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This took place when I was just finishing up high school I was 18 and probably in the best shape of my life , tall good build shaved head never had any problem getting the ladies. Matter of fact being one of the only black men in a 100 mile radius I never had any problem with the ladies through life.

This story was a little different , this story is about the start of my addiction . My addiction to married women. Some might call it being a gigolo some might say its wrong , but how can bringing pleasure ever be wrong.

I helped run a boxing gym after school having been in boxing since a little kid it was natural fit for me . The gym was mostly kids that wanted to learn how to fight , with a mix of older adults that just wanted a reason and fun way to get into shape. I usually didn't have the patients for the younger kids so I would usually help the adults with their fitness.

I still remember her coming into the gym. Her thick body , the way that those tight yoga pants fit over her hips and round bubble butt, her smile , her big green eyes the way that her long brown hair was tied in the pony in the back of her head . Mrs.Lee I would later get to know her as Becky. One look at her and you could tell she was one of those older women that kept her self in shape and like to stay hip to the current fashions and by the looks of that big rock on her ring her husband must spoil her.

Just as I figured the old horn dog coach Smith made his way to her telling her what the gym offered and offering to personally train her himself, I believe this lasted for about a month . Coach Smith must of got sick of being denied. So finally one day walking in after school he pulled my to the side and introduced me to Mrs. Lee and asking if I mind working with her explaining to me that he has taught her the basics already and that she basically just needed some circuits to work and someone to hold bag and mitts for her.

We made our way over to the corner of the gym.

"I hope your going to work me harder then he did" Mrs. Lee told me with a joking smile

"Maybe he was taking it easy on you because you were a girl" I said smiling back , grabbing my stop watch from my gym bag and setting up a circuit for her to work.

"A woman"

"What was that" I asked approaching her nervous that I had said something to upset her.

"I'm far from a girl , I am a women matter of fact im probably old enough to be your mother " she said with a hint of attitude.

"My bad Mrs.Lee I didn't mean any disrespect I was just trying to make a joke "

She seen the panic on my face and started laughing very hard . She had got me of course she was only joking back with the attitude she gave me . This is when I knew she was cool.

We worked the circuit and I pushed her too just to see what she could handle . To my surprise she kept up , now she was sweaty and out of breath by the time we were done . But she held in there better then some of the middle aged men that come in thinking they are tough.

Laying down on a mat her arms stretched up over her head giving me a perfect view of her hour glass shaped body ,them curves . I had to look away I felt something stirring in my shorts.

"I didn't work you to hard did I Mrs.Lee" I said with a big smile as I picked up the equipment we used.

She turned her head to look in my direction still sprawled out on the mat " not at all hun, this is what ive been looking for a good sweat ,and maybe a reminder how old im getting" she said with a laugh.

"oh your not that old , and you kept up and worked your butt off" I told her

She laughed a little " your cute , Im pushing 40 hun and in my book that is old . But don't let that be and excuse to start taking it easy on me I still want to be pushed"

"You got it guaranteed to leave sweaty " we both smiled a little at that , maybe for different reasons.

I continued to train her a couple times a week. We had good chemistry both had sense of humor but would work when it was time. I guess you could say we grew a bit closer over that time. Still not knowing much about on another life out side of the gym which was ok with me since me life was pretty boring.

One day after a killer work out she asked if there was any extra stretches I could show her cause she has been getting cramps in her thighs. I showed her a few I dont know if it was just my lucky day or if she had planned it. But she had wore extra tight grey yoga's today almost look like she had nothing on once they started sticking to her sweaty skin. So when she was bending over as I showed her these stretches I got the perfect view of her round thick ass.

Now I had seen her ass plenty before stealing peeks as we worked out over the months. But something about today was different the way I looked at her, the thoughts racing through my mind as I did. Im not going to lie I was glad when it was over not sure how much longer I could of hid my growing hard on.

I took one more good look of that thick ass as she made her way to the female locker rooms. The way it jiggled in those tight yoga's looked like something from a rap video. I started cleaning up the gym being the last people there as usual I had to lock up the place.

"Bye hun " she said with a wave coming out of the locker room now wearing tight jeans .

I couldnt help but to look I knew she caught me looking at her ass in those jeans " See you next week "

"Ill be here, thanks alot for today too hun its been a while since someone has made me sweat and stretched me out in the same day" she said before blowing me a kiss and walking out the door.

Wow that was hot hearing her say that . I know she probably didn't mean it in the sexy way I have going on in my head, did she? I finished picking up and grabbed my bag locked the doors and made my way to the parking lot.

I seen a nice Lexus a few spots away from my car in the dimly lit parking lot behind the gym. As I walked over the window came down It was Mrs.Lee.

