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Maybe it was the fruity beverages , maybe it was the excessive hours spent online rping with dirty strangers on the internet about being more like the girls you see in those videos online (or indeed like some of my wilder friends). But when the middle aged man trying to chat me up in the bar while my friends were off dancing with the local surfers leaned into me to repeat whatever it was he said for the third time, in an attempt to be heard over the buzz in the bar and the music. I noticed a lightly peeved look on his face and gave him my pouty/"I'm sorry I can't hear you" shrug. He moved closer still, his breath stinking of what ever it was he regularly ordered, and warm on my ear as he said..."Want to get some air? It's so loud in here". I was surprised to find myself nod a little, allowing him to guide me towards the back door with a hand on my waist.

Normally of course I rarely would agree to leave my friends at the bar, and certainly not without telling them I was going. I also am not the kind of girl that allows strangers to coax me out the back door after a couple of fruity beverages, but here I was exchanging the sound of waves crashing in the night somewhere out past the ocean wall for the dance/pop thudding of a tired PA system and the quiet roar of so many people in such a small place, all trying to find a way to get what they wanted from each other. He smiled at me and complemented me on my skirt and explained that he had been trying to ask if I was wearing a thong to avoid pantie lines in such a tight skirt.

Oh my God, I could feel my cheeks burn. Did he really just ask that? Does that sort of thing ever work when chatting up girls in a bar? I found it doubtful and held my tongue as we paused near where the lights of the street faded into the dark of the beach...empty benches still warm with the residual heat of the warm spring day. I stood looking out to the water my hands on the top of the wall. When I felt him move closer to me again...leaning over and whispering in a low almost animal like tone. "I would really like to see them."

That's when it happened, I turned ready to tell him off telling myself that I would not slap him (yet). However in that moment, my eyes met his and maybe it was the fruity beverages or all the hours online but I could hardly believe I was checking, as I glanced around. Alone past the edge of the streetlights, my fingers found the zipper, and turning away from him again, facing the waves, leaning into the wall a bit...I slid it down. My heart was pounding in my chest as I felt the skirt get loose enough that it slipped down. Had I not grabbed the front to keep a grip on it, it would be around me feet. The night air seemed to almost tickle my exposed ass. I dared not look at him again. I put my free hand on the top of the wall again, biting my lower lip as I looked out at the waves.

I could hear him breathe a little faster, his hand not hesitating to trace the edge of my panties (red lacy in the front, satin in the back, a bikini cut close but not quite a thong).
"That's a very nice thong" he practically grunted, his fingers tracing down, sliding under me some. I closed my eyes, not bothering to correct him about them not being a thong.
"Yes...Very very nice" he breathed, closed again, standing right behind me, his hands on my hips now. I could feel the bulge of his hardening cock, folded inside his pants the material a little dressier but also a little thinner that sweat pants.
"Mmmm Yeah" he grunted, his hips grinding forward...

I closed my eyes, I felt so naughty, with my skirt held only and inch off the ground with one a stranger began to dry hump my ass through his pants and my panties.
I could feel him getting harder, but his thrusts were not allowing his cock the freedom to stand up, I was a little worried suddenly that he might hurt himself, humping me with his folded cock..
My feet spread a little wider, my back arching. I was breathing faster. I wondered...

If I reach back and spread my ass cheeks, would he pull my panties aside, and pull his cock out?
Would he fuck me like a whore in the ass right here in the open?
Would he bend me over the wall and use me like a some two dollar skank in the city?

Well, in case you had not realized yet, I'm not that sort of girl! In fact I could hardly believe that I was letting him grind against me like this! I most certainly would not reach back and pull my cheek wide!

But maybe it was the fruity beverages? or the excessive hours spent being told often how I ~really~ am a a slut, that just has yet to find herself.

That I ~really~ am a whole, that just has yet to be, as they say "turned out".
I bit my lower lip and reached back, my hand not going to my ass, but to his cock. I rubbed it through his pants...I kept my eyes down, I could not face him. I was so embarrassed by my actions. He did not seem to care as he undid his pants, and freed his cock. It was bigger than I thought, the way it had been trapped must have hurt. I stroked it, my head spinning a little as I noticed how smooth the mushroom head was, how hard the shaft as my fingers wrapped around it. I pulled on it, I pumped it. As he took a step to the side, leaving me with my ass out for no reason as I worked his throbbing cock in my hand.

