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[[ This is a three part series exploring themes of impregnation and cuckolding. ]]

Lauren heard the front door open and she looked up from where she was washing the dishes. That was Trevor home from work. She sighed, not looking forward to the tension that had been hanging between them for the past week . . . ever since he'd received his report from the doctor.

They had been trying for a child, desperately, for two years. Everything was prepared, ready, waiting . . . but their dreams had been crushed last Monday when Trevor discovered he was sterile. They thought about adopting, about expensive medical procedures, but really they were out of options. Until Trevor suggested something crazy. And what was even crazier was Lauren had agreed to it. Even now she couldn't believe what her husband had been doing all week – asking his friends to help knock her up.

She'd said no at first – worried about having a child that bore the genes of only one of them – but Trevor insisted that he would raise it as his own. That he just wanted her to be happy. And how how she did want a baby.

But it didn't matter. Trevor had been asking around all week and no one would take him up on it. Even his best friend, John, had said no. He was getting married in June and he didn't think his fiancée would approve of him siring a child on another woman. And today was the deadline, at least for this month. Her fertile period began today – Friday – and ended Monday. They could maybe try again next month, but Lauren wasn't sure she could stand much more of this. No, today was the deadline. They would adopt a child and love it dearly, but she had missed her window to have a child of her own.

A tears prickled at the edge of her blue eyes but she blinked them away, listening for her husband's footsteps in the hallway. But what she heard made her bolt upright and whirl around. There were definitely two sets of feet making their way toward her.

“Trevor?” she called out hesitantly. She was relieved when she saw him round the corner – at least there weren't two strangers in her house – but she didn't recognize the other man.

“Hey honey,” Trevor said, stepping forward and kissing her cheek softly. “How was your day?”

“Fine,” she said shortly, eyes raking over the stranger. “Who is this?”

“This, uh, this is my boss,” Trevor said, looking a little nervous. “Lauren, this is Marcus. Marcus, this is my wife, Lauren.”

The stranger – Marcus – stepped forward and held out his hand. Lauren grasped it, surprised at its rough strength, but instead of shaking it, Marcus bent down into a bow and touched his lips to her fingers. Lauren giggled nervously and pulled her hand away, stepping backward.

“I am so sorry to hear of your misfortune,” Marcus said – his voice deep and rich, and his words dispelling any confusion as to why he was here. Lauren gulped, looking him over. He was a big man, definitely breaking six feet, and Lauren remembered now Trevor's stories of how long the man spent in the gym. It certainly showed, but an even tan and those rough hands spoke of hours outside as well. His hair was a dark chocolate hue and his eyes were a deep green. His smile was disarming, and she found herself relaxing under his gaze.

“Thank you,” Lauren said, glancing at Trevor, “Trevor didn't mention he was bringing a guest – can I get you a drink?”

Marcus nodded, smiling indulgently, “Oh my apologies, he didn't have much warning himself,” he paused here to laugh, the sound echoing around the kitchen.”I heard your husband discussing his woes with John and I … hoped I could be of service.” He smiled again and Lauren couldn't get the image of a predator out of her head – but she turned and bent to the fridge, grabbing three beers.

They moved to the dining room then, sitting at the table. “I'm sorry,” Lauren said, “I'm just not sure this is going to work ... we were planning on someone we know ...” Marcus waved his hand.

“I understand,” he said, “but I'm not unfamiliar with this task. You two are not alone in your problems,” he chuckled at the look of shock on Lauren's face. He dug through the bag he had brought with him and retrieved a folder with medical reports. “As you can see, my own seed is quite potent. I donate regularly to sperm banks, but I have sired five children in this way, with unfortunate couples like yourselves.

Lauren looked over the papers hesitantly, unable to believe they were discussing this at all, let alone with facts and figures like a business transaction. “What do you get out of it?” she asked suddenly, admittedly suspicious.

Marcus smiled again – that predatory look. “I enjoy helping people, Lauren. And if I get to have some fun in the process … well, it's a win-win.”

Lauren looked to her husband. Trevor was sitting across the table from her, trying to look pleasant, but she could tell this was humiliating for him. Bringing his boss – already his superior – into his home to lay with his wife, to plant his seed. He would be raising his boss' child. Could he handle that?

She turned to the last page in the folder and she couldn't help a smile from tugging at her lips. There were five pictures there, of beautiful, healthy babies in the arms of beaming mothers and fathers. Everyone looked so happy … she wanted that so badly, she needed it. She felt her innards twitch at the thought as she imagined her belly swelling, and then of the quiet cries of a baby. Her baby.

