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I don't Skype or do phone. I am here to Roleplay, if you have a scene you would like to explore let me know.

.. the more degrading the better.

Like assertive Women the best.
Sorry Guys, While I DO RP with guys...I'm not into Incest, so if that's your thing...not me.

Limits- I don't play younger than 18 and i'm not into family stuff...beyond that there are many things I won't volunteer for, which is not to say that in the right RP they could not be made to happen, nor that I would not get very turned on if they did....Really love humiliation, degradation, and being called filthy things.

I'm really not into a lot of small talk, about the weather etc. And if it takes you 100 questions to set up a roleplay, I will likely get bored and move on before you get to 25. (just being honest)

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Naive Cindy


Last Login: September 18, 2018

Status: Here to roleplay, that's what i do. Added my first story the other night, I would love for some people to read it.
Joined: October 21, 2012
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Location: Beach Town, California, USA
Interests: Cyber
Looking for: Sex Chat/Cybersex,Casual Chat,Friendship,Roleplay