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This event happens when a friend of yours invite us over for dinner at her place. You haven’t seen me in a while and you wanted some time with me alone, but you also don’t want to say no either. So you say yes and we plan on going.

However, your thoughts throughout the day drift away from the dinner and more onto making love to me. Your thoughts drift onto the feeling of my lips kissing yours, my hands touching every inch of your body and my tongue licking every sensitive spot on your body. While you think of these images your hands caress your boobs, hardening your nipples, and you start getting wet between your legs. These thoughts, which consume your mind at some points almost make you rush to a secluded and quiet spot so you can masturbate and cum, but you hold off for now.

Then you decide to take a quick shower before I arrive. You think about how I was preparing in my house and how I would have showered, soaping up my body from head to toe. You imagined me soaping up my arms, chest, ass and cock. You wonder, while starting to get you body wet under the warm and steamy water, if I was thinking about you showing during my shower and if my cock was getting hard at the image. You also wonder if it did get hard if I jerked it off or would I wait.

Finally after soaping up your body, you begin to rinse the soap from your hair, face, neck, boobs, stomach and down in between your legs. Your hands send thrills up and down your body as you touch yourself and further exciting your body and sending your sexual thoughts into overdrive. You can’t take it any more and you need a release, but I wouldn’t arrive for a while longer. So under the hot water you start touching your boobs while the rivulets of water run over your sensitive skin. You lightly begin to play with your nipples, imagining my hands over your body instead of yours. You then begin to squeeze them lightly at first and then a little rougher as your excitement grows. You start moaning a little at the sensations of your boobs being squeezed.

You then start running your middle finger over your lips, not just to make sure it’s wet, but to feel the touch of your finger on your sensitive lips. You start sucking your finger into your hot mouth for a few minutes while still kneading your hard-tipped boobs. Lying back on the floor of the tub, with the water spraying your body, you lightly run your finger tip down your body towards your pussy. Your finger just lightly touches your clit, sending a shiver of pleasure through your body, while you continue down towards the hot furnace between your legs. You lightly slide the tip of your finger into your wet pussy and then again and again. Each time your finger gets deeper and deeper into your pussy. You start thrusting back against your finger when you get in all the way inside you. You moan and groan out loud at the sensations of your finger inside you and how you’re gripping it and pulsing on it.

You then take and put two fingers up inside you. Causing you to buck against them wildly. You feel close to release... your cum boiling inside you as your pussy tightens around your probing fingers. You take out your fingers and start rubbing your clit. You start slow, but then move quickly as your release is imminent. Your legs tense, you arch your back, spread your legs wider and your fingers are rubbing your clit as fast as you can. You shout out an “Oh my God!” as you cum. After what seems like forever of wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure radiating from your pussy cumming, you take and bring your cum soaked fingers to your lips and suck on them… tasting the sweetness of your pussy and cum.

Realizing that you only have a few minutes before I arrive, you quickly dry off and begin getting dressed. Underwear (lacy and sexy), skirt and a loose top (you consciously forget to put on your bra, knowing that it’ll be one less barrier for me to get through to get to your boobs). You just grab your purse when you hear me pull up in the driveway and you rush out and into the car. You kiss me deeply snaking your tongue in my mouth and I can taste your cum on your breath, exciting me and my cock starts getting hard. You know this and glance down seeing my cock start to tent in my pants.

As we start driving you notice that we’re taking a scenic route through a quiet area. You’ve been aching to have my hard cock and your pussy is just flooding with the thoughts of you fucking me. Knowing we have a few minutes, you ask me to pull into an abandon house and pull into the back where no one can see. After I stop the car you grab me and kiss me fiercely. You pull back and say to me: “Fuck me! Here and now!”

I of course want to and we get out of the car, you pull off your panties and throw them aside and you sit on the hood with your legs spread showing me your hot, wet, pussy which is begging to be filled with my cock. You see me smile at the erotic and downright pornographic sight in front of me. You practically rip off your top, exposing your hard-tipped boobs to me and the air. You see me undo my pants and expose my thick, long, hard cock dripping with pre-cum. You smile at it like a hunter smiling at her prey knowing you’re about to get royally fucked.

