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first story so please bear with me here.

So first off understand that I have a boyfriend and our relationship is that of a swinger style. My boyfriend knows I sleep around and encourages that I do with or without his consent no he isn't a cuck he enjoys seeing other men and women use my body to its fullest. And same goes for him I love watching him fuck other girls and tasting their cunts or ass juices off his cock. We don't live together he goes to school and does a full time job but every week we meet up and hang out to catch up. We are not sex fiends we do normal things, but anyways with that being cleared up...

So the start of this month I was feeling rather horny, normal petting and fingering wasn't doing it for me and no guys around me to fool around so I booked a hotel for a couple of days an Embassy Suites up in Tigard. I called up my boyfriend told him how I was feeling and he passed on the message to two of his friends who in the past have been amazing fucks. With that all set up I didn't think two guys would be enough so I posted an ad out on craigslist. It wasn't an amazing ad or had pics, cause any time I added pics mine or something from other sites would get taken down. The ad was simple, "horny girl in a three way wanting a few more to make a mess" really really fucking simple. I took an extra step and went to a local porn shop near me and posted on their bulletin board.

As the night was coming around I drove over to my hotel room and checked in, the lady at the counter was pretty cute she asked if I had any bags that I needed to be brought in and I said no just my backpack. I left her a message that I had two friends coming in with me gave her their names and general description so she could give them my other key, in most cases I would text them and such but I didn't have their phone numbers. Room was on the sixth floor was a suite room so had a separate living room and bed room with a table on the off side to seat five. I unpacked me things from my pack, which isn't much just my laptop an xbox controller some lube a box of condoms in case anyone wanted one, I sure as hell didn't want them to wear one, my phone and some swim wear.

About an hour of just watching tv my boyfriends check in, Ben was a red head, pale skin didn't have freckles, well none where I had seen , he was about 6'1 not built or toned or anything. When he first met me I was in his shower, he was a shy guy but constant visiting and several displays at my boyfriends apartment with him he came out of his shell and got really kinky. Zac was one of those guys, you know alpha dogs that think every girl wants to jump on his dick and would cum buckets for, his ego didn't match the size of his dick but when he isn't trying to hard which is never its just funny cause he can't really hold his load. He is about 5'7 athletic build , does cross training to keep his shape, all that cross training can't make up for his five inch cock. Zac is a black guy again alpha dog in public leader of the crowd but id say pussy whipped.

Anyways we hugs I kissed each of them and they left their things in the living room we sat down on the couch just relaxing, Zac was a bit nervous cause the only times he got to fuck me was when no one else was around. Ben and me were pretty comfortable he was already groping me feeling me up while sponge bob was playing on the tv. Didn't take much for me to get on my knees on the couch and started feeling Ben up I took Zac's hand and placed it on my ass trying to encourage him to participate but to no avail. It kinda of killed the mood so I came up with the idea to go use the pool, I was the only one that had a swim short and top the other guys didn't, something I should have told them I suppose, but regardless we went down to the pool.

The pool was pretty wide and I think eight ft deep at the one end. It was already in use with a family with three boys splashing about the oldest brother possible eighteen, and a few other couples in the hot tub. I paid no mind to anything and just jumped right in with the guys following me. We waded about the pool splashing about one another just having some fun, was really trying to break Zac from his shell, Ben was groping me in the pool feeling me up, I fucking loved it. It got to the point where he was fingering my pussy he wasn't hiding it and I sure as hell wasn't either. I could feel eyes on me and I loved it we were so close together I'm sure someone thought we were fucking already. I turned my head towards Zac and said without whispering, "you gonna be a shy bitch and just watch why did I bother to invite you. " sticking my tongue out at him, It was enough to trigger him as he swam up behind me and sandwiched me between Ben, fingering my asshole stretching it wide letting the water slosh in I grinned looking back between them with Zac not saying a word anymore, cute shy little black man. I was not holding back while I was being fingered in that pool I lifted and bounced my self on their fingers to the point where I nearly came but stopped my self,

The eldest kid in the family staring at me with the two guys, I'm not sure if he had came in the pool but he was breathing pretty hard while his two other brothers were throwing a ball around, the eyes I could feel the eyes staring at me, yep I was too loud but did I care? fuck no. We got our things and just walked casually out, and by casually I mean we fast shammed I think I shit my pants walk out.

When we got back to the room we all started laughing it was funny, "I don't think we are gonna be allowed into that pool again Jes.." Zac mentioned to me as he undressed getting out of his wet clothes and went into the bathroom to grab us some towels. " The Pool I don't think after we are done any of us are gonna be allowed back into this hotel" Ben added in slapping my ass as he took a towel. "Don't let the pool slut in and its gonna have my picture with cum glazed all over it just watch" I said stripping down taking the towel and drying my self off. We all sat on the comfy couch close together just relaxing feeling one another up watching Cartoons, the guys rubbing over my slit in turns teasing my clit while teasing my back entrance as I jerked their dicks off slowly feeling them half way but not fully there. "Was kinda of hoping some more guys would come over...fuck I hope they didn't take my post down.." I brought up looking back at them, "oh so we are not enough for you, why didn't you call Kyle in too.." Zac said, "Cause he is working wont get to see him till Sunday.." In all honesty I would have loved to have him there but sad life for me can't get what I always want.