"Miss me already" I yelled joking with her

"Maybe " she said with a little laugh " but actually my car wont start " trying to turn it over showing me that it wouldn't start.

"Oh shit " walking over I told her "Well Im mechanically challenged otherwise I would try to be cool and tell you to pop the hood, you need to use a phone a ride or something ?"

"I already tried to call a couple friends no answer, where are they when you need them huh? and my husband is out of town AGAIN"

"Well grab you bag Ill give you a lift its no problem"

She smiled as she got out of her car . She opened the back door and bent over to reach in grabbing her gym bag really taking her time doing it too. But I was not complaining because for the second time today she was giving me a perfect view of that thick ass, I had just gotten rid of my hard on from earlier I felt it growing again this time under my grey sweats free balling it as usual after the gym.

I turned and starting making my way to my car not wanting her to see the thick noticeable outline of my cock in my sweats. I watcher her smile and walk over. Of course walking in front of my car to make her way to the passenger side. She sat in adjusting the seat thanking me again.

"Thanks so much for giving an old lady a ride , hopefully none of your friends see me in your car I would hate to cramp your style" she said smiling at me. The smile was a little different now a little longer almost like she was waiting for my response to what she just said.

"shoot my friends would probably be jealous , what 18 year old don't want to be seen with a hot older girl . I mean woman"

She gave me her address I plugged it into my gps.. seeing we had about a 20 min ride to her house in the country , But it was ok I had nothing better to do. We drove a while with a awkward silence.

I looked over at her as she adjusted her self turning more towards me . Watching has her hand with red nails reached for my radio volume turning it down.

"So you think im hot huh?"

"Uh um well I meant ...."

"Oh dont be shy now tell me the truth I already caught you checking me out"

"For real sorry , I mean I know your married and older then me but yes you are very hot "

She smiled "oh you think so huh , what is so hot about me better yet what is your favorite feature on me "

I couldn't help but to smile thinking of all the glimpses of her thick juicy ass ive gotten over the time we have known each other.

" Well I like the shape of your body especially your butt"

she giggled a little with a big smile " haha I knew it I knew I caught you looking I even wore these the tight yogas today just to see if I could catch you , so it must be true about black men"

"Wait you were trying to catch me looking why?" I asked a little confused " and what about black men ?"

"Yea I thought you were looking before I wanted to be sure . not sure why my ego maybe been a while since a felt sexy and what older woman dont like the idea of a good looking young man checking her out, and what I mean about you black men is about liking big asses"

The more we talked about her ass the harder I could feel myself becoming. My cock starting to throb in my sweats very noticeably now. Her calling me a man changed something between us in that moment.

"Well yea I guess its true , I know I like big asses cant speak for the rest of us, but to be fair your hot from head to toe not just your ass "

She had a big smile on her face I could tell she liked what she was hearing . Turning even more towards me I think I even seen her looking at my crotch so she had to see my thick dick print in my sweats.

" Oh you bad boy trying to sweet talk a married woman"

"No no , Im just being honest your very sexy woman and I hope your husband considers himself lucky"

"Lets not talk about my husband lets pretend we are still in the gym that is my time away from my boring married life"

"Ok whatever you say Mrs,Lee" I say with a smile

We finally hit a gravel road getting close to her house now according to the gps. All of a suden I felt her hand on my thigh rubbing up to my hard cock lightly gliding over it teasing me.

"It feels like the other thing they say about black men might be true as well"

"um Mrs.Lee"

"Shhh just relax and drive we are almost there and ive wasted enough time"

I tried to focus on the road as I felt her hand rubbing my massive hard on through my sweats. Then feeling her hand go to my abs under my shirts then slowly sliding back down them this time under my sweats her hand barely wrapping around the base I feel her squeeze it hard.

"Mmmm DAMN " she moaned out obviously surprised by the thickness " are you sure your only 18 hun because this is a man sized cock"

Hearing her comment along with her approval made my cock jump right there in her hand. I could feel all the blood rushing through it felt my veins bulging as she slowly stroked the base of my rock hard cock. Feeling both excited and nervous at the same time, feeling some relief as we made our way up the drive way. I parked her hand still gripped tight around my dick.

"Can I ask you something Hun?" she softly asked as her hand pulled my cock out of my sweats .

I seen her eyes get big and light up seeing my cock for the first time . The way she stared at it as she talked then biting her bottom lip with that hunger in her eyes had me throbbing so hard.

Nervous my voice unsteady " Um yes Mrs.Lee you can ask me anything "

She smiled knowing she had me right where she wanted me " If I was lonely and you know horny would you come over and FUCK ME"

Her words seductive and to the point shot through me like lighting hearing her giggle as my cock jumps uncontrollably in her grasp.

