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It was a lovely day as we headed out for a walk to the cafe bar down the street from our apartment.

We sat outside and shared a meal and a bottle of wine, sitting watching the people going by and enjoying the food, wine and our own company. You looked so pretty in your cotton summer dress with a flower in your hair. I was wearing my usual jeans and shirt.

We finished our food and started to walk through the park arm in arm.
Suddenly the weather changed. The clouds rolled in and suddenly we were in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Lighting flashed and thunder rumbled as we were caught in the open and we made a rush for our apartment. WE were caught as the torrential rain started to pound down. Soon we were soaked to the skin and the rain kept falling.

I followed behind you as we dashed through the streets. I could see the form of your body as you scampered on your high heels through the puddles, the wet dress sticking to you, then turning almost transparent. I could see your white thong shining through the wet material, splitting the round shape of your ass.

Mmmm I thought.
Finally we reached our door and you stood aside to let me through to open the door. AS I moved in front of you I could see your dress was plastered to your front too. I could also see you were not wearing a bra as your breasts were totally visible beneath the soaking see through material. Beautifully shaped, your nipples sticking out hard due to the cold rain.

We were indoors and laughing together as i pulled you into my arms, pushing your wet hair from your face, kissing your lips, pressing our soaking bodies together. I could taste the rain on your lips as we kiss.

I run my hands across your wet body. As i slip my hand under the hem of your dress i feel the goosebumps on your skin. My hand moves up lifting your dress up your thigh. Your hands go behind my head holding our kiss.

With one hand now on your hip my other starts to open my jeans, our passion increasing. I keep lifting your dress as i get my jeans undone and my cock springs free. Now your dress is above your breast and my hand finds its target, grasping you, feeling your hard tip between my finger and thumb, You moan as i pinch it gently.

You lift your arms and i now pull your dress over your head so you now stand dripping in front of me wearing only your heels and thong. I pull my shirt off over my head then I step out of my soaking jeans and kiss you once more, one hand grabbing your ass the other going round you pulling you close, pressing your hard nipples into the hairs of my chest.

I push you back against the wall my erection pressed against you.

“Yes” you growl, “fuck me here! Fuck me now!”

I bend my knees to so that I can bring my cock to the right level. The hand on your ass grips your thong and pulls it to the side and the tip of my cock rubs against your pussy. You push down against me and i start to penetrate you, your lips hot and slick on me. You sigh as i push up now, slipping my full length into you.

With your back to the wall we start to fuck, our pace slow but strong. You stand on one leg and hook the other round my back, your arms round my neck. My hands rest on your hips, stroking up and down your sides along your smooth skin.

“Yes baby, harder” you groan as our pace starts to increase hips moving in unison, pulling back and thrusting together.

My hands move up to your breasts once more, holding your soft globes, feeling your hard nipples. You gasp as I pinch them and your urgency increases as our passions build.
You lift your other foot from the ground and now you have both wrapped around me and I have to pin you against the wall. You grind down on me as I drive up into you.

Our breathing is faster as we hungrily kiss our fucking building to what we both want.
I feel your pussy start to contract on me, gripping my cock tighter then releasing. The pressure you exert is too much for me and suddenly i feel my orgasm taking hold.

As i start to cum my pace becomes faster still until i can feel your own climax hitting you. You gasp and bury your face in my neck as we cum our bodies locked together our cries muffled by one another…

Eventually we stagger through to the shower together. But that is another story...

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