again with his brother their cocks semi hard still wet, "now be a good toilet and drink.." I heard the left one say as he pushed his cock into my mouth and started to pee down my throat, it was salty but at the same time tasted better not having anything to drink in the past moments, my lips pursed and sucked the pee from his cock taking his hand and his brothers hand placing them around my throat to let them know I was doing what they had told. he pulled out and fish hooked my mouth to inspect it make sure I did drink everything before the other brother moved in and gave me his drink for the night.

I smacked my lips I had done the pee thing many times with my boyfriend and a few strangers it had been a dirty kink of mine that few had the privileged of sharing. The two said their thanks and left me their number should I need to provide my toilet services again.

I sat down panting heavily my legs spread out still in view of the window as I was rubbing my cunt looking over to the two guys left, "wow I heard you did like that just never thought id see it Jes..." Ben added in, Zac looked at me with disgust I was getting sick of his attitude and shrugged it off, if he wanted to speak up he should have and not been a little bitch. I was still eager for another load of cum Ben to my knowledge had not provided me with a load , but as I turned over my eyes caught the front desk clerk from earlier "how long has this fucker been standing there.." I said, "who?" "the front desk clerk he has staring at me...fuck..." wasn't sure if he had saw what I did or just now saw me naked through the window , I grinned as I motioned Ben over with my finger, "well might as well give him a show he is getting paid I think.." Ben wasted no time moving over into view as I sat their taking his cock swallowing his cock down cupping my breast with one hand the other rubbing my cunt. He stepped closer to the window thinking he was going to knock on the door but no stood in front of the window.

I moaned over Ben's cock in my mouth before pulling out , he knew what he wanted to do slipping down to his knees then laying down with his feet towards the door I climbed my self on top of him turning my self around as I sank my cum ridden body down my ass eating his cock into my depths bouncing my ass up and down on his cock looking over my shoulders towards the front desk clerk riding Ben's cock my cum filled cunt spilling over I purposely pulled my self up only to have his cock head in my hole to show off how much my ass could take before coming back down bouncing on him slapping sound after slapping sound.

I turned my head one moment to look down at Ben the expression on his face that he was going to cum and soon, led to more of my body working fucking it self on his cock. I turned again this time to see the front desk clerk with his cock out, hard and ridged veins along his cock thrusting it against the window where my cunt and ass where smearing on the other side he was humping the glass wildly leaking pre over the window, I could see his breath on the window as I panted seeing him hump the glass.

Zac interrupted the show I was getting by closing the curtain from the guy as he got over to me, pulling me off Ben's cock and tossed me to my back, immediately climbing on top of me plugging my ass with his cock pushing in over for the few moments before releasing his load into my asshole, he pulled out and slapped my tits to look over at Ben, "BAM got her ass before you.." I sighed laying there is disappointment any horny mood I had was long gone. I got up and moved over to the curtain to see if the front desk clerk was there but no just the smudges and smears . "the fuck man you have a piss attitude right now, this compensation for your small dick?" "fuck off man you only got invited cause I said you could." I could hear the two fighting and it was not helping my mood before I turned around , "Zac your ego doesn't help you always think your better at everything the truth is you suck, you suck at sex, every time we have sex I have to do all the work your small ass dick doesn't give me pleasure unless im bouncing on it not having you thrust into me." The shot to his ego hit him hard as he flared up out of anger he had snapped and his hand slapped across my face hard to knocking me down, Ben jumped in but Zac fumed at me, "don't you fucking dare tell me I suck I am the best fucking lay you ever will have you damn whore, you know what fuck you I don't need some teeny bitch on my dick.."

I was crying for a little bit before Ben helped me up off the ground, Zac stormed around the room getting his things and getting dressed before leaving. As I gotten my self composed I shook my head, "why did I invite him.." I said to my self. Ben hugged me and kissed my forehead, "hey don't listen to him, you just hurt his pride..his tiny...tiny pride.." he said with a laugh as I started to my cheek still hurt as I looked at Ben with a smile, "still owe me a load.." Ben chuckled back to me, "maybe next time in the shower or the pool nice public place for you Jes" he kissed my forehead again and cuddled with my on the couch still groping and feeling me up as I did the same.

We spent the night once more just me and him, little naughty boy fucked me in my sleep cause when I came too my ass was dripping wet and my cunt was splattered with sticky seed. I turned to him see the smiling grin on his face as I went under the covers to clean off his dirt cock. we didn't take showers as we slept in late and got dressed in a hurry to check out. The night prior Zac had taken the car and I had to drive Ben home which I didn't mind was a nice relaxing car ride back with him of course fingering me, ran two red lights and nearly crashed thanks to fingering ever!!!

The following day I called my boyfriend and told him what had happen had he know he said he would have been there to teach Zac a lesson, but he was happy I was sated I sent him pictures and video I had recorded of what had happen those nights, his favorite parts was the moment I had two cocks shoved in me. To this day I havent gotten in touch with Zac he has called me but never left a message. Well its good to be home but sometimes its good to be away from home


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November 16, 2016
lol this happen to me a few weeks back and took a lot of energy out of me during and more so trying to remember every little bit of what happen that night :P i blacked out about 3 times during my story so pieces dont line up :P

November 16, 2016
You have the makings of a good erotic writer. The story is fast paced and sexy, with lots of description. However, your grammar needs work, you switch tenses, leave out words and connecting phrases, and make it hard to follow the story line.

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