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"The Kiss"
Originally written 12/01/2014

Your silken lips,
intoxicating as wine.
Around your waist,
my arms entwine.

Holding you tight,
breath ragged and strained.
Melting in your arms,
resistance drained.

Head tilted,
eyes closed.
mouths parted,
lips juxtaposed.

Thunder echoes in our ears.
Shattering all our fears.
Kisses become raindrops, and the forecast calls for showers.
Caresses lasting mere moments, seem to go on for hours.

Sunburst's short circuit our brains,
flash like lightning in a storm.
What was two becomes one,
our bodies fuse and transform.

Kisses are meant to be shared.
In that way love is declared.
Expression of our devotion,
Given voice by our emotion.

My lips to yours,
as our hearts dance.
Our perfect kiss,
and budding romance.

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