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The snow beneath Julie's boot covered feet was pure white and wonderfully even. Perfectly dispersed in thick layers across every surface. It flicked up with every step, slowly soaking her thin tights. She was back where it all started, back down by the river and walking along the half frozen bank while frost covered branches creaked and shuddered in the wind. The last time she'd been here the scenary was quite different, but then so was she. Gone was the playful innocence and self discovery of summer. She was a woman now, a very young one yes but a woman still.

Keeping a brisk pace to stave off the cold Julie hurried across the icicle covered bridge to the other side of the river. Things were more or less the same over here still, sure the colours were different and the wildlife was scarce but it still felt the same. A sense of isolation and wonder that had sparked Julie's descent into depravity and acendance into womanhood.

A little while later Julie could see through the trees to the spot she was looking for, breath rising in mists before her as she headed onwards. The scene was eerily familiar despite the thick layers of snow and although James and Sarah were long gone Julie could almost feel them, their care free presence had settled even thicker than the thick white carpet.

It was a strange moment for Julie, she was undeniably happy and yet she couldn't fight back tears. They trickled slowly down her cold, rosey cheeks and dripped into the snow. "Guess it was never meant to be" she said out loud. And in that moment, when she realised she would never see either of them again, when she realised that part of her life was over, the tears stopped. Turning to walk away she noticed a nearby tree and saw that the bark had been scraped away. Without much thought she moved toward it, her eyes squinting against the wind to find an inscription carved deep into the wood "see you around, dirty girl". Julie stood still for a moment before turning slowly and grinning from ear to ear, she knew it was a message for her. They'd thought of her before they left, that was amazing. She suddenly felt uplifted, the smiling faces of her brief but important friends cheered her on until she left the clearing.

Back on the path Julie was looking ahead, not just at the treacherous terrain but also toward her future. Things were going well at work and after the little arrangement she'd made with Mr Michaels and his wife, a promotion would soon be on the horizon. Things also seemed better at home. Her brother had his special friend and mum seemed more and more fulfilled all the time, albeit slightly more vacant. In fact now Julie gave it some thought mother seemed a bit bimboish. Shaking her head Julie decided to think about something else and settled on food. She was starving and any excuse to get out of this weather was a good one. Looking down she checked her watch for the time when suddenly she was flying backwards into the snow with a throbbing pain in her shoulder.

A few moments later she was back on her feet and wiping down soaking wet clothes while a lycra clad jogger apologised profusely "I am so fucking sorry, I was just checking my pedometer... I didn't see you" fighting to keep the frustration from her voice Julie replied in a fairly even tone "it's fine, I wasn't looking either" as she spoke Julie looked at the man's face properly for the first time "wait a second, do I know you? You look so familiar!" For a while the joggers face was blank until finally it hit him "oh my god I recognize you too, I've seen you here before a few times I think" he blushed slightly as the thoughts that had occurred to him the last time he saw her resurfaced. "Yes!" She exclaimed "I knew I'd seen you before" with the mystery now solved both of them fell silent and Julie began to shudder, her sodden clothes catching the chill and leaving the poor girl freezing "well...I betterrrr go" she stammered through chattering teeth before turning to leave "wait, you'll get sick if you don't warm up soon. Come back to my place it's only a minute down the river" Julie had already made her mind up to say yes but she hesitated a while just for the sake of appearance before finally nodding her assent "fine but on one condition" smiling he replied "name it" talking a few steps she looked back at him "you have to cook for me"

They made it to his place in less than a minute. "My name is Shaun by the way" the jogger said before showing her into a large but warm living room with a fantastic view of the river, the glass windows stretched the entire length of the room and were slanted so that you could look down on everyone and still not be seen. "I'll leave you some towels and some of my clothes and let you get comfy, when you're done I'll dry your stuff and you'll be good to go" Julie smiled and thanked him as he left.

Once the door closed she began to strip. First taking her winter coat and draping it over a chair before kicking off her boots and rolling down the soaking wet tights that clung to her legs. The skirt went next, sliding to the floor in a heap with the rest, swiftly followed by her tight long sleeve top and vest until finally she stood in the middle of the room wearing only her skimpy underwear. feeling a tingle of excitement she moved closer to the window, wishing someone would walk by and notice the hottie posing above them. Unfortunately nobody passed by and Julie had to entertain herself. Thrusting her chest forward and pressing the wet material of her bra tight against the glass before quickly snapping the clasp and allowing her tits to fall free. Perky nipples slid against the warm glass as Julie began to bend, hooking several fingers into soaking wet panties turning her arse to the window before sliding them away from the silky smooth mound between her legs.

A moment or two after Julie's seductive little striptease Shaun returned with two hot cups of coffee and a small bottle of whiskey. He found the gorgeous stranger wrapped only in a towelclink by the look of it the smallest on she could find. She stared out of the window, her still wet hair laid heavily against her neck and back. She didn't seem to notice he'd entered and Shaun didn't waste a second of this good fortune. He spent what seemed to be a lifetime taking in her wonderful frame. The pale creaminess of her long thick legs were especially perfect, going on forever until they met the curves of her plump arse just beneath the fluffy fabric of the towel. Breathing slowly to control himself Shaun walked to the coffee table and set the cups down with a clink, causing Julie to spin around, her face covered in a wide smile "I love your place!"