Beside her, Marcus grinned. He knew he had her convinced – he'd learned after the first that the pictures were key. He glanced across the table at his employee, reveling in his discomfort, watching him nervously sip his drink. This would be the first of Marcus' employees to raise one of his children but he hoped it wouldn't be the last. He looked forward to being able to ask after the child's health, to constantly remind Trevor how weak he had been, how he had needed a stronger man's seed to bring the gift of life. Marcus smiled in anticipation of it, wondering how long it would take Trevor to quit his job, unable to suffer the humiliation.

He tore himself from his thoughts, knowing he would revel in them later. For now, the task at hand was far more important. He stood from the table, satisfied with the way Lauren's eyes followed him.

“Trevor said your fertile period begins today, Lauren?” he asked. She nodded, soft auburn curls bouncing. “Then we have four days, we'd better get started, hm?” His eyes trailed over her form appreciatively, looking at the toned legs peeking out from the black skirt, silk blouse draped over an ample chest – he would guess a D cup – and her soft red lips. He was disappointed that, given the nature of his task, he wouldn't be getting to watch her lick his seed off her lips … maybe when all was said and done.

Lauren looked confused. “Four days? No, we just thought the once … if it happens, it happens,” She said, gesturing to Trevor.

Marcus shook his head. “No, Lauren. We will only do this if you are serious about it. Your fertile period lasts four days, so to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant, well … we should use those four days.” He smiled comfortingly. “I'm sorry Lauren – don't you want this? Trevor lead me to believe ...” Lauren cut him off, as he knew she would.

“No. I do. I absolutely do,” she said determination in her tone. She thought about his words. What did he mean use all four days? Was he going to come over every night? Was he going to stay the whole weekend? What was she agreeing to? “Okay,” she said, voice wavering with uncertainty, “four days.”

Trevor looked like he was going to say something, but he thought better of it, taking another long drink of his beer – wondering exactly how he'd been coerced into this. One moment, he was telling his best friend that he'd given up hope, the next he was escorting Marcus into his home. He watched the big man now, the way his eyes ran over his wife, how she returned the gaze. He just kept telling himself it was for the best.

“Well, shall we?” Marcus asked – that honey voice sliding over Lauren's ears. “Shall we what?” she responded automatically, shocked. She didn't feel ready for this, but she became suddenly conscious that her panties were damp already. But how could that have happened? They were just talking …

Marcus put away the folder and took Lauren's hand, pulling her gently to her feet. He swore he could almost hear her hummingbird heartbeat. He smiled and pushed her back gently against the table, enjoying her open, innocent expression. Finally, Lauren caught on and sat back on the edge of the table. Marcus spread her legs gently with his hands and knelt down in front of her to inspect his new vessel.

“Not on my table, mate,” Trevor said, suddenly finding his voice as he figured out what was happening. Marcus chuckled and looked over at him from between Lauren's legs. “The height of this table is ideal, though – it's the perfect leverage for insemination. Are you serious about his or not?”

Trevor bit his tongue, feeling angry but unable to express it. He knew it was irrational – this guy was doing them a favor, he didn't need to get so upset over it. “Yeah,” he said finally, “yeah I am, uh, carry on.”

Marcus smiled and reached for Laren's panties, pulling them down over her feet. He spread her legs and pushed her skirt up to her hips, letting out an appreciative coo. “Nicely trimmed,” he commented with a smile as she leaned back to lay on the table, “and wet already. We can get started right away.”

He stood swiftly and undid his belt, enjoying his position standing over her. He had barely met this woman she was opening her legs willingly to him, allowing him to plant his seed in her belly. He smiled that predatory grin, feeling Trevor's eyes on him as he slid his pants and boxers off in a smooth motion, his already-erect cock springing free. He watched Lauren's eyes and was gratified to see them widen as she caught sight of the thick, 10-inch rod. He wondered how big her husband was. Given her reaction, he certainly had him beat.

Marcus moved forward, placing the head of his cock against her warm wetness. He looked at Trevor and was pleased to see the man looking profoundly uncomfortable. “Will you be joining us?” Marcus asked him with a grin as Lauren let out an involuntary whimper, shivering against the cock at her entrance.

Trevor tried to smile and shake his head. “No, I'm just going to see if there's a game on ...” he said and disappeared into the living room. The television turned on a moment later and Marcus grinned. They would see if Trevor could keep his concentration on a football game while his wife squealed in the background.

Marcus turned his gaze back down to Lauren, pleased to see that her cheeks were flushed. “Would you undo your blouse for me?” he cooed, wanting to know how far he had her under his control. He pulled his own shirt off as well, tossing it onto the floor.

