Appearance and Attraction

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beauty, appearance, physical attraction

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder – This might sound a little strange in today’s world. Don’t judge a person’s worth based upon their body parts. If you’re in a relationship, you’re probably in it for reasons other than their tits or penis. Though, it’s far too easy to undervalue people in the world we live in today. As the world around us gets more mechanical, we tend to put too much value on aesthetics. This will continue aspeople have more free time to preoccupy themselves with things other than work.

beauty, appearance, physical attraction

Look Deeper – You should try to find things about your partner that arouse you other than their body parts. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t find your partner attractive or visually stimulating. It’s to say that you should search out each other to find ways to be attracted to more than just what can be visually seen. The eyeball can be quite deceptive and this fact alone can be seen by how many relationships end up in separation. A person can easily get tired of looking at someone else even if they are extremely beautiful. That tight ass will be forgotten the very second you realize your partner is an asshole. If you’re reading this and not in a relationship, then you really need to take these words to heart. Don’t base your attraction solely on what you see. The value of a human being is more than their body. A person’s body is their only valuable asset when you see them only as what’s on the outside. This sort of attitude will never lead to a fulfilling relationship.

beauty, appearance, physical attractiveness

All Cats Are Grey In The Dark – The reason why you seek out companionship can’t simply be pleasure. After all, every person reading this can masturbate. There’s no guarantee that the stacked person with a smoking hot body will be any good in the sack. This is the painful truth that many people learn when they have their first encounter with someone who they hook up with solely based upon their body. Looks do matter in there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable about enjoying the appearance of someone else. Just realize that their appearance alone is not their only asset. If you base all of your relationships on appearance, then you’re probably going to end up extremely unhappy. Compatibility should always be your first and foremost concern. This will lead to a more pleasurable sex life and a greater sense of satisfaction.

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