"So I haven't seen you down here in a while" said Shaun, trying his best to remain composed as he sat opposite Julie, who was sipping her very Irish coffee and smiling sweetly. "Yeah I've been busy with work and stuff..." She shifted in her seat, the thought of other stuff making the mound between her tingle. "So you kept an eye out for me?" She added a second or two later while uncrossing her legs to lean forward. Shaun was suddenly on the back foot, not just because of the accusation but also at the realisation that the shift in Julie's position gave him a perfectly unrestricted view of her gorgeous pink cunt. His brain worked frantically trying to find a reply but in the end settled on the truth "to be honest, yes. I always keep a look out for you" without a word Julie set her cup down and crossed the small space to the sofa where Shaun was sat. Slowly easing herself down into the empty space next to him and placing a hand on his shoulder "even in my uniform?" She purred into his ear, her breasts pushing against him as the towel fought to keep them from spilling out. Shaun swallowed "Especially in your uniform" he replied quietly, figuring there was no point holding back now. "Mmmm you naughty pervert." And with that she proceeded to straddle him, sliding her leg over his lap and sitting back down on his crotch. At this point the towel had given up the fight, sliding slowly down Julie's body a and settling loosely in her lap.

Shaun was stunned, the object of his deepest, darkest desires was suddenly naked and straddling him. He thought for a moment back to the first time he'd seen her. She looked so beautiful and innocent. He'd wanted to take that innocence but somehow he knew it was already gone, someone had beaten him to it. She seemed different now, older and more travelled but somehow even better than he imagined. Before another thought had time to cross his mind Julie was feeding him her breast, she coaxed the nipple into his mouth and groaned as his teeth scraped against the delicate flesh. "Mmmm yes, be a bad man for me. I might not be in my uniform but I'm still the girl you perved on." Her words spurred him on, adding fuel to an already roaring fire that spread through his entire body as he attacked her breasts with his mouth. Biting, sucking and kissing until both tits were bright red. "We're going to bed" he stated suddenly before taking her in his arms and lifting easily. His cock brushed sevral times against her perfectly smooth pussy as they walked and kissed and bumped into furniture before finally reaching the bedroom where Shaun threw Julie down on the bed before taking another long look at her.

"Fuck you're perfect" he accidentally blurts out while looking her over. He means it too, Julie's body is the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. From her perfect legs and flat stomach to her beautiful eyes and big full lips. Not to mention her perky, natural titties and the smoothest pink pussy he's ever seen. Julie blushes slightly at the heartfelt compliment before sitting up and pulling down Shaun's jogging shorts. He's naked underneath just like she suspected and his semi erect cock twitches with anticipation. She leans closer and notices his body tense, breathing deeply she catches his scent. Body wash and a hint of fresh sweat, so perfectly manly that she couldn't help stealing a taste. The sudden lunge and the long lick of Julie's wet tongue caught Shaun completely off guard, he shuddered with pleasure and couldn't suppress a hungry groan. Taking his response as another compliment she pressed on, placing both hands on his sculpted butt cheeks and pulling him closer until his dick slapped against her face. He looked down as she let out a little school girl giggle and opened her mouth wide. He helped her guide his cock into her warm wet mouth where she proceeded to slide up and down his length, coating the shaft with spit and suckling gently at the tip. She loved the way he grew in her mouth, swelling until his throbbing member was as hard as rock and her tongue could massage every vein.

He continued to look down at this vision of heaven as she proceeded to give him the blowjob of his life. She looked up at him almost the entire time, those sweet mesmerising eyes locked on his as she slid up and down, her lips wrapped tight around his cock. Only opening every few seconds to allow a fresh coat of spit to dribble down to his balls. Then she took it to another level, looking up at him she raised her eyebrows and paused for a moment before suddenly lunging forward with her mouth, hands still pulling tight on his butt she forced the entire length of his cock into her mouth until her nose buried into his nearly trimmed pubes. He almost fell backwards with the shock and sudden pleasure but Julie held him close and kept her throat stuffed with cock for a solid ten seconds before pulling away. He was about to speak, about to tell her how amazing she was but he didn't ha e time, his words morphed into yet another groan of pleasure as she slipped down onto her knees and licked upwards, sloppily licking away at his spit covered balls while scratching her nails down his legs. "Mmmm fuck, oh my fucking god youre... Amazing!" Julie giggled as she licked her way back to the tip of his cock before taking the entire length more, deepthroating every inch while bobbing up and down. She went on like this for what felt like a lifetime facefucking herself on his delicious dick. It was Shaun that pulled away. Showing self restraint he never himself capable of, he pulled away and left the spit covered beauty on her knees in front of him "holy shit, I never imagined you'd be.." crawling closer to him "such a little slut." She finished for him.

