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Ama 20 yr old girl from stockholm Sweden..
Ama submissive, and am actively exploring it..
As a aperson.. am open, playful, kind, obedient..
Like to chat to just about anyone ^_^

Find it really hard to put into words.. how im submissive and zactly what my.. hihi kinks are..

More and more i feel like.. old fashioned gender roles are right.. Men in charge, leading, guiding, controlling.. Girls following, obeying, supporting.
I want to feel that i.. belong to a man, feel owned, cared for, loved, appreciated..
But at same time.. well am turned on by feeling of.. being objectified, talked down to a bit..
isnt really a word for it ive found but like.. being patted on the head and told im a good girl, a smack on the bottom as i go by, being told not to worry about something cause its for the man to handle..
I dunno..
Anyway feel more and more that if.. go with instincts and let men lead and protect and guide.. and women obey, respect and support.. a lot of people would be happier..
Is kinda a little bit bimbo play but not i guess.. hard to say :P

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February 12, 2018

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Age: 20
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