I walk up in between your legs, my cock bouncing against your pussy and you gasp. I lean over and kiss you, nibble your ear and start licking my way down your neck towards your boobs. You gasp and moan when my hot mouth wraps around one of your nipples and begins to suck it. Knowing that time is short and your pussy is in need you just cry out, “Oh God, fuck me please!”

I hear your desire and begging need and line my cock up with your pussy and in one thrust I bury myself in you. You cry out in ecstasy and pleasure as my cock fills your over-heated sex. You begin to immediately buck into me, forcing me as deep into to you as possible. I sense this and start pounding into you hard and rough. We fuck… and fuck… and fuck… and fuck each other’s brains out. You hear me gasping and telling you that “You’re pussy feels so good around my cock! It’s hot and wet!” and you scream back “Oh God yes! It feels good fucking me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”. We moan and groan and whisper dirty words into each other’s ears.

Finally you feel your pussy getting close to cumming. “Oh God, I’m getting close. I’m going to cum all over you!” you shout. I feel how hot and tight you’re getting and I start thrusting harder into you and then, knowing how to send you over, I lean over and suck in a hard nipple. You wrap your legs around, me, squeeze me into you and cry out, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”. You hold me while convulse and twitch on my very deeply impaled cock. After a few moments you settle out and lean back again the hood. You smile at me and ask me “How do you want me to make you cum?” I smile and say, “I’ll keep doing you and I want to cum in your mouth and watch you swallow me.”

You smile and begin thrusting back into me, telling me you’re ready. I start quickly thrusting, my release very close. To help me you start talking, “You going cum in my mouth and give me a huge load to swallow, huh?” I nod and watch your boobs bounce as I’m getting closer. You sense this and smile suggestively at me, “Come on… give me that huge hot load!”

With that I moan, “I’m going to cum!” and you quick put your mouth around my soaking wet cock and start sucking the cum out of me. You feel several blasts of hot cum blast into your mouth at the same time of tasting for the second time that day your cum on my cock. You moan as you feel me pleasure myself in your mouth and begin to swallow the load you begged for. After a few moments you start sucking my cock and getting it clean of my cum and your pussy juice. You savor every lick and taste before giving it one more kiss.

You stand up and put your top back on and say, “That was one hot fuck! We’ll have to do that later and longer!”. We get back into the car, your panties completely forgotten on the ground and head over to your friend’s house. We pull in and quickly I kiss you deeply and grope your boobs under your top. You chuckle and say “Down boy! There will be plenty of time for that later.”

We go into your friend’s place and sit down and start chatting about everything happening. Every once and a while she’d grab us a drink, appetizer or refill and while she was gone I’d touch your boobs or kiss you or slide a hand up your skirt and rub your clit quickly. You chuckle and look at me with mock anger and a horny look and say “Later!”.

At one point you get up to help your friend in the kitchen leaving me on the couch. As a little subtle move, you put your hand on my thigh while getting up and “slipped” and grabbed my cock through my pants. You feel how hard I am and your pussy starts getting wetter. You wink at me and know that I’m watching your ass move as you walk away from me.

You walk into the kitchen and see her bending over looking in the fridge and quickly admired her ass in her jeans. You quickly shake your head, knowing that you’re just overly horny and, not that you never thought of doing that, you’re here to help her out. After a few minutes of prepping this and that, your friend leans in and conspiratorially whispered, “You got laid before you got here didn’t you?”

You looked at her shocked and then she chuckles, “Well?”

You smile, blush and nod, “Yes. It was a quickie, but God was it hot!”

She smiles, “I knew it!” she shots a quick glance at the closed door, “And…?”

“And what?” you reply, knowing full well she wanted details.

“What did he do to you?”

You smile and lean close, noticing that her top was a little lower than you first glanced and how her boobs were slightly more exposed that you first thought. The sight of her boobs sends a new rush of wetness to your pussy and sudden desire to know what it would be like to see them.

“He took me at the old Smith house,” you replied licking your lips, “It was amazing!”

