Who Cares posted in Poems

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"Who Cares"

My heart has been wounded,
no solace in sight.
No arms offer comfort.
Nor ears hear my plight.

No eyes see my discomfort.
No heart touched by my pain.
Profoundly alone.
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Story Tags: Harsh Reality   Insight   Cynicism   Longing   Solitude  

The Kiss posted in Poems

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"The Kiss"
Originally written 12/01/2014

Your silken lips,
intoxicating as wine.
Around your waist,
my arms entwine.

Holding you tight,
breath ragged and strained.
Melting in your...

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Internet Love posted in Poems

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It doesn't cease to amaze me
How some people fail to see
How tedious the connection can be.

Internet infatuation
mental masturbation
lacking accreditation
full of...

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Turn about is fair play posted in First Time

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I was dating this girl and at the time neither of us had much experience with anal sex. I wanted desperately to try it with her because she had the most incredible ass! I told her as much and...

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Not Cheating posted in Sexual Fantasies

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Her eyes were brown. With an almost copper quality to them reminiscent of a cats eyes. Normally glowing with a lust for life, inquisitive and searching. I frequently got lost in her eyes. But...

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