"I was going to say so experienced. Maybe slut does siut you better though" he said with a grin, looking down at her waiting between his legs like a dog "so do you know any other tricks?" He asked with a cheeky wink, growing in confidence the entire time. She nodded in response "mhmm sit on the bed and I'll show you." He quickly did as she said, tearing off his t shirt as he went and sitting down on the edge of the bed. She moved back into position between his legs and ga e him a knowing little smile, as if she knew that she was about to blow his mind. "Close your eyes" she demanded and once he'd complied she placed a hand under each knee and rolled him onto his back with both legs in the air. Catching on fast he reached down to hold his legs in place as she began planting kisses all over his spread butt cheeks. "Your little slut is very hungry, I hope you don't mind if she eats your arse." Just the words were enough to make his cock stir but the actual sensation that came next was almost beyond words. He felt the tip of her tongue tracing his arsehole, flicking over and around before she used the full flat off her tongue to lap away like a hungry dog. His cock was throbbing like never before, a hot little slut he'd been fantasizing over for months was know kneeling between his legs licking his arse. It was almost too much to handle but he was holding out well at least until she put both hands to work, one was gently caressing his slippery spit covered balls and the other was rapidly jerking his raging hard on. That was it, there was no holding back and he came like never before. The first rope of cum shot up into the air before coming down on Julie's back and the rest splashed against the young sluts face as she positioned herself for the money shot. Taking blast after blast of thick, sweet man cream in her face.

Shaun didn't even remember her pulling away, he just lay there on his back with a cum covered cock and staring at the ceiling. From the next room heard the shower and soon saw steam creeping through the open door. Taking this time to recover his mind went over recent events and he began to feel movement downstairs once more, not quite enough to perform but it was a start. Rising onto slightly shakey legs Shaun made his way to the bathroom, leaning on the doorframe he looked through the steam and saw her. Julie was showering but she still hadn't washed the cum from her face, she was saving that for last, enjoying how it felt, letting it keep her in the moment. Just the sight of this gorgeous girl wearing his cum was all he needed, his cock sprang back to life and he headed for the shower, barging in before Julie knew he was even there and forcing her roughly against the wall.

"God just look at you, I've fucked a few sluts but none that couldn't even bear to wipe my cum off their faces" Julie just stared back at him, not sure what to say or do. Her lack of response confused him and that confusion quickly turned to frustration "don't go all shy on me now you little slut!" And with that he raised his hand, slapping sharply across her face. Julie whimpered slightly but there was no stopping him now, he hit her again and again until his hand was covered in almost as much cum as her face. "Sorry sweetie, didn't mean to steal your precious spunk" he snapped cruelly before pressing his hand uncomfortably into her face, spreading the congealed sperm into every pore. She struggled meekly but knew there was no point, he was too strong and the evil little slut inside her was beginning to enjoy it anyway. A familiar ache between her thighs was building and there was no denying she needed a good fucking. "Turn and face the wall" he growled into her ear.

She must have taken too long to obey because the next second she felt herself being spun around and forced against the wet tiles. He held the back Julie's head, pushing against it until her cheek was painfully sqaushed into the granite. Her eyes watered and she could still taste the cum he'd rubbed into her lips but nothing seemed to dampen the fire in her body. That desperate need to be filled and fucked was as strong as ever. Shaun noticed the lack of resistance and bit down hard on her neck as he rubbed the thick tip of his cock between Julie's glistening butt cheeks. Several times he brushed over her cunt but he never stayed long and she soon found out why. With one sudden, violent thrust he penetrated Julie's arsehole, slamming his thick meat deep into her rectum as she screamed in pain and surprise. He held her in this position for a few seconds, giving her butt hole time to adjust while his thumb and forefinger toyed with her clit. The combined sensations where sending Julie over the edge and her knees began to buckle. Shaun immediately held her weight before slamming Julie's body into the wall, ferociously pummeling her tight little arse with all his strength. She whimpered, begged and came once more but he didn't let up, he barely even slowed down as he grunted like an animal. It felt like hours had passed when he finally went rigid, pumping the last of his cum into her back door and sliding out of the stretched hole.

The second he released his grip she slowly slid down to the floor. The water came crashing down on her face and began to wash away the dried cum stains. Once the cum was gone Julie's eyes opened and found herself greeted by Shaun's large, limp cum covered cock. She looked up and saw a tired looking Shaun recovering with his eyes closed, he wasn't looking for anything else. But everything isn't always up to him is it. She crawled closer and took him in her mouth once more, sucking and licking him clean. He shuddered at the sensation, his still sensitive cockhead barely able to handle the attention. It became too much and his knees began to buckle as he tried to pull away. The wall cut off his escape and Julie followed on her knees, still sucking the entire time. Groaning and panting he slid down to the floor with her, his fists and toes clamping down in unison to try and release the tension but it was no good, the sweetest pain he'd ever felt had left him a quivering mess and just as relief was seconds away Julie pulled back. Slipping off his cock before leaving the shower and his home behind.

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January 10, 2016
She sure is, so sweet of you to say so x

January 9, 2016
What a girl!

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