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I had been fascinated with the idea of being overly busty even back when I was 16. Shortly after graduating from high school, I realized I wasn't much more than a bimbo, that all I had going for me was my looks, that my mind wasn't going to take me anywhere. I realized I needed to make the most of my looks, and getting bigger tits made even more sense. When I was 19, I finally made it happen, I was a wild and carefree college party girl, wanted to do something outrageous.

I think I'm fun and playful, and very open about things when it comes to chatting. But I do like a guy to know what he wants to talk about, and not just the dull "hi, how are ya, what ya up to?" stuff that most guys seem to do.

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Last Login: August 6, 2018

Status: enjoy erotic and sexy conversation, not much into roleplaying but who knows
Joined: April 30, 2014
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Orientation Straight
Location: Florida, USA
Looking for: Casual Chat