"Mrs.Lee umm I mean your a married your husband could be inside... I .. I "

".Shhhh slow down hun slow down and relax I don't mean tonight maybe not ever It would just make me feel pretty to know A young stud like you would still come slide his cock in my pussy if I felt I needed it"

Her soft voice so soothing with maturity coaching me through my panicked answer the whole time her hand stroking slowly up and down the length of my cock.

I finally looked down to see her firm grip around my big black cock stroking it from base to tip . using her left hand seeing the big rock from her wedding ring on her finger as she was stroking my dick pushed another button in me causing pre cum to start to flow out of the slit of my thick head.

Mrs.Lee smiled at her accomplishment licking her lips eyes focused on my thick black cock.

"Well Im still waiting for an answer " she said a in a little more serious tone

Zoning out from watcher her hand work my shaft and all the pleasure it was causing " YES" was the only word to escape my mouth.

"Mmmm I was hoping you would say that , tilt your seat back and shut your eyes just relax ok hun " she ordered me back in her soothing voice.

Our eyes met as she nodded her head yes assuring me this is what she wanted . That this is what she needed , and most of all that she was in control and this was going to happen.

I took one last look at her hand around my cock before doing exactly what she had told me . Ive never been as hard as I was that night . Feeling as she spread the massive amounts of pre cum around the tip of my cock. Only breaking contact to take her hair tie from around her wrist and put in her ponytail positioning her self on her knees in the passenger seat leaning over to me.

Laid back in the driver seat in this sexy older married woman's drive way. My eyes open just in time to see her leaning town and start to kiss the base of my cock.

I hear her moan out as she licks up the shaft to the thick head. Her tongue leaving a shiny wet trail of saliva up the top of my massive cock . she takes the the head in her mouth, her lips stretching tight around it sucking hard on it and popping it out of her mouth.

" MMM this is way bigger then I thought it was going to be the first time I saw you "

Putting my cock back in her mouth and sucking on it focusing on the sensitive tip.her hand grabbing at my big full balls. squeezing them as she moan on my tip.

"Fuck I know why the call you big black men bulls now " she said joking and giggling " I bet a young bull like you cums a lot too mmmmm"

Her mouth , her words in between sucking my cock were beginning to be way to much for me to handle. She must have felt me start to tense up as my climax built because her words became sexier and she started to take me deeper when she took me in her warm mouth.

She started taking me as deep as she could I could feel the thick head of my cock as it started to enter her tight slimy throat. I felt her throat tighten even more as she gagged. Pulling back after only taking 3/4 of my massive black cock.

She slowly pulled my thick cock out of her throat. All shiny and full of throat slime and drool. Taking it back in her hand stroking it through the wetness.

"Mmm cum for me please .. I need it ... I want it ... I want to see how much a young bull cums for an older woman like me.. PLEASE"

She tightened her grip and increased her speed stroking the top half really focusing on the thick head.My hands grabbing at anything near me as I feel the pleasure take over my body. my.I squirm in my seat tilting me head back opening my mouth for a low manly moan.


My cock erupts spewing out warm strings of thick cum. The first shot shoots out not even knowing where it lands.I look up to see the rest flow out like a big black volcano. Thick gooey cum runs down my thick head and over her hand wedding ring and all.

"Oh my god look at all that yummy cum, thats it let it all go let me see you empty those big bull balls" she says seductively coaching me once again.

Her hand continues stroking the length of my cock. Milking every last drop out.Her eyes full of excitement and lust knowing she found her new toy.

"Mmmmm now that was hot" she moans out releasing my cock.

I watched her exam her cummy fingers her hand coated along with her wedding ring. She just smiled before looking into my eyes and licking her fingers clean.

"mmmm it was yummier then It looked " she said with a giggle " soooo you need to clear you plans for tomorrow I already told my husband we are having you over for supper , hes been asking about my trainer think hes getting jealous so you come over tomorrow around 7 so I can show him he has nothing to worry about "

Trying to take everything she is saying in along what just happened. I just nod and agree like im under a spell.I sit my seat back up looking at all the cum running down my cock. Looking over at her as she reaches into the back seat fumbling through her gym bag.

"Thanks again for the ride ill see you tomorrow at 7, here is something to clean up your mess" she says handing me something before opening her door to get out.

My eyes on her as she walks to the house . Her thick ass in those skin tight jeans her hair still in a pony. She turns smiles and waves before opening her door to go into her house.

I sit there for a couple more seconds wondering what the fuck just happened . I look at my semi erect cock messy with cum . Then I open my hand to see what she had given me to clean the mess. Surprised to see it was her red boycut underwear.I felt my dick throb again.I used them to rub my dick down and clean up all the cum.

I started my car and looked up at the house before turning backing out of the drive way. For my long ride home knowing I would still be trying to process everything that happened. That was the night I fell in love with older married women.......

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