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A night out. A fucking night out! Julie's eyes sparkled as she looked into the vanity mirror, it's edges framed with fairy lights and pictures of girls having fun. Standing up Julie flattened her plum coloured, form fitting dress and admired the way it hugged every curve. It also stopped at mid thigh, just the way she'd always imagined her dresses would be when she was old enough to go out. From behind a familiar voice shouted "will you stop checking yourself out, we all know you look stunning!"

Hit the drinks early huh?" Julie replied with a giggle. Turning to look over the young redhead she'd met from work. Emma had introduced herself on Julies second day, announcing that they were now best friends. It was hard not to accept the offer with someone like Emma, the girl never asked for anything but a smile and some conversation. "Come on sit down Emma, and no more drinks till we reach the bar". The redhead nodded and followed her to a couple of chairs in the corner where Julie sat first, but instead of taking the second available chair Emma casually plonked herself down on Julie's lap instead. A few of the other girls looked over and laughed while making V signs with their fingers, licking between the gaps and shouting "Lesbos".

Emma blushed slightly while Julie smiled and gave them the finger. "They're just jealous little sluts" Julie shouted in a mocking tone. "Not sure about the first bit but I'm ok with the second" one of the girls shot back, causing the whole room to erupt with laughter. Twenty minutes later the cabs arrived and all fifteen or so girls filed out into the brisk evening air before most of them jumped head first into the cars to avoid the cold. Julie was with Emma and the twins Stacey and Joanne. Emma quickly stole the front seat and left Julie squashed in between the thick thighed, curly haired twins. They were nice enough but both came across as a little desperate and the fact that they never separated made it difficult to know them individually. Emma gave the driver directions before turning back to the other girls "you ready bitches? Last one to pull has to run home naked!" Julie rolled her eyes but the twins were shaking with nerves and excitement.

The drive wasn't too long but the streets were packed with people looking for a good time and traffic was a nightmare. At one point they had to wait for at least five minutes and while the girls sang along with the radio and gossiped about everything under the sun Julie noticed the driver staring at her in the rear view mirror. Now usually when other people were around Julie kept her noisy inner slut well shackled but tonight was different, they were out for a good time and she was going to enjoy herself no matter what. So as the driver continued to glance back at her, Julie began to slowly open her legs. Inch by inch she spread them until her purple silk thong with black lace was clearly visible between her soft creamy thighs. The driver's eyes couldn't have gotten any larger as he stared at the sweet spot she'd put on show. He then glanced quickly up to her eyes to find Julie staringd back at him, her expression full of mischief and longing before she treated the horny bastard to a cheeky wink. The look that left on his face was priceless.

Finally they made it to the bar. The twins rushed out first, too excited to notice that their skirts had ridden up to reveal matching love heart panties while Emma waited for Julie "go on in guys I'll get this" she called out to the rest of them. The twins didn't even hear her, they were already rushing inside, giving long lusty stares to every passing guy while Emma follwed reluctantly "you better hurry up Julie" she called over her shoulder before entering the bar. Finally she found herself alone with the driver "so what do we owe you mister" she asked with her legs spread wider than ever. "Why don't I pull up one of these side streets so we can discuss it" he replied, his voice dripping with desire. A minute later she was in the passenger seat stroking the drivers bulge as she stared into his eyes "I bet you get lot's of little sluts in your cab huh? All dressed like whores, teasing you all night" he nodded slowly while his hand roamed between her soft thighs, gliding over her silky skin and brushing against her slutty lingerie. "Well this slut prefers pleasing over teasing" her delicate fingers deftly released his cock from the restrictive jeans and she was delighted to discover her horny driver was packing heat! His huge cock dwarfed her little hand, forcing her to use both as she held the base. "Mmmm looks like I hit the jackpot".

Bending lower she came face to face with the tip, precum already leaking from the small slit. His meat was warm and stiff in her grip and she could almost feel him throbbing as his excitement grew. So with one last smile she went to work, sniffing deeply and inhaling a sweet mixture of fruity body wash and the musky tang of cum. With a long lick along his shaft from base to tip she left him groaning. His groans then turned to shudders as Julie kissed his silky purple helmet, her lips pursed against his flesh whild her tongue lapped at the sweet sticky present he'd made just for her. It was incredible how she could reduce grown men to quivering bags of sensitive meat with nothing more than a slutty mouth and nimble tongue. Both of which she put to good use while sliding his enormous cock into her hungry mouth. She stuffed and stuffed while the driver gripped at the wheel, savouring every moment until Julie could take no more. She'd managed just over half of his length before her throat protested and while she would usually encourage her man to help her take more she'd spent ages on her makeup and did not intend on ruining it. Instead she fell back an inch or two, giving up ground in order to move more freely up and down his spit covered rod. Her tongue swirling rapidly against the thick shaft. "God" she thought to herself "this is best cock I've ever tasted!" The thought made her groan and the vibrations this sent through the drivers dick was just too much to handle. He went off without warning, like a fire hose in her mouth gushing with thick, hot spunk. Julie had to work hard to swallow it all in time, not willing to let even a small drop stain her dress.

