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A normal Bisexual guy that loves oral sex and anything to do with it. discussions on how it started, when or fantasies, answering questions, comments about the pics, just about anything goes.
Some BJ Q&A
1. Have you ever given a blowjob? yes, many times to my best friends over a 2 year period
2. How old were you the first time? 12
3. How old was the guy? both were 12
4. Did you make him cum? yes
5. Where did he cum? in my mouth
6. Have you ever given a blowjob for someone helping you? if you mean helping me get off, then yes, otherwise, no
7. Where does the guy usually cum? my mouth
8. How many guys have you blown? 3
9. Have you ever given a blowjob to get something? no
10. How long after first meeting someone have you waited before giving head? knew my friends for years before we started
11. Have you ever given head to more than one guy at the same time? yes, 2 friends one right after the other with a BJ from one of them in between
12. What different places have you? my friends house when the parents were gone (see our ages above)
13. Have you ever been caught giving head? no
14. Have you ever given head to one of your friends boyfriends behind their back? no, we were a very tight group
15. Do you prefer to give or receive oral? Tell us why? no preference as long as it is both
16. Do you deep throat? no
17. Have you ever given head while others watched? every time, my other friend was almost always in the room
18. Do you like being watched or do you prefer giving in private? does not matter, perhaps I should say, it did not matter. Now though, I have learned that I like others watching
19. What's your most memorable blowjob experience, tell us the story? my 1st time, the story is in another post
20. would you take it on the face? I would, but prefer it in my mouth, love the cum

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June 19, 2017

really horny today, been hard for over 4 hours, uploaded some pics and been reading some forum posts. Need to cum but not too quickly, just enjoying my hard on.



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Status: horny today and looking for the right bate fuel to fix my cock
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