“I bet,” she said, putting her hand on her chest just above her cleavage, making you notice her boobs even more.

You start helping again, occasionally risking glances at her. You’ve never thought about her this way, but suddenly your minds begins to wander and get excited. You see her bend over at one point and you are able to see right down her blouse. Your eyes widen as you see her boobs and notice she’s barely wearing a bra. You suddenly sense your nipples stiffening and curse yourself for not wearing a bra to cover their hardness.

She stands back up and notices your blatant staring and smiles at you. You smile and chuckle, before both of you are laughing.

“Ooops,” she says, sending you both into more laughter.

You turn back to rising the lettuce. Your thoughts are confused. You’ve know her for years and been friends for a while. Could she? Would she? You wonder why you’re thinking about this, but you remember a fantasy we had talked about and you wondered if this could be the woman. Would she be willing? Open to having sex with you and me.

You decide to test her, “How’d you know I had sex before coming here?”

She looked at you and approached you. She stood closer than usual and said, “You smell of sex and plus…” she reaches out and runs a finger on your neck and shows you a glob of my cum that must have shot out before you could catch it, “… you have his cum on you.” You stare in wonder at the next move when she takes it and puts it in her mouth and sucks the cum off her finger. “Mmmm, very good,” she says, “Better when fresh though.”

That movement and action sent a massive flood of wetness to your pussy and ignited it beyond boiling.

“That was so sexy,” you whispered.

She smiled and nodded, “I know. I love to swallow to you know. Never had a man complain about that part of getting his cock sucked.”

I’m sitting in the den listening to the chuckling and wondering what might be taking so long so I get up and go to the door to look. I see just enough through the crack to see her run her finger on your neck, take the glob of cum and lick it off her finger. My cock got instantly hard.

“Does he shoot a lot?” she asked.

Not at all offended by this question you lean in and whisper, “A mouthful at least.”

“Mmmmm,” she replies smiling.

You look down at her boobs. You see her breathing has quickened and that her nipples are poking through the fabric. You have an immediate urge to want to roll your tongue around them. You look back up at her and you see her smile at your obvious glance.

“You like them don’t you?” she said.

You nod and look at her, “We’re friends though…”

“That’s okay,” she says, putting a hand on your arm, “I’ve wondered occasionally what it would be like to kiss you.”

You take that as a sign of willingness and lean in and lightly kiss her lips. The response is tentative and unsure from both of you, but soon begins to get more comfortable and passionate. Soon you’re both taking turns delving into the other’s mouth with your tongues. You feel her start to run her hands up and down your arms and you start pressing in closer to her out of reflex.

I can’t believe what I’m seeing from the other side of the door. You and your friend going at it. Full tongue and passion. I start rubbing my now achingly hard cock through my pants, semi-jerking myself off at the sight of the two of you.

As you’re pressing into her while your kissing, you feel her boobs press into yours and you get even more excited. You wrap your hands around her back and hold her to you, savoring the feeling of another woman’s body against yours.

She backs away suddenly and glances to the door, “Wait! What about him?”

You kiss her quick, “Don’t worry about him, he’s probably watching anyway. Besides, I’ve seen you look at him and I know he’s looked at you. So between the three of us looking at each other I’m not worried about it.”

“Okay,” was all she managed to get out before your lips were covering hers again. This time though things were heating up more. You moved from kissing her lips to her cheeks, ears and neck. You smelled the subtle scent of her perfume on her neck and start nibbling her causing her to almost purr.

Then she takes over and begins to start kissing your face, ears, neck and down your chest. She looks up at you, “Are you sure you want to continue?” she asks almost knowing the answer would not be a negative one.

You nod and look down at her face almost between your boobs, “Please don’t stop. You lips feel good on my skin.”

She renews her kissing your neck and upper chest. Knowing that I’m watching you and knowing that a threesome was something we mentioned before you ask, “You want an audience? I bet he’s jerking his cock on the other side of that door right now.”

She moans and kisses the lowest part of your top.

“I bet you like to have him watch us and jerk his cock off at the sight right?” you asked.

She chuckled and nodded, “Sure!”