My mind was racing, I was unsure what would happen next. Would he want to fuck me here? Did he expect me to give him head? If i tried to stop would he let me? Here isolated from the crowd in the shadows. .

"Go easy...I'm pretty excited" he grunted.
I blinked..the words taking time to sink into my slightly pickled blonde brain.

"Where do you want me to cum?" he grunted through his teeth.
I felt my panties seem to rise a degree, clinging hot and wet to my shaven lips. Soaked now - "I...It's up to you" I said meekly.

His hand went to my shoulder the weight of it urging me down even as he asked.
"You want a facial?"

I felt my bare knees hit the concrete, as he urged my meekly nodding head down, where I was inches from the tip of his cock. In the dark I could not see it, but I could smell the musky scent of precum, as he began to jerk his cock. I don't even remember where my hands were.

"Ughhhghhh! " he grunted, and a felt a think hot strand of cum his my face, spattering high on my cheek, almost going into my left eye.

I closed my left eye...tilting up my face, so that the second or maybe it was the third rope of cum hit my nose, forming a sticky bridge to my upper lip.

He jerked for a few more moments, but it was clear that the spraying part was over...I opened my mouth slightly mentally arguing with myself what my intention was as I leaned in...letting the dribbling tip of his cock rub on the corner of my mouth.

He worked a few last drops out, careful not to drip it down the front of his pants. I looked up at him, unsure what to do...on my knees with my face covered in his load, would he expect me to lick it? I pictured myself taking the softening tip into my mouth and swirling my tongue around it to clean him off. Maybe it was all the fruity beverages, or...well you get the point.

He smirked down at me, and slipped his cock back into his pants, glancing around self consciously as if suddenly worried we were not alone. I suddenly wondered what I was to do...with the sticky cum dribbling down my face. He took a step back.

"That was great, thank you" he said. Just like that.As if it was something I did everyday. I pushed myself back up, my body trembling slightly, feeling as if I had touched the live wired of a house socket.My hands were shaky, they felt a bit disconnected, as if they belonged to someone else. I feel humiliated, as I awkwardly worked my skirt back up onto my hips, the tight fabric giving my wet thong a naughty little tug, making it ride even snugger up my ass as I pulled up the zipper. He was standing there, just smirking half watching me, but obviously ready to leave, I was holding him up now...wasting his time. I reached up and touched my face experimentally, the coat of cum on the side of my face was thicker that I expected. Unsure what to do I grabbed my shirt and pulled it up as if I were going to take it off, and wiped my face with the inside, smearing wet cum on the shirt where it rests against my chest, I immediately felt the warmth of it transferring to my what little cleavage the miracle that is a push up bra, affords my perky little 34b's.

"I'm afraid I'm going to get under a street light and still have some on my face somewhere and not know It I confided meekly, as I hurried to catch up to him, as he had already started back in the direction of the bar.
He only looked back and me and smiled. He never went back to the bar. When we were close he got into a car, and gave me a card and told me to call him anytime I wanted. Driving off into the night.
I went back into bar, long enough to tell my friends I was not feeling well and was going home.

Now hear I am, sitting at my computer desk. My panties soaked, a patch on my my face feeling like someone spread some Sunday school worksheet glue on it, slowly drying, growing slightly tighter. My knee aches very softly, where I scraped it, going to my knees to let the stranger shoot his cum on my face. My legs spread a bit wider than normal under the desk, making the damp fabric pull snugger up my ass, threatening to dig into the wet valley of my shaven lips. Yes.."they are very nice panties" I say softly to myself, squirming a bit to feel them rub me.

I managed to write this all up, without touching myself once, but now I'm about to, I suspect....Spend some excessive hours in the chat room feeling like a cheap whore before I log on.

Maybe it was all the fruity beverages....

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November 6, 2016
Great story, very sexy.

Naive Cindy
October 21, 2016
Thank you all for the comments. I was very nervous posting a story for the first time .

July 18, 2016
hot story... written with verve and imagination... heading out to thd nearest club for a fruity beverage, what did you sat it's called?

July 12, 2016
Amazing story, Cindy. Very vivid description. You got me hard just imagining that hot slutty scene in the dead of night.

July 9, 2016
Think I need to get down to that bar.... Great story

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