Lauren looked uncertain. “It's not really necessary, is it?” she asked – already embarrassed by how wet she was, by the moan she was holding back. Marcus shook his head in agreement.

“No, I just thought you might be more comfortable,” he said, green eyes glinting, “It's about to get very warm in here.”

Lauren thought for a moment while Marcus loomed over her, and she found that she did indeed want to take off her blouse – but perhaps not just for the temperature. She undid the buttons with shaking hands and then shrugged out of it – feeling his quivering cock pushed against her entrance the whole time.

When that was done, Marcus placed his hands on the insides of her thighs, holding her steady as he thrust gently forward, holding Lauren's blue gaze. Her eyes widened at first, but as the thick head of his shaft pushed past her lips, she relaxed, making a small appreciative noise. He took it slow, reveling in the feel of her warmth wrapping around him. She was tight and he wondered if Trevor was even smaller than his original estimates – or if he simply didn't take care of his wife often. No matter, for the next four days she belonged to Marcus and he would see that she got the kind of attention she deserved.

His cock twitched at this exquisite thought, and he pushed further in to Lauren, listening to her breath catch. He backed out a little, and then thrust in again – repeating this, going further each time, listening to the cooing beneath him.

Finally, Marcus felt the head of his cock butt up against her cervix and Lauren squirmed under him. He chuckled and held his cock there, pushing against her for a moment before backing out again and beginning to thrust in earnest.

“Is that alright?” he asked her softly, leaning over her, listening to her mewling breaths.

“Mhmm ...” she responded, obviously trying to be quiet

“What's that?” he asked again, making the next thrust a little more forceful. He got the desired result – Lauren arched her back and squealed a little, nodding.

“Yes, yes that's good,” she said, her voice husky. This was followed by a moan as Marcus increased his pace, subtly rewarding her for her obedience. “So good ...” she repeated, and his smile broadened.

He moved his hands to her waist to hold her firmly in place as he thrust in and out of her slick hole, letting out a small groan of his own at the pleasure of her tightness gripping him. His thrusts became harder and the small yelps from Lauren every time he hit her cervix rang like music in the air, mixing with the slaps of skin every time they met, the squelch of fluids, his own grunts. It was like a symphony to Marcus, and he was gratified to note the television being turned up a few more notches. Clearly, Trevor wasn't enjoying the sound of his wife being bred in the next room.

Lauren felt lost in a sea of ecstasy. It was true that her husband couldn't compare to Marcus in size – but it was more than that. Lauren knew she was ovulating, and had see this man's sperm count. She was optimistic about conceiving in a way that she hadn't been in months. Her vision was filled with images of a swelling belly, of leaking breasts … Marcus' cock was almost painful, drilling into her, but it was worth it for the gift of a child. She happily ground her hips into the man – still a stranger to her, really – and moaned out, feeling an orgasm building far more quickly than she was used to.

Marcus began to feel his climax building and made no attempt to stifle it. He wanted to show the woman a good time, but the end goal was to fill her womb as many times as possible with his seed. He had all weekend to prove that he was the best lay she'd ever have.

His grunts grew in volume and he was pleased to hear Lauren's do the same as they ground together, pounding frantically. He pounded faster and faster, until finally the building wave of his climax broke with a massive groan. He slammed his thick, spasming cock up against Lauren's cervix and held it there. She instinctively wrapped her legs around him and pulled him close, moaning with instense pleasure as she felt rope after rope of warm cum spurting into her womb. So taken was she with the sensation of Marcus' seed pouring into her that her own orgasm peaked at that moment. She bucked her hips and ground against him, calling out as the waves of ecstasy washed over her.

When their orgasms had subsided, they still held their position for a full minute, panting, Lauren whimpering every now and then with pleasure as another aftershock laced through her veins. Finally, Marcus removed his cock from her, gently though she groaned at the sensation. He smiled, looking down at her sweaty, half-clothed form, now brimming with his cum. He lifted her hips as he left her, being careful not to let a drop of the precious liquid leak out of her.

“Bend your legs, honey,” he told her, “hold your knees.” She obeyed numbly, barely able to form coherent thoughts after the torrent of pleasure she had just endured. “Hold that position for a few minutes, alright? We want to make sure it all stays in there.” She nodded and gave him a small smile.

He picked his pants up off the floor and stepped into them, but he left his shirt where it was and grabbed his half-consumed beer from the table.

“Thank you,” Lauren whispered to him unexpectedly, and he patted her head, leaving her there curled up on her kitchen table while he went to go watch the rest of the football game with Trevor.

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