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July 25, 2017, 2:16 am
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How To Delete Account

The site is pretty straight forward and easy to use, yet I continually get emails every week, "How do I delete my account?" Or "Please delete my account for me." I am not spending my time deleting ones accounts when they can easily do it themselves. Seriously, might one not go to edit account on their profile page and look there? I am ignoring all future emails asking this. If people are too dumb to look in the logical place, that's really not my problem. The power is there to delete your own account at any time. All you have to do is look. Sorry if this sounds a bit sarcastic, but if you could get the emails I do, you'd be a bit fed up as well at something so simple.

Steps for the less intelligent.

1. Go to your profile page and click "edit account."

2. Scroll down to bottom of page where it says Delete Account and click the link "CLICK HERE."

That's it. It's not difficult. And be advised that even I cannot restore your account if you want it back. It is permanent. You'd need to make a new one and everything in that account will be lost to you.


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