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So this is my first story, and if we havn't chatted a little background might help, but this just happened this weekend, so it's fresh in my mind and I'll post it first. I used to have lots of MMF sex with my college roommate and girls in our apartment. By senior year it got to be pretty regular once we met some girls who were into it, but I havn't done anything like that since college ended and we all moved away... that is until this past weekend. I love group stuff, but it's literally been years since I've gotten any of that kind of action, when you're out of college, you don't have the kind of random, I don't care about you but I see you around all the time, type relationships that make it easy to propose something, if you get shut down, then whatever. Generally the people I socialize with I don't care to wreck those friendships.

Me and some friends went out to the pub Saturday, there was a trivia night and we had to make up our team names, there were 4 guys, 2 girls there (both girls were married, their husbands there) We called the team, "Man Sandwich" since there were a bunch of men there with the girls in the middle of the benches. We had some drinks, obviously, had some fun, then the one couple had to go home since they had kids, the rest of us went to the other couple's place around the corner to drink some more. After a bit, I mentioned that our team name was wrong, at that point, I was just drunk and really didn't have anything too dirty on my mind. I said that it should have been chick sandwich since the girls were in the middle, you call it a pb and j, not a bread sandwich right? I've known the girl there since I was in Kindergarden, and she married a guy from high school, so I know them both really well, and she joked that a chick sandwich sounds better to her.

I quipped in that she'd make a good sandwich. It got kinda awkward for a moment after that, you know, when you basically tell the room that you want to fuck a girl, her husband right beside you. He just shrugged and said that we won't know until we make one. Her eyes got so wide, you could tell how nervous and excited she was, but since we were just talking around the bush in sandwich terms, it was all kind of cryptic, then the third guy, who was pretty drunk broke the ice, just whipped out his cock, and said "Let's fuck then" I've never been so hard so fast, so we went over to the couch from the Island in the kitchen, her husband seemed to love offering her up to us.

We probably started around 11, ended in exhaustion around 4. She was such a freak (I already knew that, you learn things about friends after 25 years) and would let us do anything. For the first session, we basically dp'd her and the odd man out would fuck her face, she had no problem with ATM, her ass had no problem taking us either, clearly she got fucked there often. Her husband and I came first, he was on the couch, her riding him, I was behind her, we were double vag, I slipped out of her ass and got in there by accident, but fuck she was so wet and it was so good, we kept going. While we fucked her pussy, I had a fist full of her hair, holding her for the third guy, but as I was cumming, I couldn't help it and started shoving her head down on him hard, she kinda threw up on his cock, but just licked it up and told him to just fuck her as her husband and I got out of her, so much cum all over us.

She sucked it off us while the other guy fucked her, then he told me to go with him for a sec as he walked over to the bathroom. He has a bottle of viagara and said we could have this go all night, soooo, yup, that's what happened. I cant count how many times I came, but I think we almost only came in her pussy or ass, it was such a mess, it was great. It got more social and fun after that, cause lets be honest, you cant actively fuck for 5 hours. People would just go to the kitchen, grab a drink, cocks erect as fuck from the viagara, me and the other guy had never taken it, but damn its a great drug. It was kinda funny, but so exciting, standing in the guy's kitchen with him, I've known him forever, naked, cocks hard, pubes matted from cum and squirt, grabbing a drink watching his wife get fucked on the couch.

Sooooo, that was Saturday, such a great time, and a bit of a reminder of my crazy past. Interestingly enough, the husband and I are in sales, so we travel a bit, he said we'd have to coordinate some times we were in the same city at the same time, so it looks like we're going to go out and pick up some dirty sluts sometime. I didn't see this kind of thing happening again, but damn, looks like I might have more stories in the future. I don't think they'll top this one though.

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