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[[Warning: The following story contains some elements of reluctance/coercion]]

"This is unacceptable!"

The shout came from the front desk and I looked up from my laptop, startled. I hadn't heard the elevator or the doors -- how did someone sneak up on me so easily? I stood, straightening my hotel name tag, and exited the back room -- wondering what all the fuss was about.

There was a man standing at the front counter in nothing but a pair of shorts, his face red with rage. He looked like he was maybe in his 40s, and I remembered him checking in the previous day -- Mr. Brooks. He was in one of the suites, some sort of important businessman. The staff had been instructed to make sure he stayed happy, and we had apparently failed.

"I'm sorry Mr. Brooks, what seems to be the problem?" I asked, all profession and poise.

"This! All of this!" He shouted, waving his arm, gesturing -- in effect - to the entire hotel.

"I'm sorry sir -- what's going on?" I asked, a little scared at this point. I was new at the hotel, and had never seen a guest so angry.

"This whole hotel is an utter disaster," he hissed. "The room is too hot, the air conditioner doesn't work, the T.V. Is shit, the bed is hard. I am in a SUITE for god's sake -- I shudder to think what your normal rooms look like!"

My eyes widened as he spoke. As far as I knew, nothing he said was true. Furthermore, he hadn't bothered to ask for help with any of it until 2 in the morning. I did my best to look polite and concerned. "I'm so sorry, sir. I'd be glad to move you rooms, if you like. The fourth floor might be a little cooler at least."

This didn't seem to appease him at all.

"What?" he demanded, "What- you're going to give me another shitty room to make up for the first one being shitty?" He laughed at this - "No, no. Tell you what. You're going to refund my room, and buy me another room at a different hotel -- alright?"

I shook my head, flustered, "I-I'm sorry sir, I'm not authorized to do that. You can call my general manager tomorrow, she might be able to refund the room."

Before I was half finished with my sentence, Mr. Brooks was shaking his head, his hands balling into fists. "No, no. This wont do," his angry gaze met my frightened stare, and then he began to look down, his eyes raking over my body, taking in my short blonde hair, pale skin and DD chest. A shadow of a smirk played at the corner of his mouth.

"You can be sure I'll call your manager tomorrow. I'll tell her how rude you were -- how unhelpful. See if you keep your job, eh!" he laughed, pleased with his malice. "I'll tell her how you ignored me, told me to suck it up and sent me back to my room."

My heart shot into my throat, pulse thundering, "But sir, that's not what I meant at all! I didn't say those things!"

His smile was a wicked thing as he answered, "Who is she going to believe?" He laughed, beginning to walk away from the counter.

I was panicking, desperate. My job was in danger, for something that wasn't my fault. Pinpricks of tears sprang to my eyes as I called after him,

"Wait!" I said. "Please, tell me what I can do to make it right." Later I would look back on this moment, wondering if I had any inkling of what was to come.

He stopped and turned, a ghost of a smile playing on his lips. "Hmm. Like what?"

I stammered, "W-well I can move you up the the fourth floor, like I said. And, uh. I can come make sure everything's working... maybe find you another mattress pad?"

He was shaking his head, but the rage and malice was deflating, he was clearly tired. "No, I'm sure I wont sleep now. Got any coffee?"

My eyes brightened and I bounced a little, pleased that I could finally do something for him, "Oh yes! Lots!"

"What kind?"

"Um, I'm not sure. Let me go see."

"No, no -- you're incompetent. Let me come back there and see." Okay, so he wasn't all smiles and cheer, but he at least seemed fairly harmless by now. I didn't even think twice about letting him into the office and into the back room where the guest room supplies were kept.

I opened the drawer with the coffee in it and stepped back for him to look through it. As he moved in front of me, I suddenly noticed the large lump in his shorts. My heart sped up again, and I was suddenly very aware of the fact that I was the only employee in the entire hotel. It was a slow, winter night. No one else would be in for another 3 hours, and most of the guests were sound asleep.

He pawed through the coffee for a minute, but grunted his disapproval. "No, no. All awful. Looks like you're going to be out of a job." He tsked.

"No, please!" I begged.

He glared at me for a moment, finally asking "How serious are you about keeping this job?"

I stammered, "V-very, Mr. Brooks. I need this job."

"And you'll do anything to keep it?"


"Alright then." he smiled, "How about this." I stared in shock as Mr. Brooks stuck his hand down his shorts, pulling out a massive, thick cock. "If you take care of this for me, I will call your manager tomorrow and tell her what a great help you were. Alright?"

I was in shock, staring open mouthed at his gigantic member. I had to be 10 inches long or more, and so thick- with the tip glistening in the light of the back room. "I -- you want me to -- Uh." I stammered. Whatever I had been expecting, it wasn't this.

"C'mon, on your knees," he commanded and I obeyed dumbly, sinking down onto the rough carpet to where my face was level with his huge cock. I knelt there for a moment, looking nervously between the head and his face, expecting him to tell me it was a joke. His eyes were hard though, and he looked annoyed. Gingerly, I touched my lips to the tip, amazed at how warm it was. As I hesitantly parted my lips, he pushed forward, sliding into my mouth. "That's a good girl," he cooed, holding it there for a moment. I ran my tongue over the large rod in my mouth, giving it an experimental suck. He grunted his approval and moved back slowly, pulling it out. The reprieve was short lived, however, as he pushed into my mouth again. I closed my lips around him, but he pushed farther this time -- thrusting forward until I gagged and pulled away, coughing.

"Oh no, we can't have that," he muttered, winding a fist into my hair and dragging me back in place, "Did I tell you to stop?"

"No, I'm sorr-" he cut me off, shoving his cock back into my mouth. He was rougher this time, holding my head as I gagged on all 10 inches of him. He withdrew partway- just enough for me to catch my breath, before shoving back in, fucking my throat with short, strong thrusts.

"There we go, just like that," he said appreciatively. He balled his other fist in my hair and began to thrust faster, pushing as deep as he could into my throat, again and again as I looked up at him, gagging. My eyes began to water, but this didn't seem to faze him. Faster and faster he went, banging against the back of my throat with each thrust. Eventually I got into the rhythm of it, moving my tongue and sucking in all the right places.

He began to groan, quickening his thrusts and making them more shallow -- this allowed my tongue a little more movement and I began to flick it across the tip every time he pulled back. His groans grew loader and his thrusts more frantic, "Oh, good girl," he gasped, and with a final grunt, and a straining thrust he began to cum, ropes of semen spraying into my mouth and down my throat.

I tried to release him then, but he seized my hair more firmly, holding me in place and demanding that I swallow.

I obligingly sucked as his cock twitched, guzzling every last drop of his cum.

When he was finally finished, he let go of my hair and let me pull away. I wiped my mouth and gazed up from my place on the floor, unable to believe what just happened.

"What an obedient little slut," he chortled. "Yes, you may keep your job. That was quite good -- your first time?" I nodded, still speechless as I shakily got to my feet.

"I'll have that new room, on the fourth floor you said? Yes, that will be nice."

He seemed downright cheery then, as I switched him in the computer and made him new key cards. At some point he realized his cock was still hanging out and returned it to his shorts, as if he was sad to see it go.

"I'm here all week, you know," he said with a grin as I handed him his new key. "Perhaps you can come, ah, help me again?"

I blushed and looked down, "Have a good night, sir."

He chuckled, walking away.

"Oh, I will. I will."

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