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As Jess glides towards the bathroom you are mesmerized by her graceful strength. She is obviously an active girl with stamina a go go.

As she disappears you turn and look at me quizzically
“how ?” you ask.

“GPS tracker, all I had to do was give the number of the room” I reply.

You kiss me ,
“thank you” is all you can think of to say.
I reply by stealing another of your kisses as Jess walks naked towards us.
You are so wet, so excited, so ready for this.

I pull back & let the two of you embrace, your hard nipples impacting before your mouths meet again.
I start to undress watching in awe the fantasy of all red blooded males as two beautiful mature women touch for the first time.
The electricity of the moment is exquisite the movement of the hands over each other’s bodies is frenzied but so smooth & natural at the same time. The softness of the contours the way the two bodies almost become one in their intertwining embraces.

My hard cock is straining at the sight but I am so dumbstruck by the beauty of the scene unfolding in front of me that I am paralyzed.
You are whispering to Jess & she flashes a mischievous grin in my direction and says in her honeyed voice,

“I hope you are going to be ready for your treat, perhaps you should watch us together to get yourself in the mood”
My cock answers her with an involuntary twitch.
“Sit over there & watch” Jess orders.
It is really not the time to argue, as much as I would like to join in I also would like to be a voyeur, so, I sit.

You lie back & Jess lies on her side next to you , her hands are gently stroking your breasts but soon she wants both hands free & gets on top of you, I am imagining your neatly trimmed pussies rubbing together & I so wish to be there , I would so love to taste you both.

The look of bliss on your faces as your lips rub together & your hands knead each others full breasts, as only a woman knows how, is almost too much to bear. I realize my mouth is gaping & I am leaning forward. I think to close my mouth & as if in a trance I walk towards the bed & kneel to have a perfect view of your grinding pussies.

You are both so good at knowing the moment to rub or squeeze or just gently stroke to keep yourselves at the peak of pleasure or on the edge of reason.

You are becoming frenzied now moaning and bucking wildly I can sense & smell your orgasms approaching as you both begin to pant & lose all control of your breathing.

Then the waves start, the clenching muscles the wild bucking the cries of pleasure as you orgasm together & fall shaking into each others arms.

I wonder if I am going to pass out , I am in full sensory overload , every part of my body is screaming for attention , a little puddle of precum has dribbled from me , I shudder in lust & realize that I am next.

There is a knock at the door & you get up lazily to answer.
I quiver.

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