“Come on,” you smile and take her hand and lead her to the door, “I know you’re watching us and we’re coming out!” you shout.

I’m on the other side of the door, by this time, my cock is out and I’m pumping it furiously at the sight of you girls making out. Hearing your pronouncement I stand back from the door, still with cock in hand, wait for you.

You both walk out and see me pumping myself in front of you. You both gasp at the sight, you gasp at the sight of how large I am and she gasped at the first sight of my naked cock in front of her.

“Wow!” you exclaim, “Some one’s excited!”

My cock twitches in front of you and her and you wink at your friend and lead her towards the couch. You sit down next to each other and start off where you left off. But this time you start moving your hands not only to her arms, but her exposed skin. She whimpers a bit as you lightly trace the top of her blouse and feel your finger dip into her cleavage before it continues the journey.

You then feel her hand resting on your thigh and begin to work its way up, past your hip, around to your belly before slowly sliding up to touch your boob. You moan into her mouth as she lightly squeezes you hard nipple and you press your chest into her hand in a signal that you enjoyed that touch. You’re hand almost reactively goes to her boob and begins to play with it. Gently at first, but then a bit harder you grope and caress the boob which its nipple grew hard due to your ministrations of it. She groans at the touch and pulls her top off, exposing the white lacy bra that barely covers her boobs. You look as see the deep cleavage, the hard dark nipples behind the white lace and you lean in and lightly kiss and lick the slopes and cleavage.

“Oh God!”, she whispers as your tongue goes to work. You get on your knees fully bringing her boobs into play and unsnap the bra and watching as it falls away expose your friend’s beautiful boobs.

“Wow!” you whisper at the sight, causing her to smile at your comment. You lick your lips and lean in and start licking her right nipple. Gently at first, but then a hunger takes over you and you begin to devour her boobs. Switching between her boobs, tasting, savoring and kissing and licking. She gasps in pleasure at another woman pleasuring her boobs. She looks up at me jerking myself at the sight of you sucking her boobs.

“Oh God, she know how suck my boobs!” she says to me.

“That’s what she does to my cock,” I replied.

You lean back and smile and take off your top, “You’re turn,” you say to her and sit on the couch.

Her jaw drops, “No bra?!” she exclaims, “Wow, you must really want it tonight if you’re not wearing one.”

You nod, “But I wasn’t expecting you to be included in my wanting,” you replied.

She licks her lips and practically pounces on your boobs. You moan as she licks and nibbles your boobs. Your pussy is soaked at this point and because you get really excited when you have your tits sucked you get really close to exploding.

“Keep sucking by tits and I’ll cum,” you tell her.

She stops and looks at you before diving back in.

“Make her cum,” you hear me say. You look over and see me jerking even harder, knowing that I may explode at any moment

“Get over here”, you whisper to me, “I want you to cum all over my tits.”

Needing no encouragement, I quickly get up and move over to you. You watch as I quickly remove my pants and underwear and return to jerking myself.

You look at your friend, “You want his cum on my tits so you and I can lick it off?”

She nods and moans an affirmative. You’re getting real close at this point, “Don’t stop sucking me. I’m getting close!”

You look and see my cock an inch from your mouth and you immediately inhale it. The combination of your friend sucking your tits and my precum tasting cock in your mouth send to you over the edge.

“I’m cumming!” you shout, holding her to your boob.

After riding through your first orgasm, you look up at me, “Cum for us. Shot that hot load all over me.”

I moan and erupt all over your tits. Your friend watches in horny fixation my cum splashing all over you. You gasp at each hot stream that lands on you. Finally after I’m done you look at her and say, “You want to clean him up?”

She nods and you watch your friend take my cock in her mouth and lick my cum and clean me up.

After she’s finished she leans back and smiles, “Mmmmm… tastes great! Not to mention I taste something else that I wouldn’t mind tasting,” she wiggles her eyebrow at you suggestively.

Knowing that she means your pussy, you chuckle, “But we need to clean up here first?” you say indicating your cum covered boobs, “And it looks like I need to clean you too.”

