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Another Update i guess, guh.. lol. Jes end of story thats it

am a video game nerd, used to at one point stream play old video games and some newer ones not so much any more due to low funds,, but maybe i will once i get settled. ANYWAYS

pc gamer, way way too into FF14 now with my boyfriend ,Roy, we are a healer dps combo with me doing the healing and im pretty damn good at it, if you want to do some runs with us we are on Balmung, the rp center of the game!!! :P. besides FF14 i do play some single player games, not so big on shooters, love me rpg and sim games, as well as action adventures. Game right now are Vampire: the masquerade bloodlines, civ 6, skyrim with mods. sims 4 MGS 5. Play my 3ds as well, we both been playing monster hunter gen, incest glaive aerial style ftw :3, always looking for people to do some hunts but we are a pretty bad ass time, aka he does all the work while i pole vault to mount monsters :3.

That being said Roy is my boyfriend so he knows i use this site, we are trying to come up with an orgy lounge in flist, still a work in progress and i love to see him fool around with another girl *bites on her lips* me you will not be disappointed, and we are always looking for another girl to feed his sex needs :3

ever want a list of kinks -copy and paste in full dont click on link will take you to someone else profile

if im not responding to you then really really REALLY good chances are im playing games with my boyfriend or he is just pleasing me while i play or vice versa :3

So even still to this day people message me without asking :P mean is it all that hard to ask, "hey can i pm you?" in chat the answer is yes yes it is. - pretty much how roy treats me almost every night :3 - found this to be hot... - haha red riding hood :3 - another comic i found sexy :3 - how id like to feel and experience one day... - what i used to do in class :P - that face :D - if i saw an ass like that woman or guy...yes...yes i would beg - i dont care that its gay guys but fuck..wish i had that much cum in me while getting fucked and another load in :3 - for every nerds dream :P

I tend to make the orgy room but chances are slim if im there, if i am cool we can talk or whatever. if you come in there looking for an orgy then go fucking find people to fuck :P complaining about a lack of orgy doesn't solve the problems of getting an orgy started

so some may call this an out, but in truth my wall of fame needs to be updated and it needs to go to Roy, my boyfriend. Normally we play games and fool around but ever since last sunday when we met up, was really some of the best sex i had and since then when we meet up online just been well like horny rabbits since this week with little game time and he has made me cum well over 25 times this week not all at once just through the week, sunday alone when we first met nearly 10 times :3 i love you so much bae and dont think anyone can replace that xD

loads of cum in pussy : 14.5
loads of cum in ass : 11
loads of cum down in throat : 7.5
loads of cum shot on my body : 1.5
cocks cleaned off : 8
cum cleaned off the floor : 5
number of beads in ass and current max : 10
times cunt has been fucked inside out (prolapsed) : 3

Zodiac Sign


Favorite Color


Favorite Vacation Spot

Beaches i guess

Favorite TV Shows

game of thrones, just got into it, person of interest

Favorite Movies

Old horror movies

Favorite Actors

umm those people on tv

Favorite Actresses

umm those people in the porns

Favorite Foods

Pizza duh and burgers if i make them

Favorite Music

shit anything thats easy and fun to listen to

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August 1, 2018

Hi, can I PM you?

May 13, 2018

Just Jes, hey lady. I would love to play with you. Really really good at making sure that you will cum. I especially like to tongue fuck both of a woman's tight pussy and move on to the tighter asshole. Get together for a good phone fucking anytime

February 21, 2018

Can I PM you? :)

January 3, 2018

That's cool you play FFXIV. I'm on the Cactaur server Also very cute and hot

December 28, 2017

amazing profile you have! i'm into camming and cumming, if your up for that welshboy22 on skype :)



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