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Well hello there 💋 the name is Aria... Aria Vixen baby and don't forget it cause I want to hear you screaming it later.

According to the urban dictionary a Vixen is... Totaly gorgeous and amzing human female. With the cutest smile and a sweet ass body. Loves partying and drinks a lot but is still incredibly smart. But be warned, can get extremly horny and may jump you unexpectedly.
I'd say pretty spot on... wanna play? Think you can keep up with me? Prove it!

Theres 2 things that really turn me on in men...
1: BE VOCAL!!! If you're not gonna moan and talk dirty to me than please don't bother. And if you get me past messages, baby you better keep it up. Don't go all silent on me!
2: I aim to please! I love a man getting hard and unable to hold his load over me. Don't be ashamed baby, and don't be shy. Tell me what you want!

If you haven't hit my pics and audios... do so! Please rate for me too! I love to hear what you think and am totally up for suggestions. I'm actually having a lot of fun with the audios so send me what you'd like to hear (no I'm not gonna scream out your name so don't ask). I'm going to try and post a new one every few days so be on the look out 😈

Yes the pics are really me and taken since joining the site.

I often get asked what I like and what turns me on. As I said before, A VOCAL MAN!!! Yes I have a big collection of toys and am not afraid to use them! Lol ima clit girl first and foremost but just about anything will get me wet if you can talk a big game and back it up😜

No anal for me. Just not my thing. I can happily rp or cyber anal for you but don't ask me to actually stick anything up my ass. What can I say... my pussy gets jealous. Other than that baby I'm up for anything.

You want it soft, sweet and romantic...
I got you
You want it hard, wild and rough...
Bring it
You think you can get me off...
Let's see
You think you can make me squirt...
Prove it

Can't wait to hear from you
Your sexy little Vixen,
Aria 💋💋

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August 15, 2017

You are an amazing woman, and your audios drove me bonkers. Keep up what you're doing, you're a doll and a one of a kind!

August 12, 2017

Sounds like I could fill up and quench that fantasy appetite of yours nicely, hummm

August 9, 2017

All adulting and no play make Ari - horny I hope!

August 3, 2017

Sorry I've been busy adulting lately! Hoping to get too spend some time on here soon

August 2, 2017

The sexiest audio files on here are AriaVixen's! Beautiful and sensual and so very hot.



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