She looks down at your point and see’s that her boobs got wet from gliding along yours when she cleaned my cock.

“Ooops,” she says again, before you two giggle. She thrust her boobs in your face and says, “You start first.”

“Gladly”, you say and start licking my cum off her tits. Once you’re done she moves to lick and clean your boobs off. You look up at me while she’s doing this and you see how excited I am at the slight of another woman licking you and you see my cock get hard again.

“Hmmmm…,” you say to her, “I think he likes what he sees.”

She looks up and sees my cock hardening and nods, “Then he’ll love this then.”

You watch as she returns to your chest and starts licking her way down your belly. You feel her starting to rub your thighs and you spread them as she gets lower. Finally she stops at the top of the skirt and says, “No fair, it’s in the way.

She undoes the sides and pulls down the skirt and stares in amazement at seeing your shaved and wet pussy beneath the skirt.

“You’re not wearing panties?” she says tossing the skirt away.

“Nope,” you reply.

She starts touching your inner thighs and rubbing them higher and higher. She can feel the heat from your pussy and says, “God, you’re already hot! Is she always this hot!” she asked looking at me.

“Yes,” I reply, “And she shaves her pussy so she ready for action.”

“Well let’s see how much action she’s ready for,” she replies and leans down and starts licking your clit.

Her tongue on you immediately sends you through the orgasmic roof. Your back arches and you moan loudly. You can’t believe that your friend is now eating your pussy. Another woman is licking, sucking, tasting your hot, tight, wet, sweet sex and pleasuring you and having sex with you.

“Oh fuck!” you scream as she spears you with her middle finger. Your pussy grabs onto her finger as she thrusts it in and out of you all the while her tongue is licking and tasting you. You’re not going to be able to hold out much longer at this rate, especially now that she’s added a second finger to her thrusts. You look down and see her face and she how much she’s enjoying eating you. You look over and see me jerking myself at the sight of you getting eaten.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” you shout as your pussy clamps down on her fingers and you feel her tongue flicking your clit. You feel the vibration from her moan and that adds to the orgasm and increases the cum that she pulls from you. You feel her tongue lick every drop of your wetness and cum. You collapse back into the couch and huff and puff from the orgasm. You look down and she her smile and begin to suck your cum off her fingers. You immediately get excited as you watch her, knowing that someone else, besides men loves to eat your pussy and make you cum.

You look over at me and see me smile and know that I enjoyed watching you get your pussy eaten. You sit up and look at your friend. You take her fingers that you’re licking and you suck on them yourself.

“That’s totally erotic,” she said, “Wanna taste some more?”

You nod and she kisses you. You taste your cum on her lips and tongue and you begin to rub her pussy through her pants. You feel just how hot she is even through the fabric.

“I think someone else is hot,” you say between kisses and she moans into your mouth.

You gently push her back into the couch and take her pants off. You see the white lace panties, again like the bra, barely cover her pussy. You peel the panties off immediately knowing she’s wet and excited. You lick your lips at the sudden exciting knowledge that you’re about to taste another woman’s pussy. You’re about to lick, taste, suck and devour your friend’s pussy. Not wasting another moment you almost dive in and begin kissing her lips, her clit and lightly flicking your tongue over her. She moans and begins to hump back into you. Then, getting on your hands and knees, exposing your freshly eaten pussy to me, you start tonguing her clit. You run your tongue up and down her wet pussy, tasting how sweat she is and knowing that you’re going to enjoy making her cum on your tongue.

You reach out your arms and begin to play with her nipples while sticking your tongue deep within her. She screams and moans as you tongue fuck her and her pussy. You’re enjoying your first experience having sex with another woman. Her pussy tastes delicious and her body moving against you excites you. You back away long enough to lick your fingers and slowly insert them into her hot wetness. You exhale excitedly as you feel her tight pussy pulse and grab onto your fingers as you thrust in and out. Seeing her renewed wetness and hearing her moans and gasps, you know you’re about make her cum.

