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I'll start off with a quote which I think is a riot... I would never do this its just a quote there is no need to lash out....

"A cat will almost always blink when hit with a hammer"

Come on its funny if you don't like me yet might as well just stop reading now lol

Loves to flirt andh. I'm tall and slim . Creative when it comes to chatting and always looking for erotic chats... Details when role playing or cyber please it's no fun sending a naughty paragraph and the only response u give is mmmmmm or oh yes lol ... I'm here for fun no strings I don't have a cam and I'm straight as an arrow ... Leave me a message or request me as a friend and lets start getting naughty......Heh heh. ..................... I have only one request if you message me because of a reply or just because U thought hey he sounds fun......... When I respond and u deside wow not what I wanted at least do me the courtesy of saying something I would rather be shot down than left hanging and if ur honest and say stop I can respect that just don't start something and then blow me off like I'm nobody..... I'm here for a good time and will respect anyone on this site so please give it back in return if I upset or offend anyone we are all adults so just tell me and I'll apologize and leave u be.... Thank you

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October 6, 2015

I like your attitude of respect, feel the same way - I am an old soul in a young body. Out all day but would be happy to chat tonight after 9:00 pacific time. If that does not work perhaps tomorrow? Namaste

March 18, 2015


September 5, 2014

Hey Topher! :) Thanks for cyber-fucking me with Tarno the other day, you were awesome! I had a lot of fun, hehe.

May 11, 2014

Looking for some good detailed role play or cyber/sex chat



Last Login: June 24, 2017

Status: LOL Wow well it seems to me OK I won't speak for others but "men".I'm a lot more likely to message or answer a woman or forum then women are 90% of guys forums 0-4 hits.. Women's 20+... Don't get me wrong I love this site but my odds suck lmao.
Joined: May 8, 2014
Age: 48
Sex: Male
Orientation Straight
Location: Shelton, Washington, USA
Interests: Phone,Cyber
Looking for: Sex Chat/Cybersex,Casual Chat,Phone Sex,Friendship,Roleplay