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My name is Emma O'Connor. I am a lesbian, and if any man present himself to me in any unwelcome manner, he will soon find himself robbed of the proper equipment that grants him the title of "man".

For those of the female persuasion, you should know a few things. Yes, I love roleplay, and I tend to stay in character, rarely breaking form. My preferences are for women who are intelligent, creative, and imaginative. If you fit the bill, please message me. CC is not as... bountiful as the previous hunting grounds were, so someone who can capture my attention is hard to come by and always welcome.

I was born in Ireland before your great grandparents, lived in New Orleans until some bitch named Katrina decided it was time for me to move, and now I live in Texas. I miss my home and will move back soon... For more of my narrative, come and ask. I don't bite... *chuckles hauntingly*

In fact, I prefer narrative in our play. If it takes us a few nights to get to any actual sex, so be it, as long as the banter is good.

Oh, and a special bunny from an enchanting land up north has wriggled her way into my bosom.


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True Blood

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Lost Boys, Interview with the Vampire

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0-, B+

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Classical, Bluegrass, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Red Dirt

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May 9, 2016

pretty pic xoxoxo hayley

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