We turned off the tv for a bit and made the way to the bedroom, both the guys sat on the bed with me between them taking both of their cocks into my hands and at my mercy, Zac who thought every girl wanted his cock, it was quite funny and sad, cause he said he had the biggest cock in his apartment, which is true cause he lives by him self. Zac was about five and half inches and about as thick as a travel size deodorant child size can. The time we had sex I had to do all the work to get any pleasure from him cause he would thrust and I really couldn't feel a thing, sad day for that black guy. Ben was a different story, no he was not nine inches hung he was twelve...that Was a joke. Ben was little over eight inches and thick like an axe spray can. I just found out I have issues with deodorant or a fetish we will see. Both where easily swallowed, my biggest cock to try and swallow belong to a former co worker at the Nike store in Woodburn nine and half fucking inches of fun meat....i Still have his number and he loves to cheat on his girlfriend since she never puts out.

As I got them both worked up we were all getting hungry, me more so than anything, I'm a pig when I have sex I just eat food don't judge me bro. This evil idea had came into my mind just as I was pulling off Zac's cock, "guys I'm hungry lets order some room service.." They looked a bit surprised thinking I had lost interest in them but I shook my head, "well no lets keep fucking hell do it in the living room let them see when they come in" Zac was a bit hesitant but Ben was all for it. We moved to the living room and Zac got first into my pussy, when I felt his hips into my ass I knew I would again have to do all the work and started to bounce and moan while Ben was slapping me with his cock shoving my head into his balls spitting on me letting it run form the back of my neck down my spin and over my asshole. They took their turns when Zac was done Ben wasted no time flipping me onto my back bending my legs back and drilling into my worked on cunt, he gripped on my breasts twisting my nipples in both directions while Zac jerked off over me and fed me his cock, I tried to get him into something more, wanted to rim his chocolate hole but he didn't like the idea, he sure as hell loves eating mine but doesn't like it when I offer to him. Ben nearly came inside of me before he pulled out and Zac got tagged back in, turning me on my side as he laid behind me, I could feel Zac was close to cumming same with Ben. "okay call it in now.." I moaned, Ben called in room service while AC and I where on the floor and I was moaning over and over, I could hear the person on the other end nervous, questioning what was going on. "about thirty minutes.." Ben said. I just smiled knowing what I wanted to do.

The thirty minutes were more like an hour, after the call down I was moved about the final position was on my knees ass up in the air. Zac was the first to cum inside of my cunt, I kept pushing my self back and forth letting him see my ass wiggle on me slapping into him milking his black cock in me, was enough to give me a half tank. Ben came in and didn't waste time drilled into me pulled on my hair slapping my breasts making me look at Zac let him see the expressions on my face. Ben's load was thick and sticky he kept fucking it into me and was making this hot wet sound as his cock continued in me, about ten minutes after Ben had finished in me a knock was on the door , Zac was in his boxers so was Ben with semis, I was still on my knees ass up in the air cum running out of my cunt. "oh the food yea just set the tray on the slut stool she doesn't mind.." Ben said with an evil grin. The person bringing in the food was a new hire or someone that just started, was a young man that never saw a real cunt in person or that wasn't on the internet, he was speechless and blushing as he just came in and set the tray of food on my back, "Now be a good slut stool and don't drop that food you fucking whore.." Ben said slapping my ass as he started to fill out the slip, in that short time the young man groped at my cunt, I made a slightest whimper before hearing, "hey slut stools don't talk so cram it before I stuff you again You go young man have a great evening..." The door closed and the guys took the tray off of me, I immediately rolled onto my side and started laughing shortly following the two guys, "oh my god how did he look did he look confused or nervous!!" I asked Ben and Zac couldn't even answer me they just sat their with their food, "oh I gotta see this ill be right back guys.."

Before any of them had showed up I had set up a camera with my phone plugged in set to record figure id try to keep everything in the living room, as I watched the playback on the room servers face I started to laugh, sadly it got cut off after the tray was set down on me. I got onto my laptop and emailed my boyfriend the clip with a little message. I went back and ate my dinner with my two studs of the evening, not much following after that happen they were spent and I was horny, we kissed and felt one another up now and then but in the end of that day that was the only major sex we had, at night we shared the king size bed with me sandwiched between them I teased them a bit rubbing both their cocks against my wet cunt pushing them together letting them know what I wanted in the morning or afternoon depending on who showed up...

And with that to be continued...might Post the second half once this gets posted :D

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January 1, 2018
Arousing, I can't wait to read part 2 later xxxx

November 11, 2016
Amazing, really got me going

November 6, 2016
Very hot!

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