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December 17, 2017, 9:42 pm


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Web Functionality

I think that it would be much more streamlined if we didn't have to open other tabs to view profiles, profiles should just open as another window in the same tab as the chatrooms and everything. This is honestly a really excellent form of social media but I think it could be more approachable, like maybe if it pitched a little bit more in the direction of relationships and hookups AS WELL as online stuff it would get more users. Otherwise great website I think ill be enjoying it. 

December 19, 2017, 8:55 am
Climax Connection

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Re: Web Functionality

Thank you for your input. As I've stated in other threads, we are getting new chat soon, it is currently in development and is taking a lot longer than expected. It is non flash and fully mobile compatible. The site blog often has relationship, dating topics in it to attract ones. Blogs are wonderful for search engines, so we try and feature many different topics in it related to sex, dating, relationships, all kinds of things. With browsers no longer being flash friendly and becoming less so all the time, site visits have declined because of the chat being flash, so we are hoping once the new chat is up, they will increase. If only 5% of site members became premium users to help with running costs, I'd be able to do a lot more than I currently can with it making no profit.

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