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Im just a normal guy, but better because I have a kickass beard. I have to have a beard though, because without one, i look like a very tall child. Im about 6'4, green eyes, and a fairly largish build.

If I'm online, sometimes that means I just want to chat, sometimes that means I just want to fuck, Or most of the time it means Im (insert banned reference here) off my ass and just kind of wandered in here . Lots of times is a combination of all of them, but it's usually easy to figure out why I'm here once we're chatting.

I love girls with lots of tattoos. I cant explain it, tattooed babes like Christy Mack really turn me on. So if you're a hot chick covered in tats, we will get along greatly.

I dont share pics of myself on this site, i might share some if i get to know someone enough. So yes, the obvious fake pic on my profile, which shows up as like the second option when you google image search "beard suit" is not me. But you figured that out all by yourself, right?

I can't stress this enough, if you're one of those who gets offended that i complimented your gorgeous tits (you know, the ones you put up on the internet for all to see) I'll just go ahead and block myself from you, because you're the one who wants attention because of your boobs, but doesnt at the same time, because you just want to confuse my boner like that.

All that aside, lets have some fun! Ill dress up like Boba Fett, and you can be a sexy crayon, or something to that matter, and we can have one hell of a time ;)

And no, im not really from Antarctica, so you all can stop asking me if i am. I was just amazed that it was even an option.

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