You again bury your face in her wetness and start licking and thrusting feverishly. Suddenly she stiffens, “I’m going’ to cum!” she shouts. You press your mouth into her clit and suck on it as you plunge your fingers as deep into her as possible. You ride out her orgasm hearing her shout over and over, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” You moan and get excited as you taste another woman’s cum on your tongue and you enjoy the taste.

Finally after she finishes and collapses back in the couch you light lick and kiss up her body to her lips and kiss her. Letting her taste her cum on your lip and then having her watch as you lick and suck her cum off your finger. After a few moments of kissing and caressing each other you look over to me and back at her.

I think we’re leaving someone out,” you say.

She looks over at me and whispers, “Would you mind if I sit on that huge cock?”

You shake your head and whisper back, “Ride him anyway you want.”

You both get up and she walks over and straddles me and takes my cock in her hands. You glide up behinds me and whisper, “you’re about to have your cock inside another woman. I hope you enjoy fucking her.”

I moan in agreement as she sits down on me and take me into her. I look up at you and start kissing you while she starts to move up and down on me. You stop kissing me and look at your friend bouncing on my cock and knowing that she is fucking me for all she’s worth.

“Do you like that she’s fucking you” you ask. I nod and you continue, “You look at that pussy wrapped around you.”

I look down and see her pussy gliding up and down on me while she moans and swears, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she shouts.

You look at her and come around behind her, taking her boobs in your hands and kissing her neck. You whisper into her ear, “Does his cock feel huge in your pussy?”

“Oh God yes!” she shouts, “He’s fucking huge! He’s filling me!”

“That cock was fucking me not too long ago,” you whisper, “It was fucking my pussy hard and fast.”

She settles down on me, taking me deep within here, “Oh fuck that’s erotic,” she gasped, “I can just image you two fucking each other.”

You nod and then move around to suck her tits and glide a hand down her belly and start fingering her clit while she rides my cock, “You will soon, don’t worry. No ride that hard cock!” you shout, “Drown that cock in your cum! Fuck yourself on him!”

“Oh God,” she moans and suddenly goes stiff and buries me deep in her. She takes my head and buries my face in her tits and I suck her nipple which causes her to throw her head back and shout out, “I’m cumming again! Oh fuck I’m cumming!”

I feel her pussy tighten down on my cock. Her pussy walls pulsing with her orgasm and I feel her cum splash over my cock and soak it from head down the shaft and onto my balls. Her orgasm nearly triggers mine, but I want to wait.

She holds me for a moment before getting off of me and we turn and see you on the couch again, laid out, legs spread widely, fingering your wet pussy. You look at me and say, “Come here. Give me that cock and fuck my brains out!”

I get up and without any resistance fill your hot pussy with my cock for the second time that day. You moan as I start to thrust my cock in and out of you hard and fast.

“Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh God!” you scream as I saw my cock in and out of you. I lean down and whisper, “I’m fucking you with the cock that was inside your friend. Her cum is all over me and inside you.”

“Oh my God!” you shout looking up at me with lust and excitement at that comment.

Your friend leans over and kisses you while my cock pounds you silly. You feel your orgasm coming and you know it’ll be a big one. You break off your kiss and your friend watches me pound you while she starts sucking your hard and sensitive nipples which immediately sends you over edge.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming!” you shout as my cock continues to impale itself in and out of you hard and rough.

When you finish I pull back enough for your friend and I to see that you completely drowned my cock with your cum. You look back up at me and wrap your legs around me, “Now fuck me like you want.”

I start doing you hard and fast. All three of us knowing that I won’t last long.

I lean down and say, “Do you want my cum?”

“Yes!” you shout, “Fill me up! Cum in my pussy!”

“Ohhh… I’m cumming!” I shout and I start shooting rope after rope of cum deep inside your hot, tight pussy. You start cumming again when you feel the first splash of my cum inside your pussy and you squeeze your legs tighter into you not letting my cock get free of your pussy’s hold. We both shout, moan and kiss each other while we cum.

After we both calm down, I pull out and we all huff and puff from the exertion of our sex and then with a mischievous look to you and me, your friend smile and says, “Round 2?” and begins to clean my cock and then moves to eat your cum-filled pussy, but that story is for another time.

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