Five minutes later she had the drivers number in her phone and a belly full of spunk as she stood at the bar doing shots with Emma to catch up with the other girls. After downing the 3rd or 4th shot Julie caught sight of the twins and couldn't help staring in disbelief as both of them were dancing with the same guy. Grinding their thick bodies and big wobbly tits against the guy who was having the time of his life. Julie couldn't help feeling a little jealous as images of the twins naked, pressing their breasts towards Julie's waiting mouth flooded her brain "mmmmmm" Julie moaned out loud, much to the confusion of Emma who had just handed her another drink "who's got you so hot?" She demanded while Julie came back to her senses. "Duh! You of course" she replied with a giggle before grabbing the girls hand and leading her to the dance floor as the redheads cheeks flushed as red as her hair. Once they were on the floor the fun really started, Julie and Emma danced together as dozens of guys looked on with open mouths and wide eyes, muttering to each other what they'd like to do with two hot sluts. Julie decided to give them a show, grabbing Emma by the waist and pulling her close before leaning in to whisper in Emma's ear "let's tease the horny bastards".

The redhead nodded slowly, her cheekson fire as she pressed her scantily clad body against Julies gorgeous curves. Taking the lead Julie moved behind her partner, grinding and swaying to the music while her hands explored Emma's body. Moving up and down the gasping redheads soft thighs and gently caressing her breasts to the beat of the music. Emma's head was swimming, having Julie take control like the was a dream come true. She'd wanted Julie from the moment she saw her but she had no idea the quiet, pretty girl could be so....slutty!" Thought made Emma's pussy moisten, her delicate panties sticking to slick lips when suddenly she felt herself being spun round as Julie moved in for a kiss, before there was time to think both sets of velvety soft lips were entwined in a heated embrace. Neither girl was willing to stop first as both indulged in the public spectacle. Finally Julie finally pulled away, groups of guys and girls cheers and clapped for the show they'd seen and the two girls rushed off to the bar for a drink.

"Hope you didn't mind that" Julie said with a big grin "I guess I've always wanted to do that" Emma giggled and sipped her drink before replying "are you kidding? I loved it!" Julies smile grew until it lit up her face and made Emma blush. Sensing her friends suddenly bashfulness Julie decided to change the subject "where are the rest of the girls?" Emma shook her head "no idea, let's check the toilets" Julie agreed and they both fought their way across the dance floor towards the bathroom and did their best to ignore the several pairs of hands that groped them as they passed. By the time both girls made it through the crowd they arrived to find the que for the ladies room was huge "fuck I really need to go too" Emma whined. Julie looked around and spotted an emergency exit that had been left unlocked "I have an idea, come on". Grabbing her friend by the hand she led the way until they were both outside. Julie turned to shut the door quietly while Emma squatted down to pee. "!" The redhead suddenly exclaimed. Her squatting position had given her a view between to large bins and before even though her panties were pulled to one side she'd had no time to start peeing. Instead she was treated to a perfect view of the twins, both of whom were also squatted down but instead of mouths wide with shock they were stuffed with cock and balls.

Hearing Emma's shock Julie knelt down for a look herself. What she saw was far more captivating than she'd anticipated. Quietly they both observed how the twins fought to please the lucky guy from the dance floor. They each took turns sucking and licking and trying to be the bigger slut. Both begging for attention and competing in everything. Stacey had taken the lead though, as her sister slobbered all over his throbbing she took the opportunity to go lower, spreading his cheeks and sliding her tongue between them. Flicking the tip over his pink star while playing with his balls.

Julies head was spinning as the sordid act in front of her continued to grow in intensity, looking left she saw that Emma was just as entrance and still hadn't thought to pull her panties back on. Her mouth now watering at the prospect of fucking her friend, right here on some dirty stairs behind the bar. Emma looked up to find Julie staring at her cunt and the knowledge almost made her gush right there, instead she whispered "it's yours if you want it" and there was no need to offer twice. Julie pressed into Emma with all her weight, pinning her against one of the bins as their chests pressed together. Her hand found Emma's exposed pussy dripping wet as she slid two fingers along the slit, tracing long and slow between the smooth lips before suddenly stuffing them inside. Emma groaned with pleasure and Julie leant forward to kiss and bite her neck while her fingers worked rapidly. From this angle Julie could see the twins again, they were both on their knees and begging for cum as the guy standing over them furiously jerked his meat. By now Emma was whimpering and grinding her hips to force her ckit against Julies palm while the fingers inside pumped furiously "oh fuck I'm gonna cum Julie!". And so she did, head tossed back and eyes rolling she began to shake as a sudden torrent of cum gushed from the redheads neatly shaven cunt and splashed down the dirty stairs. Julie smiled and kissed Emma through her orgasm and afterglow, making sure to also glance towards the twins where the guy was also coming, only instead of dirty stairs to shoot on, it was two dirty sluts.

Julie helped a weak legged Emma inside and was relieved to find the toilets were now free. Once inside she sat Emma in a cubicle and helped her clean up. The redhead was strangely quiet and wouldn't look Julie in the eye "are you ok sweetie?" She asked her work buddy in a casual I didn't just finger you behind the bins voice. A second or so later Emma replied, blurting out "I'm not a lesbian!" Julie couldn't fight back a giggle "I know sweetie" she replied "neither am I, but I can't ignore the fact that you're gorgeous. I just want to play with you every now and then" Emma's smile was big and bright as all the tension flowed from her body "well I'm going to call it a night, thanks for everything Julie" she stood up and the two hugged before Emma left to go home. Leaving her alone and unsatisfied in the bathroom "I get two people off in one night and still didn't get to cum" she said to herself before heading back out towards the bar.

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January 1, 2016
Hot new years treat.

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